饑荒:豬鎮(Don't Starve: Hamlet)是個深入探究關於豬人由來的即將發行單人DLC。它在2017年9月13日正式釋出消息,並會做為饑荒遊戲的第三個DLC發行。封閉式測試從2018年10月15日持續到2018年10月29日。所有參與內測的玩家都免費獲得DLC,而沒有參加的人則需要6.99美元(新台幣138元,人民幣12元,港幣38元)。早期訪問始於2018年11月8日,並於2019年5月14日結束。


官方敘述[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


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機制[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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怪物[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

植物[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

物品/建築[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

對現有內容的更改[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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遊戲機制[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

天氣影響[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

生物/植物[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

物品/建築[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

對現有內容的更改[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 煉金引擎電子元件組成而不是金塊
  • 冰箱石磚組成而不是木板
  • 鎚子乾草組成而不是繩索並且能在任何情況下製作。
  • 雨傘草帽在裝備時會減少耐久度。
  • Bug Net被重命名為Net
  • 如果不餵養被捕獲的小動物那麼小動物就會餓死。
  • 許多已有的可裝備項目現在提供不同程度的潮濕抗性。
  • 許多已有的可裝備項目現在變得易燃了。
  • 熱石和溫度表分別更名為恆溫石溫度計。熱石現在可以放在一個冰箱中被冷卻。
  • 閃電現在可以擊中並傷害玩家。
  • 烹飪鍋干肉架上就緒的食物會開始變質,並且有些食物會給玩家升溫或者降溫。
  • 骸骨現在可以被鎚子錘碎了。
  • 樹木現在提供了一定的防雨。
  • 火腿棍現在在腐壞時的傷害會降低。

版本歷史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]



Rev. 347667

Bug Fix

  • 修復加載時可能造成無限循環的BUG


Rev. 347153

Bug Fix

  • 修復由瘋狂甲蟲引起的聲音問題

June 27, 2019

Rev. 346868

Bug Fix

  • Fix for crash in seasonmanager when under attack in a Hamlet compatible ROG world

Rev. 346513

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the burnt farm plot crash


Rev. 346255

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a sound glitch in the Volcano

Rev. 345820

  • Player will wait until after landing on a boat to sneeze.
  • Fixed a graphic bug with fence gates when exiting interiors.
  • Insulated sac, sea sack and gold rock gets a minimap icon.
  • Pathfinding should now work better in interiors.
  • Fixed bug where minimap sometimes didn't properly uncover traversed areas.
  • Can pick up items on the ground near un-sprung tooth traps now.
  • Fixed a spelling error on the Batilisk Wing?.
  • Thumper’s minimap icon fixed.
  • Dense turf will grow tall grass.
  • Fixed crash at the beginning of adventure mode prologue
  • Life vest and amulet will save the player on water in Hamlet.
  • Wheeler tracker won’t steal an item when a second is given to it anymore.
  • Poison Frog Legs and Tubers won’t bother WX anymore.
  • Fixed player boat crashing into shoreline when beardhair or dense jungleturf was placed on edge of lilypond.
  • Bramble Armor will protect Wormwood from Cacti and Spiky Bushes.
  • Bat Bat added to magic tab in Hamlet.
  • Fixed very high awake entity counts, especially near waterfalls.
  • Electric Isosceles won’t transport land based followers.
  • Webber won’t attack neutral spiders with the attack key now.
  • Pigs shouldn’t get stuck on city structures so much.
  • Fixed a graphic problem with the pig totem torch.
  • Roc won’t try and break non breakable structures.
  • Roc won’t land when you are on the edge of the jungle and sky.
  • Farmplot art will refresh properly on save/load
  • City Pig houses minimap icon fixed
  • Fixed some bugs with Ballphin Palace
  • Fixed potential humongous memory spike on world load when worldhopping.
  • The Doy Doy feather is actually tradeable now.


Rev. 343524

We've added a new Performance setting in Settings called Dynamic Asset Loading. It saves memory by loading certain data as needed, and unloading it when it’s not used for a while. Like most optimizations there’s a trade-off - while the dynamic loading decreases memory usage significantly it also means the game has to load assets in the background - depending on your hardware this may be noticeable. The game needs a restart for any change to the asset loading to take effect.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a “Dynamic Asset Loading” feature to reduce the memory usage on some machines*
  • Improved performance of Tall Grass.
  • Fixed graphic bug when punching with Bug B’Gone
  • Pugalisk Gaze will now freeze birds, butterflies, bees, fish and some other things it didn’t before.
  • Frozen flytraps won’t go to sleep now.
  • Flower of life sparkles won’t block building placement
  • Minimap icons for Wheeler’s Tracker, Pew-Matic, Bramble Core and Spiky Bush
  • 2nd Aporkalypse ends properly now.
  • Toucans won’t land in Mangrove biomes now.
  • Roc Egg won’t world hop, like the gizzard stone.
  • Fixed Silver Necklace floating anim and minimap icon.
  • Krampus can’t steal some things he shouldn’t be able to now.
  • Flower of Life just burns to ash now.
  • Gnats can be frozen by flingomatic.
  • Controller players can eat again with non-Wormwood characters in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Using the Deconstruction Staff on pig city items will remove them completely, no reconstruction project left behind.
  • Ancient Pickaxe won’t destroy a coral before it can be hammered now.
  • Wormwood will gain sanity planting seeds in a farmplot now.
  • Butterfly spawners don’t block placement.
  • Fixed the ruins and jungle seasonal music.
  • Queen Womant plays boss fight music now.
  • Fixed a caps problem with Wilba’s speech/
  • The Magic Water will cure poison.
  • Fixed a “double hair” bug on the character anim
  • Capped vampire bats that will collect in caves.
  • Pig Beautician will accept Doy Doy Feathers.
  • Fixed minimap texture for dense turf.
  • Corkboat will float if the player sinks while holding one
  • Fixed hover text on the Tar Lamp
  • Fixed some Wheeler tracker bugs so it will track more items now.
  • Changed Lily Pad collision so things won’t get stuck in the middle of them.
  • Vampire Bats will drop bat wings occasionally now.
  • Fixed a bug with hounds spawning where they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed bug where Ro-bin could randomly disappear when the gizzard stone was left in an interior.
  • Fixed a graphic problem with the size of the some of the growable products.
  • Fixed a problem with hounds arriving too soon after jumping back to an ROG world.
  • Fences can only be built on land now.
  • Fences are now taken into consideration for pathfinding,
  • Wheeler won’t always dodge towards things she’s attacking now.
  • Wheeler’s dodge target moves faster for controllers now.


Rev. 341620

  • The Thumper still sometimes misses stuff, but now it’s not always the same things.
  • Controller won’t allow character to dismount boatsinto clouds now.
  • Peagawk Feather is not mole food.
  • Weather Pain works on hackable things
  • Ancient Robots will join together again.
  • Boat Repair Kit added to Hamlet recipes.
  • One man band and spider hat won’t befriend corpses.


Rev. 341281

Bug Fixes

  • Pig town is more consistent now. Shouldn’t have missing pig palaces
  • Fixed issue where the “Travel” option would not show on teleportato in adventure mode when playing with controller.
  • The Camera will zoom back out after Wilba’s transformations.
  • Fixed controller hint showing “MISSING NAME” when near a bramble site.
  • Fixed examine string for cave entrance on ROC island.
  • Only Wormwood will see the Plant action with seeds when using a controller.
  • Partially constructed Robot can be teleported.
  • Reduced memory spike on save.
  • Dryrack in interiors will still work when it’s raining outside.
  • Controllers won’t detect depleted sparkling pools.
  • Fixed another way rain could stop prematurely when leaving an interior
  • Ancient Robots won’t push the telelocator Focus around now.
  • Ancient Robots can’t leave the world bounds now.
  • Ancient Hulk’s laser spin should cause less lag now.
  • Walls can now be placed on sparkling puddles.
  • Dung piles won’t land in the water or thin air now.
  • Wilba’s silver necklace will stop draining sanity when Wilba is safe from Werepigism.
  • Vortex Cloak float animation fixed
  • Root Trunk minimap icon fixed
  • Ro Bin won’t disappear when left alone in a room
  • Bramble Sites can be built on now.
  • Investigated mysteries will survive a save/load
  • Navigadget can be dropped after an attempt to put it into the Pew-matic is made.
  • Base Fan doesn’t work when off now.
  • Gnats can be carried to other worlds when infesting a character who uses the Skyworthy or Seaworthy
  • Minimap icon for player’s city hall fixed.
  • Cooked Tubers are now actually cooked.
  • Payment can come from a backpack when shopping.
  • Pig Bandit will include contents of the players backpack now when deciding to mug them.
  • Flower of Life’s health penalty as a resurrector fixed.
  • Fixed a layering issue with doors and columns.
  • Added Hedge item examine strings.
  • Fixed the spawning of multiple Bramble Cores on save/load
  • Pig won’t forget they paid tax on a save/load


Rev. 338264

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash to desktop when dying in adventure mode
  • Fixed a graphic bug with the living artifact and loading a room.
  • Fixed the Vortex Cloak from blocking crafting placement.
  • Royal Pig Guards will now walk to eat something outside their patrol range.
  • Fixed howling conch wind and dripple pipe rain sometimes being prematurely interrupted by entering an interior.
  • Ancient Herald should not spawn in player home anymore
  • Boats should not break anymore upon hitting shorelines with bear rug turf or dense turf
  • Werewilba can not unequip her fur anymore when playing with controller.
  • Fixed occasional crash when a panflute or howling conch ran out of durability.
  • The Aporkalypse Clock won’t freeze the game when the world is set to have no night time.
  • Queen Malfalfa is too important to pay for cleaning services
  • Piko’s will correctly show if they have or don’t have items in their cheeks.
  • Werewilba should not be able to enter doors behind suspicious cracks anymore when playing with controller.
  • Fixed some tinker shop deco item names.
  • When Werewilba picks up a trap with a rabbit, the rabbit shouldn’t disappear anymore.
  • Fixed a rare crash when playing the panflute in a boat
  • Fixed a rare crash in startup of newly generated Hamlet worlds
  • Jungle ferns are no longer highlighted as target when playing with controller
  • Fixed assert when taking Skyworthy to ROG into an interior in a world where it was raining when you left.
  • Fixed rare crash with showing item names. Possibly mod related.
  • Gnats won’t hog the target selection with controllers.
  • Improved controller handling of “use item” conflicts (like eat/plant)


Rev. 337090

Bug Fixes

  • Cannon shots will detonate after 3 seconds, in case they get stuck on things.
  • Controller players will now properly get an ‘eat’ action prompt as well with edible plantable items
  • Fixed a crash with shadow hands in non Hamlet games.
  • Fixed a crash with pig trading.
  • Fixed a crash with the twister.
  • Fixed a crash with volcanomanager.
  • Hopefully fixed rare but severe render glitch where everything in the world would start flickering in and out of existence.
  • Fix for bug where minimap would not start to uncover until you had looked at minimap
  • Fix for all items on minimap being visible in non-Hamlet worlds
  • Gnat mounds will maintain their worked state between save and load
  • Gnats will wait to rebuild their nest properly.

Rev. 336897

Balance and game play changes

  • The Vortex cloak doesn’t drain sanity constantly now, instead it does sanity damage to the character relative to how much damage it absorbs.
  • Pig town lawn ornaments and hedges now available in the City craft tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Shadow Hands will reach fires in interiors.
  • Fix rain ambient sounds on umbrella hats being played in interiors
  • Wagstaff’s equipped items won’t be all grey now after taking off the infoggles
  • Bosses should no longer spawn in interiors.
  • Wheeler’s save slot image smirks.
  • Fixed player being stuck in godmode after traveling to a Skyworthy/Seaworthy
  • Fixed inspect string for "Pig Skin?"
  • Fixed rare crash to desktop when shift-clicking items in container with full inventory
  • Fixed broken minimap rendering in vampirebatcaves.
  • Only Wheeler can have her navigadget and air horn.
  • Windy Conch will summon wind in Hamlet
  • Old Bell will not call the bigfoot indoors
  • Frog rain won’t fall indoors.
  • Loot acquired from creating a door on a wall where a wall ornament is will less likely spawn in a wall.
  • Woodlegs and Walani can craft their nautical items in Hamlet.
  • Volcano eruption shouldn't impact interiors anymore.
  • Spider Monkey Trees can use dense turf.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a character is nearsighted and tries to look at something.
  • Fixed missing art in Wormwood’s arm chop.
  • Fixed the working music to not skip back to the start.
  • Pigs will accept trade just after they have eaten now.
  • Fixed art for burnt cocooned trees.
  • Fixed sleeping pig guard examine string.
  • WX can eat gears again after using the living artifact now.
  • Hamlet craftable turf isn't leaky anymore.


Rev. 335195

New Features

  • Hamlet gets a Teleportato

Bug Fixes

  • The Living Artifact charging sound will no longer be active if it runs out while charging a shot
  • Fixed the Bramble Trap placer art
  • Fixed a bug where the Wheeler Tracker and Trusty Shooter slot background would disappear
  • The correct DLC icon now shows up when creating a Hamlet world using the Skyworthy in Shipwrecked
  • Using the Skyworthy to go to a Hamlet world now allows you to merge with old Hamlet saves
  • Crafting the tellebrela in Vanilla no longer crashes the game
  • Fixed Seaworthy boarding animation
  • Unequipping infrogoggles in DS Vanilla no longer resets the day phase
  • Fixed a crash when trying to spawn the Herald inside an interior
  • Living artifact’s pulse sound works properly now.
  • Sea/Skyworthy should now properly work in interiors
  • Sea/Skyworthy should now properly work in caves and volcano
  • Seaworthy will now try to travel to Seaworthy, Skyworthy to Skyworthy (existing worthies will need to be saved once for this to succeed)
  • Fixed a problem with Wagstaff’s idle animation in an ROG compatible world.
  • Hounds no longer spawn while the player is in an interior
  • Sprinkler placer shows the range of the sprinkler spray, not the range it needs to be to a water source now.
  • Items blown onto the clouds will now disappear
  • Fixed Wagstaff's blur with low insanity when distortion is enabled.
  • Fixed infinite-light-in-interior exploit for boat torch, boat lantern and bottle lantern.
  • Fixed craft-tabs prototype-ready alert when ingredient goes into a backpack
  • Updated Wheeler’s character select images with her smirk.


Rev. 334206

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a save/load bug that would cause duplicate dung balls
  • Fixed a couple crashes on the Wheeler Tracker and Trusty Shooter
  • Fixed an ant queen crash
  • The mant suit durability should be consistent now
  • Added the irreplaceable tag to the Executive Hammer and Key to the City
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple Ro Bins to be created.
  • Fixed a bug where the Trusty Shooter and the Wheeler Tracker slot would show up after equipping a backpack
  • Fixed a rare crash at world startup

2019年5月14日 - 發佈正式版(Official Release)

DS Hamlet Launch Promo.png

Rev. 333702

New Features

  • Wheeler added to Hamlet DLC.
  • Ancient Hulk added to Hamlet DLC.
  • New rooms and doors added to the renovation crafting tab.
  • Wagstaff added to all versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Wagstaff doesn't announce when another creature puts on one of his goggles
  • Don't activate the color change when another creature puts on the Fryfocals
  • Disable map when Living Artifact is active
  • Fixed a crash when playing adventure mode as Wagstaff and reaching the final chapter
  • Fixed player telelocating into interiors.
  • Fixed Depth Worm inspect quotes
  • Fixed issue in interiors that could result in two rooms occupying the same location*
  • Wheeler will no longer get stuck in God Mode after Dodging
  • Fixed a crash when players click an empty Trusty Shooter slot
  • Miscellaneous tunings on the Aporkalypse

*The bugfix in the player interiors needed a fixup that in case of detected errors will relocate the offending rooms and removes any doors that connected to the offending rooms - the player is reimbursed the cost of the doors. If you notice missing doors in your house, this is why.


May 9, 2019

Rev. Beta 332790

Bug Fixes

  • The uncharged shot is not blocked by the world edge anymore
  • Fixed jittery forest canopy shadow on clouds
  • Improved controller support for bug-report screen
  • Gunpowder used by the Blunderbuss no longer shows up at 0,0
  • Fixed some animation issues with the living artifact
  • Miscellaneous string fixes
  • Fixed a crash on the Navigadget when entering interiors


Rev. 332388 (Beta 332395)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minimap icons for Ro-bin and saltlick
  • Fixed a rare crash in werepigbrain.lua
  • Fixed rare crash with tuber trees
  • Fixed inability to inspect boats in Hamlet compatible worlds
  • Made it easier to hammer structures when inside a boat
  • Fixed bug where birds would stop spawning
  • Taking off the shamlet mask won't give entities the "monster" tag if they didn't have it to begin with
  • Webber's Shamlet mask will now show up as the first craftable item in the dress tab
  • Shamlet mask now works as an open top hat

Beta specific fixes

  • Wheeler can now dodge with a controller
  • Wheeler can now use the Trusty Shooter and Navigadget with a controller
  • Entities inside interiors should not get snow-covered
  • Fixed a potential crash and some bad picks in Wagstaff's nearsightedness name randomizer
  • Fixed crash when entering an interior on the volcano
  • Fixed crash when using spyglass in interior
  • Wagstaff now really should have the Pretty Parasol recipe available
  • Added Wheeler's dodge values to tuning.lua to make it accessible for modders
  • Updated the Trusty Shooter tier damage list and moved it to tuning.lua
  • It is now possible to telelocate mobs into, out of, and between interiors
  • Fixed a bug in the player interiors that could lead to misplaced rooms, causing infinitely looping rooms* The bugfix in the player interiors needed a fixup that in case of detected errors will remove the offending doors (not rooms) and will reimburse players the cost of those doors. If you notice missing doors in your house, this is why.
  • Wagstaff's infroggles now work in caves
  • The Aporkalypse is now only endless the first time around
  • Added the Living Artifact
  • The Ant Queen Chambers now have a minimap
  • Items shot by the Trusty Shooter no longer show up at 0,0
  • Items shot by the Trusty Shooter can no longer be picked up in the air
  • Wheeler no longer gets the "Dodge" prompt while on a boat or riding a beefalo
  • Using the trusty shooter on a boat no longer causes problems
  • Moved the UI for the trusty shooter and navigadget so it doesn’t interfere with boat UI anymore
  • Fixed multiple miscellaneous string problems


Rev. Beta 329526

  • Wheeler's life is set to 100
  • Wheeler has 12 inventory slots
  • Wheeler's dodge has been polished up, and should be easier to use, especially while running.
  • Wheeler has a 5% speed boost
  • Every empty inventory slot gives an extra 1% speed boost
  • Trusty Shooter tiers have been tuned
  • No changes to the NaviGadget
  • Her graphics have been polished


Rev. Beta 328894

  • Added the missing Wagstaff Mount files to fix a crash when trying to play Wagstaff on a non Hamlet compatible world


Rev. 327761 (Beta ?)

Bug Fixes

  • Burnable but insulated items won't burn from lightning strikes
  • Crashed balloon can be inspected
  • Spider monkey uses correct damage (watchout!)
  • Fixed some layering issues with the navigadget
  • Robot parts and cork chest minimap icons fixed.

Beta specific fixes

  • The telebrella can be used as a weapon (but you probably don't want to)
  • The telebrella can be used as an umbrella (but you probably don't want to)
  • Wagstaff can investigate and use the telebrella while mounted
  • Wagstaff goggles re-exported for character res.
  • Wheeler now has 15 inventory slots and receives a 1% speed boost for each empty inventory space + a natural 10%
  • The last ammo on the Trusty Shooter now also deals damage
  • Reduced Wheeler's dodge cool down to 1.5 seconds
  • Optimized the search area of the Navigadget to reduce lag
  • Wheeler's Trusty Shooter can now take full stacks instead of just 6 items and can take all items as long as they're not alive or irreplaceable.
  • Tuned the Trusty Shooter damage
  • Added the irreplaceable tag to the Trusty Shooter, Navigadget and Wilba's Silver Necklace

Edit: Pushed an update to fix a crash due to a missing comma in the speech files.


Rev. 327766 (Beta 327761)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed desync issues in Aporkalypse clock
  • Aporkalypse clock now shows the proper animation when saved during aporkalypse
  • You can't plant lureplant bulbs and jungle trees inside anymore
  • Fixed an animation glitch when Wilba returns from werepigism.

Beta specific fixes

  • Fixed Wagstaff and Wheeler’s art resolution
  • Ancient Hulk’s defeat will re-robot the world correctly now.
  • The Roc doesn’t like Wagstaff’s telebrella when he activates it.
  • The new flooring and wallpapers are now also available outside Hamlet
  • Fixed crash when planting a spiderden in an interior
  • Wagstaff's armored visor now also shows the overlay on reload
  • Fixed the potential massive slowdown when using rocks in the navigadget
  • The navigadget now activates when it is equipped on load.
  • The Parasol is always available to Wagstaff
  • Roads now properly respond to Wagstaff's heat vision


Rev. Beta 327549

Bug Fixes

  • Optimized Wheeler’s tracker when searching lootdropper tables
  • Fixed UI bug when equipping a backpack or entering a boat with Wheeler’s tracker or weapon equipped
  • Wagstaff can craft an Electrical Doodad in Vanilla DS
  • Added Wheeler’s minimap image
  • Updated the wheeler tracker inventory image
  • Added a background to wheeler’s tracker and trusty shooter slot
  • Wheeler is actually invincible for the duration of her dodge now
  • Fixed some icons for 2 new renovation wallpapers

Rev. 327257 (Beta 327391)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed potential assert on earthquake in anthill.
  • Fixed code that tried to place out of bounds blue sow and truffle back in its room
  • Worldgen occasionally generates an unreachable area. It should now be accessible through a wormhole
  • Fixed aporkalypse clock blocking interaction with suspicious crack on north wall
  • It's now possible to drop items on carpets and the aporkalypse clock.
  • Improved craft-tabs to more accurately chime and highlight to reflect changes
  • Fixed glitch where aporkalypse clock was sometimes missing on the minimap

Beta Specific Features

  • Added Wheeler
  • Added Wagstaff
  • Added the Ancient Hulk
  • Added some new wall and floor textures to the Renovate Tab.

Beta Specific Fixes

  • Fixed bug where anthills could end up without a way out.


Rev. 325192 (Beta 325200)

Bug Fixes

  • Carpets should no longer block interactions with items placed upon them
  • Fixed placers for interior objects when using controller
  • Crafting menu now supports multiple active crafting stations

Beta Specific Fixes

  • Fixed possible crash when trading with pigmen in worlds outside Hamlet
  • Fixed interior decorating tab showing up at (0,0,0)
  • Fixed typo causing a potential assert on load
  • Improvements to the player house interior minimap

April 5, 2019

Rev. Beta 322786

Beta Specific Fixes

  • Can trade with pigs in all worlds
  • Ruin interiors should not be flipped on the horizontal axis anymore
  • Fixed various issues related to player interior crafting
  • Fixed a cause for mysterious cracks mysteriously opening themselves
  • Hidden doors no longer reveal when an earthquake happens in another room


Rev. 321263 (Beta 321299)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed armor sometimes getting stuck at 1% durability
  • Can’t build city pig buildings inside interiors.
  • Fixed Startup crash on Linux
  • Vortex Cloak can be refueled in all worlds.

Beta Specific Fixes

  • Weather won’t show indoors in ROG or SW worlds.
  • Construction and Demolition permits now show up in interior crafting tab


Rev. 320788 (Beta 320854)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the overspawning thunderbird_fx item.
  • Fixed the odd drumstick art on the drying rack.
  • Fixed missing worldgen customisation images when hopping from Shipwrecked to Hamlet.
  • Splumonkey’s loot fixed
  • Fixed the busted Seaworthy
  • Flowers won’t grow indoors.

Beta Specific Fixes

  • Fixed case where mining a pillar could cause crashes and other instability

2019年3月28日 - Beta分支(Interiors Beta Branch)

Rev. 320567

  • Fixed the hammered art of the City Hall
  • Fixed a crash when loading some worlds.

Rev. 319878

Latest patch here with an invitation to beta test some new features.

We’ve been working on improving performance and have a few changes that should make things better. This should particularly help with severe lag in interiors. But some of the backend changes are larger than we are comfortable to just deploy. We have set up a beta branch that people can go to and help us test out the changes.

An added benefit of some of the changes, is that the interior system has opened up to the other worlds, not just Hamlet worlds. So if you bring the Key to the City, you can build a pig city in the forest or even on a tropical island. I’m sure there’s some interactions with all this stuff we haven’t predicted yet, so having some more people playing with it will be helpful.

We’ve also put player craftable doors in the home decor tab. Once you’ve build a door in your house, you can use a Construction Permit on it to create an attached room.

To access the beta branch:

  • Go to the BETAS tab in the Don’t Starve Properties dialogue.
  • Enter the code: dsinteriorbeta and press the CHECK CODE button.
  • Select hamet_interors - Hamlet Interior upgrade beta from the drop down.
  • Your game will then update to the new beta branch.

This branch uses separate save files from your regular base game. You can make a copy of your base game save files in the beta branch by using the console command: TheSim:ImportSave() Your save files will remain unchanged in your regular branch.

You can return to the regular branch by going to the same BETAS tab and selecting the drop down: NONE - Opt out of all beta programs.

Thank you in advance for everyone who heads in there to play. We plan to run the beta for 2 weeks if everything runs as planned.

New Features

  • New craftable Vortex Cloak added. You'll need to find a blueprint.


  • Cost of Root Trunk change, + 1 Flytrap stalk.

Bug Fixes

  • Houndius Shootius doesn't lose its base anymore when placed in an interior
  • Spawn player skeleton in right interior when player dies and gets resurrected
  • Jellyfish Jerky doesn’t show up as floating in water anymore when dropped on the ground
  • Fixed Ball Pein Hammer durability loss inconsistency when using spacebar
  • Fixed missing crafting description for The Sty Oddities Emporium
  • Lily Pads now show the correct examination text
  • The Collector Pig no longer accepts idols for trade.
  • Florist does not ask for Plop anymore
  • Fixed examination strings for Queen Malfalfa
  • Fixed punctuation in Wormwood's character description
  • Hammering a spoiled fish in inventory drops loot now
  • Fixed a number of prefabs that were plantable on water where they shouldn’t
  • Perishable items that rot in an interior now properly spawn rot in that interior
  • Fixed multiple pig scepters showing up in the world.
  • Added sounds to the Aporkalypse Clock
  • All blueprints from the tinker shop can be learned in Hamlet


Rev. 317411


  • 修復了拾起大便時潛在的崩潰

Rev. 317319


  • 修復了與豬技工店管理員交易時的崩潰
  • 獵犬牙齒可交易。真的。 


Rev. 317158


  • 修復全屏錯誤。

Rev. 317078


  • 使用Bramble燈泡製作的Root Trunk和Dense Turf
  • 修補匠商店添加到新生成的單詞(並通過以前存在的世界中的城市鑰匙提供)
  • 復活了室內裝飾的飾品標籤


  • 修正了舔鹽舔時的錯誤
  • 修復了一個錯誤的問題,當時還沒有吸引過蝙蝠俠和蝙蝠俠。
  • 修復了一個錯誤,即pugalisk將被鎖定,試圖凍結大象仙人掌。
  • 修正了Wormwood的brambe盔甲和豬男人的錯誤。
  • 固定的思想大腦沒有顯示豬鎮兼容遭遇海難世界的火山標籤
  • 修復當生物試圖在室內逃離你時的罕見斷言
  • 當發現螢火蟲被海豹捕獲時,修復了崩潰
  • 修正了季節長度調整後的罕見斷言
  • 修復了在Hamlet兼容世界中使用speargun時的罕見斷言
  • 獵犬現在可交易了
  • 增加聲道數量以減少音頻故障
  • 修復了當離開靠近陸地邊緣的建築物時結束雲層的另一個原因
  • 修復了在叢林或廢墟音樂之後不播放音樂的問題
  • 豬鎮世界「日誌」庫存圖像已修復
  • 在鬱鬱蔥蔥的季節修復了戰鬥音樂
  • 修復了在豬鎮水中丟棄彩虹水母的斷言
  • 在陸地邊緣進行單側碰撞(如果由於某種原因發現自己在另一側,則很容易解決這種情況)
  • 當您在內部之間移動時,庫存中燃燒的物品的光線會跟隨您
  • Seaworthy和Skyworthy可以受到重創。Seaworthy現在可以在沉船世界中製作。
  • 修復了導致Piko產卵樹木停止被Piko產卵後拯救樹木的錯誤。新世界將表現得很好。舊世界的Piko產卵區的茶樹將成為Piko產卵者,因此結果可能會有所不同。  
  • 錘打的晾衣架在收穫後不會掉落原料。
  • 羅克現在不會選擇一個死人。
  • 修復了在特定配置中放置某些類型的草皮時桌面崩潰的問題
  • 浮動架子現在在內部製作選項卡中有一個圖標


Rev. 312201


  • 豬店,房屋和警衛塔在放置時也會碰到網格。
  • 清理了豬城物品的藝術品。(刪除了雪和節日藝術)
  • 修復接近伏特山羊的崩潰。

Rev. 311861


  • 蕁麻植物現在變干後不會複位,但它們需要更長時間才能重新開花。 
  • 在所有版本中添加了Salt Lick。


  • 在潮濕的季節過後,Glowfly繭仍然存在。
  • 修正了Mant人口過剩的一些原因。
  • 固定戰士螳螂有時會消失或無法正常返回常規螳螂。
  • 由於先前的錯誤,為剩餘的Mants和glowflies添加了一次性清理
  • 固定斷言當螢火蟲被長矛陷阱殺死時
  • 固定使用Telelocator工作人員而不關注豬鎮
  • 來自Windows的光不再阻止鼠標點擊
  • 現在可以使用遊戲手柄導航DLC兼容性彈出窗口
  • 冶煉廠現在在小地圖上顯示正確的圖標
  • 城市燈布置器像實際的燈一樣卡在網格上
  • 修正加載蝙蝠時的潛在斷言
  • 修正加載gnats時的潛在斷言(Seuss博士打電話)


Rev. 309895


  • 孵化後,狂犬病甲蟲的生命壽命約為一天
  • 豬銀行家不再接受紫色寶石。他們的魔力太暗了。 


  • 不再可能從鎖定的基座上偷東西
  • Telestaff現在可以從內到外使用,反之亦然
  • 修復了可再生葡萄藤的抽取順序 - 它們有時被抽到門後。
  • Slurper可以啜飲Werewilba,但不會去除她的皮毛。此外,她的皮毛在潮濕時也不會脫落
  • 修復了進入世界自定義屏幕時罕見的斷言。
  • Gnats(以及其他尋光者)不會認為Woodie和Wilba的燈光形式。
  • 如果他們「醒來」時被採摘,洞穴花不會亮起來
  • 修復了吸血鬼蝙蝠睡著時未出現在洞穴中的問題。


Rev. 309157

Bug Fixe [原文如此]

  • 修復世界自定義屏幕上的斷言,以獲得源自「Default Plus」的預設的人員



  • 當船尾癒合時,艾草有額外的(短)動物。 
  • Compost Wrap現在可以治癒艾草。
  • 每種世界類型(DS / ROG / SW / HAM)現在都有自己的一組worldgen預設(以防止應用不兼容的預設)


  • Werewilba將不再在潮濕的季節從她的體毛變得昏昏欲睡。
  • Werewilba現在可以通過選擇並點擊Wilba來吃食物
  • 雷鳥不應該不公平地瞄準玩家並且有時會忽略避雷針。
  • 無法捕捉的Glowflies固定。
  • 修復Shipwrecked中消失的trawlnet(滿員時)
  • Werewilba的健康狀況可以在負載情況下正確設置
  • Werewilba現在可以在Vanilla和RoG中使用Spelunk洞穴
  • 在滿月之後移除銀項鏈時,Wilba不再變成Werewilba
  • 如果可以烹飪的話,焚燒的晾衣架會產生熟食品,如果它們可以燃燒,它們會產生燃燒版本的物品。
  • 拐杖和秸稈現在可以燃燒。
  • 錘打幹燥的架子將丟棄他們的項目。
  • 不應該再創造一個沒有季節的世界。
  • 穗木種植的種子將在負荷後繼續增長。
  • 當她被閃電擊中時,Werewilba的光芒不會消失。
  • 落下的東西現在不應該留在廢墟噴泉之上。
  • 清理了一些與豬遺址生成的裝飾衝突。


Rev. 308103


  • 修復了在捆綁時遊戲保存時無法捆綁的問題
  • 威爾巴現在將在復活時從她的Werewilba形態轉變
  • 如果當角色放置對象時鼠標位於對象上,則迷你標誌將無法部署。
  • 重新映射的控制項應該再次正確保存。
  • Flytraps現在不會讓Wormwood的遊戲崩潰
  • Flytraps現在不會因為攜帶蔬菜而攻擊艾草。
  • Werewilba現在不能裝備背包。

2019年2月7日 - 角色更新(Character Update)

Rev. 307940


  • 修復了兩個「隨機」崩潰(scheduler.lua和shelf_slot.lua)

Rev. 307799


  • 停止稀有的豬舍在裝載過程中四處移動
  • 修復了與貨架上物品斷開的互動。
  • 固定從貨架上​​取下物品的圖形定位
Hamlet Character Update Promo.png

Rev. 307715







  • 添加了用于禁用豬鎮裝飾藤蔓和樹冠陰影的選項,用於低端硬體。
  • 盛開的雨林樹木在砍伐時會掉落毛刺


  • 如果現在投入使用,韋伯的偽裝將會出現。
  • 修復了與Hamlet兼容的世界中藍圖的隨機啟動崩潰。
  • 修復了在啟用Screecher mod時嘗試啟動遊戲的斷言。
  • Lazy Forager不再收集貨架上的物品。應修復受影響的保存
  • 捆綁包現在可以與控制器一起使用。
  • 現在,Zoomed庫存管理(帶控制器)應該可以正常使用貨架。
  • 在不需要原型機的情況下修復了食譜彈出窗口中的「未找到文本」。
  • 修復了一些與Hamlet兼容的ShipWrecked世界的加載斷言。
  • 除非完全成熟,否則燒焦的農作物只會產生燒焦的種子


Rev. 305738


  • 當蜜蜂在這個時候設置為'無'的世界中摧毀蜂箱時,修復了無限循環


Rev. 305507


  • 修復了準備食物的崩潰
  • 修正了cookpot文本的錯誤
  • 修復了主菜單中的一個罕見錯誤
  • Brambles現在不會在百合池生物群系中產卵。
  • 修復了SW兼容世界的微型標識數量。


Rev. 305080
Pig Fiesta.png




  • 豬城鎮將在Aporkalypse之後慶祝幾天


  • 修復了新的豬鎮準備食物的鼠標過度檢測
  • 修復了新Hamlet草皮上的鼠標過度檢測
  • 修復了穿著整流罩前往豬鎮時的斷​​言
  • 當Beefalo交配季節被設置為'經常'時修復世界負荷的斷言
  • 修復了在Vanilla世界中展開捆綁時的斷言
  • 修復Woodie頭髮的藝術問題。
  • 修復了畫筆的問題
  • 修正了糞便戰利品的拼寫錯誤
  • 修復了冶煉廠的工具提示
  • 修復了離開內部配備懶人探險家的崩潰
  • 固定冶煉廠不使用控制器/鼠標右鍵
  • 在蜜蜂設置為「無」的世界中摧毀蜂箱時修復了無限循環


Rev. 303992


  • 修復了OSX和Linux上製作標籤中鼠標滾輪的問題

Rev. 303895


  • 在獲得契約後,修復玩家房屋再次被某些角色鎖定
  • 修復了在香草世界中使用crockpot時的崩潰問題

Rev. 303804


  • DST中的快速滾動工藝菜單選項卡


  • 修正了與豬鎮兼容世界中的熊人的潛在主張。
  • 修復了ROG洞穴入口/出口缺少的小地圖圖標
  • 修復了在相關世界中拾取豬鎮城市財產的斷言
  • 修復了豬鎮兼容ROG世界中遺失的老鍾圖藍圖
  • 受傷的hud fx固定
  • 安裝速度固定
  • 缺少Mount animations已修復(操作受限)
  • 修復了豬鎮兼容世界中缺少的草皮藝術。
  • 在Warly的瓦罐中修復了豬鎮食物。
  • Burnt Ant Comb Homes不再生產任何Mants。
  • 現在無法捆綁捆綁包。
  • 划船時修正了柳樹的手臂。
  • 在ROG世界修復了秋天的colourcube


Rev. 303256

Bug Fixes

  • Character stays stuck by goo properly when hit while gooed (Bring friends or armor.)
  • Fixed graphics glitch when examining
  • Fixed sneeze graphics glitch
  • Fixed Wilbur run when riding beefalo
  • Fixed the weird Cave Banana Tree in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fix for assert when burning a minisign in Vanilla worlds
  • Fix assert when placing a gate in Vanilla or ROG worlds
  • Fixed assert when a babybeefalo grew up in Hamlet or Hamlet compatible world
  • Dismount with controller fixed
  • Fences should load properly
  • Fixup for items that went missing from locked display cases
  • Beefalo mounts attack and take damage properly


Rev. 303169

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for potential crash when closing craft-tabs in Hamlet
  • Fixed the Flingomatic
  • Fixed the brush crash
  • Fixed Beefalo shaving
  • Fix for missing items on shelves
  • Fixed several animation bugs when riding
  • open close gate use anim fixed
  • Fixed the ApplyBuildOverrides crash on baby beefalo
  • Fixed disappearing items in shift-click

2019年1月10日 - 品質新生活(Quality of Life)

Rev. 302970

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the craft tab scrolling crash
  • Fixed the Hamlet compatible ROG crash

See also: 版本歷史.

Welcome to 2019 everyone! We start the new year with an update that brings several nice and fun features from Don't Starve Together to regular Don't Starve. These additions were added the base game and all DLCs.

  • Beefalo taming and riding (Saddles, Brush, Saddlehorn)
  • The Ewecus (for Steel Wool)
  • Fences (木門 and 木牆)
  • 打包帶 (and Wax Paper and Bee's Wax)
  • Mini signs (and the Feather Pen for writing)
  • Action Key ability while holding an item on your cursor
  • Trap pickup using the action key
  • Along with these additions, the artists took some time to do a visual color pass of Hamlet. Some changes are larger than others, like seasonal tints and the new background color, and others are smaller, like the claw palm leaf color.
  • Controller support was improved when interacting with interiors and interior decorating.


Rev. 302650

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for yesterday』s patch which caused a crash when trying to modify world settings with no DLC installed


Rev. 302498

Bug Fixes

  • Miner hat doesn't magically emit light anymore after re-entering an interior where it was left on the ground
  • Fixed the rare relic that spawns outside the bounds of the room
  • Fix for custom options and ROG worlds that are SW or Hamlet compatible


Rev. 301875

Bug Fixes

  • Different handling for aporkalypse clock save load
  • Willow's lighter should not lose light when moving between interior rooms
  • Lanterns now properly remember whether they were on or off in interiors


Rev. 301799

Bug Fixes

  • Hopefully fixed elusive 'attempt to call nil value' bug.
  • Shadow creatures spawned by aporkalypse now also despawn when arpokalypse ends
  • Creatures spawned by aporkalypse now remember this fact after a save/load, so they should despawn when aporkalypse ends. Unfortunately ones that were spawned already can not be fixed up.
  • Fixed potentially huge memory spike on load of world


Rev. 301295

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed fixup of world that were affected by the "disappearing suspicious crack" bug
  • Fixed Aporkalypse clock not rotating

Rev. 300612

Bug Fixes

  • Suspicious cracks were not meant to be axeable. They can't be axed now
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some worlds to not have the herald pig ruins
  • Fixed a save/load problem with the Aporkalypse Clock
  • Fixup of worlds that were affected by the "disappearing suspicious crack" bug
  • Fixes for Linux sound
  • Potential fix for getting stuck outside walls when having followers


Rev. 298833

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the water walking hippo's and poison dart frogs
  • Fixed a bug with secret room doors leading to blackness
  • All doors are opened now when you leave a ruin, that way, if you end up on the other side of the world, your way back is not blocked

2018年12月6日 - 大災變(Aporkalypse)

Rev. 298530

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when saving during the aporkalypse
Aporkalypse Promo.png

Rev. 298452 Aporkalypse

大災變已經降臨。先代的豬豬們遇見了它的到來,一番運算後把日期記錄在了日曆上。哦看呀,就是今年。到底會發生什麼?! 世界地圖裡還有其他的一些有趣的東西,豬豬們現在有一個可以用來交易的地方,他們可以在這裡進行一些貨幣交換。一個用來捕捉翹鼻蛇怪能量的新魔法配方已經被發現。



我們決定會在完成發布之前進行幾次更新。然後是提高所有饑荒玩家的生活質量。我們會專註於將一些已經在《饑荒:聯機版》里改進過的內容添加到單機版本里。請注意我們不僅僅是只改進內容,我們覺得應該對《饑荒》進行的還有生活質量改善(Quality of Life)。

In a recent update we noted that we wanted to continue the Early Access until we felt the bugs and performance were improved. There have been several improvements to the performance, but there are still some areas we are investigating to help that. We continue to work through the bug reports both on the forums and submitted through the game.

We have also decided there are a few more updates of things we』d like to put out before we』re done. So Early Access will be continuing until about April of 2019. The next is an improvement in the Quality of Life for DS players. We will focus on bringing a bunch of the improvements that have gone into DST over to single player. Watch for the QOL update on Dec 20th.

World Change

  • The Aporkalypse added. (best with new world, but old worlds are modified slightly to support it)
  • Pugalisk leaves behind something new.
  • Lowered the Beard Rug minimap priority
  • Reduced pay for nightmare fuel
  • Pigs have a bank (New worlds only. Old worlds can craft one with the key to the city)
  • Queen's gallery has a new exhibit. (New worlds only)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for disappearing mandrake (or rare crash) when clicking mandrake in inventory
  • Fixed the crash when bird whistle is consumed
  • Fixed the crash when bird whistle is used in Survival or SW worlds.
  • Fixed rare crash in meatrack
  • Fixed crash with pugalisk switching targets
  • Fixed city farm plots showing "MISSING NAME"
  • Fixed city farm plots auto-replanting on load
  • Key to City doesn't conflict with science machine et al anymore
  • Fixed crash when a beehive was burning while the season changed
  • Fixed invisible snakeskin in Hamlet compatible ShipWrecked world
  • Fixed glowflies being deleted when in containers
  • Fixed glowflies not giving off light when released from container
  • Fixed glowflies not having a mouseover during daytime
  • Can't turn a sprinkler on anymore when it's out of fuel
  • Pig beautician now accepts thunderbird feathers
  • Fixed yellow gem turning invisible when placed on shelf
  • Mant suit now takes and displays proper damage
  • Manure flies should not buzz anymore when there's no poop.
  • Fixed crash when spawning a sprinkler away from water
  • Fixed torches not losing durability after being hit by sprinkler
  • ROC doesn't get stuck on trying to destroy farm plots with a crop anymore
  • Farm plots can't be placed in interiors anymore


Rev. 297099

Bug Fixes

  • Shops don』t restock after shopkeeper has died.
  • Items in Hamlet compatible ROG worlds don』t blow across the land anymore.
  • Fixed a bird whistle crash.
  • Fixed a disappearing glowfly cocoon bug.
  • Fix crash when a boss destroyed a relic.
  • Fix crash when deconstructing sprinkler.
  • Saving a house that』s on fire won』t destroy its contents anymore.
  • Fix crash when world hopping from ROG to Hamlet.
  • Fixed another way the Roc could fail to grab the player.
  • Fixed a bug with city pigs when they get hit.
  • Fixed a save/load problem with Nettle plants.


Rev. 296676

Balance Changes

  • Stolen items don't get replaced.

Bug Fixes

  • Bandit camp drops a peagawk feather, not bone shards now.
  • Mole hat works better indoors during the day.
  • Nettle plant should naturally bloom more consistently during the humid season.
  • Fixed a possible avenue that the roc can fail to grab the player, leaving them cowering.
  • Fixed the disappearing shopkeeper desks.
  • Fixed the problem of Ro-bin eggs incubating inside containers and on shelves.
  • Fix for potential crash when entering the player』s own house.
  • Exiting a burning house should not send the player off to the middle of nowhere anymore.
  • Fixed the memory leak with the sprinkler.

Cause we could and it was asked for a long time.

  • You can craft beard hair rug from beard hair and grass. (You know, in case you like pixel art and need black lines.)


Rev. 296291

  • There was a problem with the fix for the fly buzzing. It had the unintended effect of having everything's inventory visible, so we rolled that fix back.

Rev. 296153

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with beefalo loot drop.
  • Implemented workaround for when player crashes on entering anthill. Root cause still under investigation.
  • Woodie can use doors in the werebeaver form.
  • Fixed some missing strings when the werebeaver gnaws on them.
  • Fixed the perpetual fly buzzing sound when poop is dropped in interiors.

Rev. 296123

  • Fixed a crash in non Hamlet Compatible worlds with the runaway component.

Rev. 296000

Balance Changes

  • Krampus is a bit more persistent.

Bug Fixes

  • Customizing a SW compatible ROG world, no longer generates a Vanilla world.
  • Fixed a bug with customization presets.
  • Fixed Wilba』s missing map icon.
  • Fixed several Wilba anim bugs.
  • Fixed a problem with Glowflies not returning after saving in a humid season.
  • Fixed a potential crash when an antman warrior』s queen was killed.


Rev. 295898

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash with followers.


Rev. 295671

Balance Changes

  • Nettle plants do not bloom because of the Humid season now ( but they will still bloom in the Humid season, it's a subtle difference). They also do not like dirt other that Deep Jungle dirt.

Bug Fixes

  • Player can't sneeze when making transitions now.
  • Game won't crash when jumping to a SW or ROG world while the player suffers Hayfever.
  • Pig mechanics are no longer a source of infinite hammers.
  • The Pig Mayor won't fall asleep while hosting a guest now.
  • Fixed hard crash when hitting the edge of the map in Hamlet compatible Shipwrecked world.
  • Fix potential crash when attacking with an army of followers.
  • Fixed a crash when two things took things from a shelf at the same time.
  • Added StopHammerTime() console commands that attempts to removes all hammers lying on the ground in cities.
  • Improved performance with hanging vine decorations and light rays.


Rev. 295272

Bug Fixes

  • Pugalisk ruin pillars save properly.
  • Pugalisk fountain will reset (after the normal delay) when the player returns to hamlet if the Magic water was taken outside the world and used.
  • Magic Water and magic Flower won't crash in a world with no Fountain of Youth.
  • Fixed the disappearing home decor.
  • Fixed the ottoman art.
  • Reduced collision on home chairs.
  • Reduced the odd items that get collected at 0,0,0.
  • Fixed crash when target was destroyed while shooting it.
  • Boat repair kit returns to the crafting menu.
  • Sprinkler and fan are not common recipes now.
  • Fixed crash with Ancient Robot Laser.


Rev. 294865

Balance Change

  • Reduced sanity gain from the Magic Flower.


  • Fixed a crash with the gnatbrain.
  • Fixed a Deciduous Monster Tree crash when the wind blows.
  • Fix crash when resuming a world with a burnt shop.
  • Fix crash when resuming a world with a burnt farm plot.
  • Fixed crash related to loading burned shelves. Shelves were not supposed to be burnable.
  • Fixed an extra way the roc cave exit could fail.
  • Aloe, Radish and Asparagus seed icons fixed.
  • Fix a crash related to items that lost track of their shelf as result of a previous bug.
  • Fix rare crash when pog gets attacked while rummaging.
  • Fixed crash when toggling on boat lantern.
  • Fixed crash from dead bandits on world load.
  • Fixed rare crash when pigs repair house.
  • Fixed a bug with the Magic Flower.


Rev. 294625


  • Fixed character selection between DLC compatibilities.
  • The Roc Cave should be exitable now.
  • The Roc should not give house calls now.
  • The Roc should show as frequently as is supposed to now.
  • Fixed a crash with the infestable component.
  • Fixed a crash when things that had previously been on a shelf are removed from game.
  • Mined pillars save properly.
  • Dart Traps save properly.
  • Smashing Pots save properly.
  • Player shouldn't spawn in the clouds now when leaving a building close to the edge of the world.
  • Fixed the "inventoryimages2" crash.


Rev. 294181


  • Cork chests are Pog proof.


  • Fixed an error with poison and fire snakes.
  • The thunderbird will no longer attack the player postmortem.
  • Fixed a bug with spiders when they investigated.
  • Gnats will abandon chase if you get far enough away from them. If you can run faster than them...
  • Fixed a bug with items that were on shelves that were hammered.
  • The changes set in the customization are now properly applied to the game itself.
  • Wilba can eat monster meat without penalty now.
  • Fixed the background color problem when generating a ROG world.


Rev. 293829

Bug Fixes

  • Bug reporter didn』t properly unpause the game.
  • World customization now works properly when world hopping in SW.
  • Fixed a typo.

Rev. 293709

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Crafting menu in non Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fixed startup crash for people who had played the screecher previously.
  • Fixed a crash that was looking for a missing DLC button for some people.

Rev. 293625

The start of Early Access.

Main new bits are Wilba and the Roc have been hooked up in the game. As well as the Skyworthy, so world hopping is in now.

I hear anyone surviving a one on one with the Roc gets pretty famous.


  • Wilba added.
  • Roc added.
  • Skyworthy added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a string issue with WX "them" to "their".
  • Fixed the "red" dusk in Winter.
  • Fixed issue where player built shelves were not hammerable after save.
  • Fixed bug with placing items on shelves.
  • Fixed a crash when picking up items on shelves that had rotted.
  • Fixed the craft tab spacing for Hamlet compatible RoG and SW worlds.
  • Fixed several issues with Interior home decoration.
  • Temporarily removed the "ornaments" crafting tab from home decor until it can get fixed.
  • Temporarily removed the "fixed" sound filters for Winter and Summer until they are re-tuned.

《饑荒:豬鎮》現在可在Steam搶先體驗!2018年11月9日 來自:steam社區官方




維爾巴: 作為瑪法法王后的女兒,公主維爾巴擁有來自她子民的愛戴,前提是她喜歡這個身份。她寧願出去探索和體驗生活,即使當她被捲入的時候她還需要一個夜光。




在11月8日到當前計劃的發布時間12月之間,我們將繼續進行更多的內容和Bug修復更新,並為即將到來的《末日》做準備。 再次感謝大家的支持。請享受《豬鎮》,並繼續向我們發送您的建議和反饋!



Rev. 291539

Balance Changes

  • Pig Guards won』t wear out their halberd.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash on the armor component.
  • Fixed the Radish calories.
  • Flowers remain possessions of the pigs, even when evil.
  • God mode now persistent in ruins.
  • Pig Guard tower regen time proper.

Rev. 291499

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the fix that was fixing the 「black room」 bug.

Rev. 291461

Balance Changes

  • Increased Spider Monkey health and damage.
  • Fog doesn』t dampen the sound anymore.
  • Fog duration is shortened.
  • Bat Cowl added to the recipes.
  • Slower recovery from Hayfever with Gas Mask.
  • Reduced Sneeze sanity damage a little
  • Changed Radish food attributes.

Bug Fixes

  • Rotten trees in gas biome stay rotten after a save.
  • Spacebar action can』t be used to enter a burning home anymore.
  • Pig houses and guard towers respawn delay fixed.
  • Rebuilt pig houses and guard towers won』t spawn new pigs if the old pig lives.
  • Fixed a linux script error crash.
  • Fixed a second 「black room」 bug.
  • Pig guards don』t crash anymore when their weapon runs out of durability.
  • Can now place the tophat light in your house.
  • Gnats are not auto targeted unless they are the last choice.
  • Gnats don』t consume weapon durability anymore.


Rev. 291104

Balance Changes

  • Warbucks sanity gain from holding money slowed a little but also can reach a higher top end.

Bug Fixes

  • Warbucks has no extra sanity gain from eating prepared foods (just the normal).
  • Fixed some object parenting bugs with save and reload.
  • Fixed a crash with the newsletter.
  • Pig don』t like you digging up their stuff.
  • Guard pigs will fight back even if fixated on oincs.
  • Added Bug reporter to script error screen.


Rev. 290705

Balance Changes

  • Vampire bat damage increased.
  • Pig guards more resilient.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scorpions immune to gaze beam.
  • Fixed the crash with Warbucks and the crockpot.

Rev. 290648

Balance Changes

  • Lowered the Usher's and mechanics trade price.
  • Pig poop frequency reduced.
  • Flower Pig no longer trades for poop.
  • Warbucks Sanity reduce, higher penalty for eating unprepared foods and lower sanity gain from holding gold.
  • Warbucks starts with ball pein hammer and halves durability usage of Treasure Hunting items.
  • Mant Queen buffed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the missing frozen adult flytrap state.
  • Pangolden will poop gold now.
  • Fixed the pig ruins that could be entered without hacking after a save.
  • Fixed the broken sound problem with the key to the city.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the world to spawn without all the required pig ruins.
  • Fixed the issue where houses and shops would be all black.


Rev. 290499

Balance Changes

  • Vampire Bat wave numbers reduced.
  • Asparagus, Aloe and Radish spoilage time reduced.
  • Deli prices and Hoofspa prices changed a little.
  • Pig and ant statues will drop 2 nuggets when chiseled.
  • Rabid Beetle spawning patches reduced a little.
  • Vines no longer regrow in the ruins until player exits the ruins.

Bug Fixes

  • Pig relic rocks remain used when the game is reloaded.
  • Fixed a bug with guard towers and pathfinding.
  • Fixed a crash when a city pig is killed after a save.
  • Fixed a crash when hammering sometimes.
  • Burnt Tubers can be chopped for charcoal.
  • Fixed a crash when Hippos and Hulks lose a target.
  • Pig Ruins doors should not close now, after a player has used the door.
  • Fixed some interior props that gets flipped during a reload.
  • Fixed the bug with the Gallery Exhibit lock and key after a save.
  • Fixed the rain every time you leave a building.


  • Warbucks sounds hooked up.
  • Added a Bug Report function to the options menu on the title screen.
  • Added profiler support to analyze performance issues.


  • Code support to help to fix the 「black room」 bug.
  • Add consolecommand c_tryexitblackroom() which tries to spawn you outside the room in case you're stuck in the "black room bug".


Rev. 290043

  • Pigs will reset their trading properly each day.
  • Tuber Trees bloom in Lush season, not Humid.
  • Fixed a world gen crash with the "bunch spawner".
  • Can』t exit the boat onto the clouds now.
  • Fixed shopkeeper inspection lines.
  • Fixed the broken lotus inspection.
  • Fixed a crash in the console when you hit the "[" key.
  • Fixed a crash when going into and out of interiors.
  • Peagawk won't eat food while it's still a bush.
  • Fixed a bug when topiary are destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug with the Pheromonestone.
  • Fixed a graphics bug with Wolfgang.

你知道嗎?[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


Don't Starve Hamlet Announcement Trailer

  • DLC的標題,豬鎮,有三個含義。它可以指一個村莊,是豬的雙關語(Hamlet),或者是莎士比亞的戲劇有關。
  • 在豬鎮DLC的發布日期最初被提名為Q1 / Q2 2018。
  • 當Steam在2018年2月實施新的願望清單內容時,他們不小心加入了豬鎮的預計發行日期,2018 年 3 月 20 日,而不是官方公布的 2018/Q1/Q2。這在不久後就被更正了。
  • 在預告片中,看到威爾遜乘坐熱氣球。這讓人聯想到禁忌知識預告片拼圖中的一段概念藝術。
  • 環境的靈感來自哥斯大黎加的Monteverde。
  • 第一個豬鎮獨家角色是沃巴克斯,他是在DLC測試期間加入的。他後來在早期訪問的更新版本307715中從DLC中刪除。他的檔案保存在遊戲中,與他預先存在的檔案不會改變。在論壇的更新文章中,Klei給出了理解他們的理由:我們對沃巴克斯的工作方式並不滿意。在試圖找到讓他工作的方法時,我們認為他並不是那麼有趣正如我們所希望的那樣,所以我們決定從頭開始用一個新角色。

畫廊[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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