{{Item Infobox
|droppedBy = Masked Pig
|stack = Does not stack
|spawnCode = "bandithat"}}
|wilson = A shadowy chapeau.
|willow = Sneaky!
|wolfgang = Wolfgang win at hide-and-seek now.
|wendy = A big hat to hide from the world.
|wickerbottom = Perhaps it has hidden strengths.
|woodie = Neat.
|maxwell = A nice hat to hide under.
|wagstaff = Intriguing. Perhaps it is made of some kind of stealth fabric.
|wigfrid = 'Tis full öf Löki's trickery.
|webber = This would be great for hide and seek.
|walani = I look a little too shady in this.
|warly = A mysterious hat.
|woodlegs = 'Tis a sneaky hat.
|wormwood = Sneaky Head Thing
|wheeler = An adventuring hat, if I've ever seen one.
|choose = webber}}
The Swashy Hat is a loot Hat Item exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is acquired after killing the Masked Pig.

The Swashy Hat allows the player to "sneak" around normally hostile mobs without being attacked. This only works if the player keeps a certain distance from the mob, as getting closer will instigate an attack as normal. Being close to Royal Guards will draw instant aggression, but if the player returns to the same Guards without wearing the Swashy Hat, they will not attack the player.

Another benefit to the Swashy Hat is it allows the player to steal from Farmer Pigs and Miner Pigs in the Suburban areas found on the outskirts of town without antagonizing the Royal Guards or causing panic. However, this feature only works during the Dusk and Night phase of the day. It should also be noted that during Dusk and Night the Guards will not assail the player for wearing this hat unless the player is within melee range.

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