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After barely escaping through the Molten Gateway, our survivors plummet headfirst into the ruins of a sickly city ruled by a ravenous beast. Work together to cook fine dishes and placate the Eternal Gnaw's hunger to avoid the curse of its terrible plague. Cook well enough, and you may even get to go home.

The Gorge is a free limited time 3-player co-op challenge with tons of new skins, emotes, items and more. Your goal is to cook and offer food on the Altar of Gnaw, but you'll need all the cooks in the kitchen to keep it fed, so work together to survive!

Console will be coming just a short while after, we'll have details on a more concrete date when we get closer to launching the event.

Beta starts early next week, so keep an eye on the forums, we'll see you here!

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  • 暴食

    暴食(The Gorge)是多人版饑荒中獨有的活動,且為這一系列活動中的第二個活動。它是熔爐活動的後作。暴食是三人進行烹飪、耕種和收集材料的挑戰活動。 活動的測試版本在 2018 年 6 月...



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