Don't Starve 中文維基
Don't Starve 中文維基

The Ancient Civilization were a race of magically and technologically adept beings that destroyed themselves by overuse of Nightmare Fuel, causing the periods of magical flux and possibly unleashing Shadow Creatures which helped in bringing their downfall. The Ruins are the remnants of their civilization.

While little is known about them, examination quotes for Ancient Murals and images from the Metheus Puzzles offer hints on their history.

The Ancient Herald that appears during the Aporkalypse seems to be a member of the race, having a similar appearance to them.

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  • The Ancients seem to have used electrical power in some form, as their Relics can drop Frazzled Wires when destroyed.
  • While little can be confirmed about their appearance, the appearance of the Mage Statue reveals that the ancients may have been arthropodic in structure, with a slightly knobbly shell on their backs resembling that of a pill bug. It may be important to note that in the Nightmare Cycle, spikes can be seen extending from both the Head and Mage Statues, showing that they may have been able to extend spikes from their bodies maybe if angered or in self-defense.

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  • 古人一定是用某种形式的电,因为他们的遗物在被破坏的时候会掉落的电线。
  • 古人与上古卷轴系列的Dwemer有一些相似之处,因为他们有自己的石头或金属,技术先进,只留下他们的成果。
  • 虽然关于他们的外表几乎没有什么可证实的,但法师雕像的出现表明,古代人可能是在结构上有节肢的,背部有一个类似于药丸的小贝壳。值得注意的是,在暗影暴动周期中,头部和法师的雕像都可以看到尖刺,这表明他们可能会从他们的身体中伸出尖刺,也许是出于愤怒或自卫。

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