Webber Revival


Wilson Portrait
Poor little guy. He deserves a proper funeral.


Willow Portrait
It's not myyy way, but a burial will have to do.


Wolfgang Portrait
I crush skull!


Wendy Portrait
He's better this way.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
That is a most unusual skull.


Woodie Portrait
The skull gives me the willies, too.


Waxwell Portrait
Don't think you'll be able to escape that easily.


Wigfrid Portrait
He föught böldly, but his burial will nöt be that öf a Viking.


Webber Portrait
How did this get here?


Walani Portrait
Not your run of the mill skull.


Warly Portrait
Stop staring at me or I'll bury you!


Woodlegs portrait
Whut sorta neck did this sit atop?


Winona Portrait
I swear the kid'd lose his head if it weren't... wait.


韋伯的頭骨(Webber's Skull) is an item used to unlock the Don't Starve: Reign of Giants characterWebber. It has a 5% chance to drop when any Spider dies, including variants in Caves and Ruins. It can also be dropped when any tier Spider Den or Spilagmite is destroyed or a Spider Queen is killed with the same chance. The skull will not drop if it already exists in the world or if Webber is already unlocked. Trapped Spiders will not drop the skull.

Burying Webber's Skull in a dug-up Grave will cause Webber to appear under a "spotlight" after the grave is struck by Lightning. He will then jump back down into the grave, disappearing, while 6 Spiders appear in his place. Webber is then unlocked in the character menu. The Spiders will be aggressive towards the player, though killing them is not necessary for unlocking Webber.

Webber's Skull will keep dropping as long as it hasn't been buried, but not more than one in each world unless the previous one is destroyed.

Prototype 提示

  • Increasing the amount of Spiders and Pigs in World Customization can help with finding the Skull, since Spiders fighting with Pigs will be more commonplace, and each Spider killed by Pigs has a chance to drop the Skull as well. However, players would have to pay attention to all the battles around, since the skull isn't going to drop more than once per world.

Placeholder 你知道嗎?

  • The addition of Webber's Skull makes Webber one of four playable character that is not unlocked via experience, the other three being Wes, Maxwell and Woodlegs.
  • Webber's Skull will become "Ashes of Webber's Skull" (Ashes) when carried through the Teleportato.
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