Don't Starve 中文維基
Don't Starve 中文維基
本頁是Don't Starve中文百科方針。
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Petals 遊戲指南的特性[ | ]

Guides are usually 主觀的高引導性的 as they are highly based on personal in-game experience. In addition, Manual of Style is not applicable to any guide pages, for example, first person can be used and formatting is less strict than that of in normal articles. All of the guide pages should follow the rules set up on this page instead.

However guides can also be 不準確, as the bias from guide writers are included during the draft. Therefore, users are not recommended to follow all the instructions in guides blindly. Instead, please 根據你的遊戲風格 and your objectives in-game. It feels much better and more rewarded if you have found your own ways of success, and share with us in here.

Guides are merely opinions and hold no responsibilities to your decision and consequences. You should be responsible for your Wilson and think carefully in order to survive longer in Don't Starve. If there are any factual errors in the guide, please help correct them immediately so that fellow users will not be misled and suffered from in-game loss.

Guides are open to edit by everyone. If you want to create a private guide, please create a blog. Remember to add the appropriate templates and category (more details in below section), so that everyone can identify your guide easily. However, every admins and custodians have the right to edit your guides in order to maintain the standards of the wiki, where situations include:

  • Missing templates/category; or
  • Serious factual error; or
  • Typos/wrong links; or
  • Violation of Wikia Terms of Use/Local rules; or
  • for the sake of improving the quality of your guide.

Blueprint 當你製作遊戲指南時[ | ]

  • 如果你的遊戲指南是從別的網站搬過來/大量參考了別人的想法和意見,請列明來源,尊重別人。
  • 頁面格式要求如下:


User blog:Wikia/Guides/<guidename>
  • 如果頁面充滿主觀內容,請在頁面頂部加上{{Instructional}}。