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The Iron Hulk is a Mob exclusive to the Hamlet DLC.

Brain Behavior编辑

When first found in the world, these robotic husks will be covered with moss and foilage, presumably because they have been dormant for quite some time. They are unassuming heaps of overgrown robot parts that will come to life and attack the player or anything nearby when mined with a Pickaxe. They can also be stirred to life with lightning, where they will be activated for longer period of time than if they were mined. During the Aporkalypse, the Iron Hulk will remain activated constantly.

There are four different parts to be found: a head, a torso, a leg, or an arm. The arm and torso are by far the most devastating ones, as they will shoot a giant laser beam that procs small explosions in a straight line, which can cause immense damage, and if unarmored, can instantly kill the player. These lazers will also light structures, plants, and mobs on fire. The head and the leg will perform a smash attack, where they will leap at their target and smash down, doing a small AOE attack that also starts fires, and can proc multiple times if an entity is closer to the center of the attack.

The player can, however, farm Iron Ore by mining them repeatedly. Since their attack AI targets the players location only when they start their attack animation, the player can ocasionally hit them when they're still active.

Gramophone Examination Quotes 编辑


Wilson Portrait
I'm heading out of here!

威爾森,when examining the Head

Willow Portrait

薇洛,when examining the Head

Wolfgang Portrait
Is big head. Wolfgang head is bigger!

沃爾夫岡,when examining the Head

Wendy Portrait
Headed to death, like all of us.

溫蒂,when examining the Head

WX-78 Portrait

機器人,when examining the Head

Wickerbottom Portrait
The skull of an iron automata.

薇克伯頓,when examining the Head

Woodie Portrait
I wonder how long it's slept.

伍迪,when examining the Head

Waxwell Portrait
There's no head on his shoulders.

麥斯威爾,when examining the Head

Wigfrid Portrait
Öpen yöur eyes tö löök upön yöur dööm!

薇格弗德,when examining the Head

Webber Portrait
Shhh... it's sleeping.

韋伯,when examining the Head

Warly Portrait
I hope he stays asleep.

沃利,when examining the Head

Walani Portrait
There's no shoulders for this head.

瓦拉尼,when examining the Head

Woodlegs portrait
I'll hang tha' head from me bowsprit.

木腿船長,when examining the Head

Wilba Portrait

薇尔芭,when examining the Head


Wilson Portrait
All that iron should be mine.

威爾森,when examining the Ribs

Willow Portrait
Aww... It won't burn.

薇洛,when examining the Ribs

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang can eat ribs?

沃爾夫岡,when examining the Ribs

Wendy Portrait
An undead instrument of death.

溫蒂,when examining the Ribs

WX-78 Portrait

機器人,when examining the Ribs

Wickerbottom Portrait
An iron contraption.

薇克伯頓,when examining the Ribs

Woodie Portrait
It's only full of iron, not wood.

伍迪,when examining the Ribs

Waxwell Portrait
Well that looks interesting.

麥斯威爾,when examining the Ribs

Wigfrid Portrait
Wake ye, metal beast!

薇格弗德,when examining the Ribs

Webber Portrait
Yikes. Looks scary.

韋伯,when examining the Ribs

Warly Portrait
Not sure those ribs are good for BBQing.

沃利,when examining the Ribs

Walani Portrait
Just stay asleep little guy.

瓦拉尼,when examining the Ribs

Woodlegs portrait
「'Tis an iron leviathan.

木腿船長,when examining the Ribs

Wilba Portrait

薇尔芭,when examining the Ribs


Wilson Portrait
Careful, it's armed!

威爾森,when examining the Arm

Willow Portrait
Dang! Can't burn it!

薇洛,when examining the Arm

Wolfgang Portrait
Is sleepy little robot.

沃爾夫岡,when examining the Arm

Wendy Portrait
It clutches at my heart.

溫蒂,when examining the Arm

WX-78 Portrait

機器人,when examining the Arm

Wickerbottom Portrait
The paw of some metal goliath.

薇克伯頓,when examining the Arm

Woodie Portrait
No axe in that hand.

伍迪,when examining the Arm

Waxwell Portrait
Seems part of a whole.

麥斯威爾,when examining the Arm

Wigfrid Portrait
The wörk öf Brökkr nö döubt.

薇格弗德,when examining the Arm

Webber Portrait
It's a sleepy robot hand.

韋伯,when examining the Arm

Warly Portrait
I'm staying away from that guy.

沃利,when examining the Arm

Walani Portrait
Yeesh. Don't wanna high five that.

瓦拉尼,when examining the Arm

Woodlegs portrait
I've no need fer a'extra hand.

木腿船長,when examining the Arm

Wilba Portrait

薇尔芭,when examining the Arm


Wilson Portrait
Not a leg to stand on.

威爾森,when examining the Leg

Willow Portrait
I should kick it.

薇洛,when examining the Leg

Wolfgang Portrait
It have to work on legs.

沃爾夫岡,when examining the Leg

Wendy Portrait
A death stomper.

溫蒂,when examining the Leg

WX-78 Portrait

機器人,when examining the Leg

Wickerbottom Portrait
Appears to be an automaton appendage.

薇克伯頓,when examining the Leg

Woodie Portrait
Somebody lost their leg, eh?

伍迪,when examining the Leg

Waxwell Portrait
I'd hate to see the rest of it.

麥斯威爾,when examining the Leg

Wigfrid Portrait
The severed leg öf a metal beast!

薇格弗德,when examining the Leg

Webber Portrait
That looks like it could stomp us!

韋伯,when examining the Leg

Warly Portrait
Could I serve it up with roast potatoes?

沃利,when examining the Leg

Walani Portrait
I think I had a pair of boots like that.

瓦拉尼,when examining the Leg

Woodlegs portrait
Arrg! I could use tha' leg!

木腿船長,when examining the Leg

Wilba Portrait

薇尔芭,when examining the Leg

Prototype Tips 编辑

  • It is recommended to mine the ribs. Although they do the most damage, their attacks are the easiest to dodge. The ribs also have a longer pause between attacks, allowing the player to mine it for longer without dodging attacks.
  • The biome Iron Hulks are found in are often next to Thunderbirds. This can cause the Iron Hulks to be struck by lightning, awakening them and often wreaking havoc to nearby mobs.
    • Thunderbirds also don't run away from hulks, thus when killed by one are set on fire and won't drop Thunder Feathers.
  • The ribs and arm pieces can attack with their lasers in melee range, even if they just attacked at range. Be wary when mining these pieces while they're activated.

Placeholder Trivia 编辑

  • The Iron Hulk's Torso and Arm attack is similar to that of the Deerclops in the Don't Starve Together Event Winter's Feast.
  • The Iron Hulk's lua file gives it a drop table and has unimplemented code that gives the Iron Hulk health.
  • According to Rhymes with Play #213, the identity of the Iron Hulks' creator is a secret.
  • The Iron Hulk can attack and kill shadow creatures. This is unlikely to be a bug, as it has a custom animation.
  • In the World Customization menu, they are called Rusted Hulks.
  • In game files, their health is set at 1000, and their loot include Iron Ore and Gears.

Blueprint Gallery编辑

敵對怪物 蝙蝠洞穴蜘蛛發條主教發條犀牛發條騎士白蜘蛛深淵蠕蟲青蛙豬人守衛鬼魂暗影生物獵犬 (火獵犬冰獵犬) • 殺人蜂食人花海象爸爸小海象魚人蚊子蜘蛛蜘蛛戰士吐網蜘蛛啜食獸高腳鳥觸手 (巨型觸手觸手寶寶) • 鋼鐵羊
(毒白桦树桦果精座狼 Reign of Giants icon) (發條騎士船沼泽鱼毒蚊子毒蛇蜘蛛戰士(劇毒)海獵犬松鼠鱼劍魚白鯨呆龙 Shipwrecked icon) (远古之魂巨型蛆虫虫群悬挂的藤蔓铁巨人蚁人蒙面猪人箭毒蛙蝎子利齿蜘蛛猴吸血蝙蝠蝰蛇象鼻鼠虫 Hamlet icon) (粘土猎犬粘土座狼宝石鹿大黄蜂岩漿蟲 Don't Starve Together icon)
頭目級怪物 遠古犀牛鹿角怪蜘蛛女王樹人守衛
(熊獾蜻蜓龍麋鹿鵝 Reign of Giants icon (棕櫚樹人守衛海怪旋风海豹虎鯊 Shipwrecked icon) (远古先驱蚁后翘鼻蛇怪 Hamlet icon) (蟾蜍王蟻獅女王蜂克勞斯影魔復活骸骨Don't Starve Together icon)
中立動物 蜜蜂野牛兔人 (毛毛王) • 無尾象坎普斯企鷗豬人 (狂暴豬人) • 石龍蝦蝸牛龜蛞蝓龜小高腳鳥穴居猴
(禿鷹浣熊貓伏特山羊 Reign of Giants icon) (藍鯨宽吻海豚猿猴水牛野豬 Shipwrecked icon) (曼德拉长者河鹿蚁人松鼠鸭嘴豪猪Pog Hamlet icon)
被動動物 野牛寶寶蝴蝶切斯特烏鴉火雞曼德拉草小兔 (毛毛兔) • 紅鳥高腳雛鳥雪鳥
(咕嚕咪鼴鼠(地鼠) Reign of Giants icon) (螃蟹狗魚渡渡鸟漁人水母鵜鶘鸚鵡海盗鸚鵡海鷗海豹虎鯊寶寶巨嘴鳥龍蝦 Shipwrecked icon) (蜣螂翠鸟淘金兽呆头孔雀罗宾雷鸟 Hamlet icon) (超可愛岩漿蟲草鬣蜥哈奇金丝雀小动物无眼鹿织影者的爪牙 Don't Starve Together icon)
交易者 豬豬國王
(海盜章魚 Shipwrecked icon) (银行家BeauticianCollectorEruditeFarmerFloristHatmaker猎人矿工Mayor Truffleston猪人女王ProfessorShopkeepUsherWorker Hamlet icon) (蚁狮 Don't Starve Together icon)
其他 阿比蓋爾查理(暗夜怪物)麥斯威爾(NPC)
(BFB麦斯避役 Hamlet icon) (伯尼熊 Don't Starve Together icon)
熔炉 Don't Starve Together icon 战斗大师普格纳猪猩猩鳄鱼指挥官大熔炉猪战士地狱独眼巨猪熔岩傀儡猪斗士犀牛兄弟剧毒蝎尖甲龟
暴食 Don't Starve Together icon 比利玛姆茜老皮弗娄牛卵石蟹鸽子彼顿山米沼泽猪人沼泽猪人长老
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