This is the item infobox template. It can be used on all items.

{{Item Infobox
 |crafting     = 2 [[Gold Nugget]]s, 4 [[Twig]]
 |researchCost = 200
 |researchValue= 35
 |damage       = 25 per strike
 |durability   = 0.25% lost per strike.

on Luxury Axe page would yield:

{{Item Infobox
 |hunger = 10
 |health = 0
 |droppedBy = Naturally occurring, 32% from [[Farm Plot]], [[Speedy Farm Plot]], or [[Turbo Farm Plot]]

on Carrot page would yield:

Use the following code as reference when using this template. Note that one does not need all of these parameters in order to use this template.
{{Item Infobox
All of this template's parameters are optional. In addition, certain parameters can only have certain values.
  • The image will always be of 64x64px size and use the Inventory Slot image as background image.
  • The ingredient and multiplier parameters must correspond to each number. For instance, 5 Logs and 3 Flint would be expressed as
ingredient1= Log
multiplier1= 5
ingredient2= Flint
multiplier2= 3
  • numtogive is the amount of items produced in a single crafting action. Typically used for walls and similar items.
  • tab must correspond to one of the Tabs in Don't Starve or its expansions. It may also be required to be capitalized depending on the icon that corresponds to it.
  • damageAsWes, damageAsWigfrid, and damageAsWolfgang overwrite the value computed automatically based on damage.
  • tier must be a number between 0-11 included.
    • 0 gives "Always available"
    • 1 gives Science Machine.png
    • 2 gives Alchemy Engine.png
    • 3 gives Shadow Manipulator.png
    • 4 gives Prestihatitator.png
    • 5 gives Broken Pseudoscience Station.png
    • 6 gives Ancient Pseudoscience Station.png
    • 7 gives Blueprint.png
    • 8 gives Obsidian Workbench.png
    • 9 gives Codex Umbra.png
    • 10 gives Cartographer's Desk.png
    • 11 gives Blueprint (rare).png
    • 12 gives Gobbler Shrine.png
    • 13 gives Varg Shrine.png
    • 14 gives Gobbler Shrine.png Varg Shrine.png Pig Shrine.png Carrat Shrine.png
    • 15 gives Celestial Orb.png
    • 16 gives Key to the City.png
    • 17 gives Mad Scientist Lab.png
    • 18 gives Pig Shrine.png
    • 19 gives Celestial Altar.png
    • 20 gives Think Tank.png
    • 21 gives Portable Grinding Mill.png
    • 22 gives Tackle Receptacle.png
    • 23 gives Advert.png
    • 24 gives Carrat Shrine.png
  • droppedBy must be images with full code (e.g. [[File:Placeholder.png|25px|link=]])