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{{Directory}} is used for creating a level directory for pages which aren't subpages at the head of article sections.
{{Directory|Level 1|...|'Level 25'|...|<or15=Or 10>}}
  • Up to 25 parameters are permitted: only the first is mandatory.
  • If more than 25 entries are supplied, a message will be displayed pointing out the problem.
  • Using l# will change the label for a level.
  • Up to 10 or parameters are permitted.
  • The list is dynamically generated so that the word "and" is always placed between the final two or entries.
  • Using orl# will change the label for an or link.
no newlines are permitted else the article links will be broken.
Code Result
{{Directory}}Directory: Error: Template must be given at least one level
{{Directory|Level}}Directory: Level
{{Directory|Level|Level}}Directory: LevelLevel
{{Directory|Level|Level|l2=Alternate Title}}Directory: LevelAlternate Title
{{Directory|Level|Level|or1=Or}}Directory: LevelLevel Or see Or
{{Directory|Level|Level|or1=Or|or2=Or}}Directory: LevelLevel Or see Or, and Or
{{Directory|Level|Level|or1=Or|or2=Or|<orl2=Alternate Title>}}Directory: LevelLevel Or see Or, and Alternate Title

And so on up to 25 parameters and/or 10 or parameters.

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