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This is the item infobox template. It can be used on all items.

{{Item Infobox
 |crafting     = 2 [[Gold Nugget]]s, 4 [[Twig]]
 |researchCost = 200
 |researchValue= 35
 |damage       = 25 per strike
 |durability   = 0.25% lost per strike.

on Luxury Axe page would yield:

{{Item Infobox
 |hunger = 10
 |health = 0
 |droppedBy = Naturally occurring, 32% from [[Farm Plot]], [[Speedy Farm Plot]], or [[Turbo Farm Plot]]

on Carrot page would yield:

  • |name - <optional> Name of the item when different from page name (e.g. "Axe", will default to the current page's name)
  • |image<optional> image link when different from item's name (i.e. File:ITEMNAME.png), e.g. "Image:Normal_Axe.png
  • |crafting — materials required to craft it if possible, e.g. "1 Twig, 1 Flint
  • |health — amount of hp healed
  • |hunger — amount of hunger restored
  • |researchCost — Cost to research, e.g. "Free
  • |researchValue — Research points you receive, e.g. "10
  • |damage — Damage of item if applicable, e.g. "25 per strike
  • |durability — Durability of item in % per strike/hit if applicable, e.g. "1% lost per strike
  • |perk — If the item has some perk (e.g. Amulet), if applicable
  • |droppedBy — Mobs that drop this item if applicable

If the item doesn't use a field, just omit it completely. If you don't know the value, leave the field empty and someone will eventually fill it.

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