Wilson Portrait
Your Majesty!


Willow Portrait
Are you supposed to be important or something?


Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang would like to challenge him to arm wrestle!


Wendy Portrait
He does look very regal, despite the warts.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
He seems to be the one in charge here.


Woodie Portrait
He's got a pretty impressive beard.


Waxwell Portrait
A crown can be a heavy burden...


Wigfrid Portrait
Lord of the fish beasts!


Webber Portrait
He looks pretty important.


Warly Portrait
A real frog prince!


Wormwood Portrait
King Glub Glub


Winona Portrait
Are you the boss around here?


Wortox Portrait
Slimy is the head that wears the crown.


Wurt Portrait
Yay! You look just like Kings from fairy stories!


The King of the Merms is a Mob exclusive to the Don't Starve Together character Wurt. It was released on October 24, 2019.[1]

The King of the Merms appears after feeding a Merm on the Royal Tapestry. He has 1000 Health and regenerates 2 health per second. He cannot attack or move but he spawns up to 4 Loyal Merm Guards when attacked, they disappear when the attacker is killed or out of range. When killed they regenerate after 1 day.

He has 200 Hunger and starves in four days. When his hunger is at zero his health depletes in 2 days.

As long as the King of the Merms is alive, all Merms receive a stat boost. Wurt players change stats to 250 HealthMeter, 250 Hunger and 200 Sanity corresponding of a bonus of +100 Health, +50 Hunger and +50 Sanity. Normal Merms gain +60 health and +10 damages. Loyal Merm Guards gain +460 Health, +30 damages and ×1.11 speed.

When the King of the Merms is alive Merms and Loyal Merm Guards are neutral to all creatures and players.

Wurt or a player wearing a Clever Disguise can offer Fishes to the King of the Merms in exchange for various resources. The table below lists the possible gifts. Some gifts come with 2 to 4 extra fillers including Seeds (67%), Kelp Fronds (16%) or Rot (16%).

King of the Merms Gifts
Item(s) Chance Quantity Fillers
Kelp Fronds 29% 2-4 No
Seeds 14% 4-6 No
Rot 14% 2-4 No
Tentacle Spots 14% 1 Yes
Dessicated Tentacle Gord's Knot Air Unfreshener Bent Spork Gnome 14% 1 Yes
Durian Seeds Eggplant Seeds Pumpkin Seeds 32px 32px 14% 1-2 Yes

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