Wilson Portrait
I seasoned it with a dash of science.


Willow Portrait
Ughh, is there anything besides fish out here??


Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang does not know what to call this.


Wendy Portrait
A brief respite from the hunger.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
An inventive twist on a traditional Marseille dish.


Woodie Portrait
It's a bit fishy.


Waxwell Portrait
Hm... Needs more fish.


Wigfrid Portrait
Tis a fish feast!


Webber Portrait
Mmm! Tastes like food!


Walani Portrait
Eating a lot cures the desert island blues.


Warly Portrait
Such a decadent dish!


Woodlegs portrait
Tis a'hearty fish soup!


馬賽熱帶魚湯(Tropical Bouillabaisse) is a Crock Pot dish introduced in the Shipwrecked DLC. It is made from a Purple Grouper, a Neon Quattro, a Pierrot Fish and a Vegetable. The Cooked versions of the fish are also valid.

Tropical Bouillabaisse takes 40 seconds to cook, and restores 20 Health, 37,5 Hunger and 15 Sanity when eaten. It also grants a 3 point (50% of base speed) increase to the player's movement speed that lasts for 30 seconds. Tropical Bouillabaisse cannot be used to trade with the Yaarctopus.

Tropical Bouillabaisse also gives rapid drying ability and wave hit ability. Player can run over waves by any direction, and even big waves can be hit without wetness and ship durability penalties.


  • 需要:Purple Groupers
  • 需要:Neon Quattros
  • 需要:Pierrot Fishes
  • 需要:Vegetables Crock Pot

TabScience 食譜

Inventory slot backgroundPurple GroupersInventory slot background Neon QuattrosInventory slot backgroundPierrot FishesInventory slot backgroundVegetablesCrock PotInventory slot backgroundTropical Bouillabaisse


Inventory slot backgroundPurple GrouperInventory slot background Neon QuattroInventory slot backgroundPierrot FishInventory slot backgroundSeaweedCrock PotInventory slot backgroundTropical Bouillabaisse

Prototype 提示

  • The speed increase from Tropical Bouillabaisse will stack with coffee for even greater speed.
  • Wave hit ability granted by this food makes it especially effective while fighting with Sealnado, Quacken, and Whales in the ocean.

Placeholder 你知道嗎?

  • Tropical Bouillabaisse was added to the Shipwrecked DLC more than a year after its official completion in the Home Sea Home update, after being tested in a beta branch for several months.
  • While Wigfrid refuses to eat Coffee because it is not a Meat item, she is still able to eat Tropical Bouillabaisse to gain a small movement speed boost.
  • The code suggests that Tropical Bouillabaisse was originally intended to have two separate speed increases, one for land, and one for sea, but this feature appears to be incomplete.

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Reign of Giants icon 花瓣沙拉鼴梨沙拉醬冰淇淋西瓜冰辣椒燉肉綜合堅果
Shipwrecked icon 香蕉冰棒濃湯加州壽司捲魚子醬酸橘汁醃鱼咖啡果凍冰棒龍蝦濃湯龍蝦大餐海鮮秋葵湯魚翅湯海陸大餐馬賽熱帶魚湯鮮果可麗餅韃靼怪物肉馬賽貽貝湯紅薯舒芙蕾 Portable Crock Pot
Hamlet icon芦笋汤黑豆饭软糖蛋糕硬壳塔可冰茶荨麻卷蛇骨汤辣菜刺清蒸火腿三明治
Don't Starve Together icon 雷根糖奶油土豆泥花式迴旋塊莖Salsa FrescaStuffed Pepper Poppers蘆筍冷湯骨頭湯藍帶魚排光莓慕斯恐怖國王餅熱龍椒沙拉海鮮雜燴馬鈴薯舒芙蕾閃電羊肉凍Portable Crock Pot
其他 腐爛物腐壞的蛋種子烤種子農作物種子
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Shipwrecked icon脂肪腦物質覆蓋膽汁的泥漿
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