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{{Item Infobox
{{Item Infobox
|tab = Ancient
|tab = Ancient
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|ingredient3 = Green Gem
|ingredient3 = Green Gem
|multiplier3 = 2
|multiplier3 = 2
|durability = 5 uses
|durability = 5
|image = File:Deconstruction Staff.png
|image = File:Deconstruction Staff.png
|sanityRestored = -20 per use
|sanityRestored = -20/次
|spawnCode = "greenstaff"
|spawnCode = "greenstaff"
|stack = Does not stack
|stack = 不可堆疊
|perk = Deconstructs a crafted objects.
|perk = 完美的解構任何可合成物品
|droppedBy = [[File:Ancient Pseudoscience Station.png|24px|link=Ancient Pseudoscience Station]]
|droppedBy = [[File:Ancient Pseudoscience Station.png|24px|link=Ancient Pseudoscience Station]]
|tier = 5
|tier = 5
|description = 乾淨而且很有效率的解構。
|wolfgang=This stick has a green gem on it.
|wilson=This will come in handy.
|willow=It won't start a fire but I guess it's still useful.
|woodie=This'll help me dismantle stuff!
|maxwell=I must rely on focusing tools in this form.
|wendy=I can see the power sparkling deep within.
|woodlegs=I's ain't against some helpful magic.
|wickerbottom=It appears to rewind time on an object.
|webber=Magic taker-apart-er.
|warly=I probably shouldn't stir soup with this.
|walani=This staff only destroys.
|wigfrid=Twirly green pöwer.
'''解構法杖(Deconstruction Staff)'''是[[遠古類]]中的可合成[[物品]]。它需要 4 個[[夢魘燃料]]、2 個[[活木]]和 2 個[[綠寶石]]才能合成,且需要[[遠古偽科學基地]]才能製作樣板。它也會在用[[錘子]]、[[火藥]]等破壞遠古偽科學基地時隨機掉落。和所有遠古類中的物品一樣,解構法杖無法生成樣板,必須在[[角色]]靠近遠古偽科學基地才能再次合成。
對著建築使用時,消耗20理智值20%耐久值,摧毀建築並返還100%其材料{{Quote|I can see the power sparkle deep within.|Wendy}}
當使用在可合成[[建築]]上時,解構法杖會將 100% 的合成材料還給玩家。不過,當使用在物品上時,法杖會將所剩耐久度比例相等的部分材料還給玩家。如果合成過程中有使用[[寶石]],它們不會被歸還,且將永遠「粉碎」。每次使用解構法杖,[[角色]]將會減少 20 點{{sanity}}且法杖會失去 20% 的[[耐久度]]。
The '''Deconstruction Staff''' is a craftable [[Items|Item]] found in the [[Ancient Tab]]. It requires at least a [[Broken Pseudoscience Station]] to craft, and costs 4 [[Nightmare Fuel]], 2 [[Living Log]]s, and 2 [[Green Gem]]s to craft. It also can randomly drop from an Ancient Pseudoscience Station when the latter is damaged with a [[Hammer]], [[Gunpowder]] etc. Like all items from the Ancient Tab, Deconstruction Staves cannot be prototyped and [[Characters]] always need to be near an Ancient Pseudoscience Station to craft them again.
當使用在排簫上時,歸還的[[曼德拉草]]在生成時會呈現種植狀態。使用在[[豬人屋]][[兔人屋]][[鳥籠]][[捕鳥陷阱]]上時會除掉任何待在裡面的生物。使用在[[復活肖像]]時,在使用者死亡或存檔退出後才會回復 30 [[生命值]]
When used on a craftable [[Structure]], the Deconstruction Staff returns 100% of the ingredients needed to craft it. Instead, when used on an Item, the Staff will return a percentage of the materials equal to the remaining durability, rounded up. If [[Gems]] were used in the crafting process, they will not be returned and will always "shatter" instead. With each use of the Staff, [[Characters]] will lose 20 {{sanity}} and the Staff will lose 20% of its [[Durability]].
Since Green Gems are not renewable, only a limited number of Deconstruction Staves can be crafted.
=={{pic|32|Reign of Giants icon}} '''巨人王朝'''==
=={{pic|32|Reign of Giants icon}} '''巨人王朝'''==
In the ''[[Reign of Giants]]'' DLC, players have a small chance of finding Green Gems inside Tumbleweeds, thus making Deconstruction Staves renewable.
[[巨人王朝]]DLC中,玩家有 0.02% 的機率能在[[風滾草]]中找到綠寶石,能讓解構法杖可以重複製作。
=={{pic|32|Prototype}} '''提示'''==
=={{pic|32|Prototype}} '''提示'''==
* Since Green Gems are so rare, the best use for Deconstruction Staves is on Items or Structures that require very rare or non-renewable materials (e.g. items from the Ancient or [[Magic Tab]]).
* 由於綠寶石非常​​稀少,在非常稀少或不可再生材料(例如遠古類或[[魔法類]])的物品或建築上使用是最好的。
* Some items that are created using a single non-renewable ingredient (e.g. [[Pan Flute]]) can be deconstructed and crafted again to extend their usage, since the Staff will always return at least on of the non-gem materials used.
* 使用單一不可再生成分(例如排簫)創建的一些物品可以重新解構和制作,以延长其使用范围,因为法杖总是至少返回所使用的非寶石材料。
* The Deconstruction Staff cannot be used on [[Wall]]s or a [[Houndius Shootius]] that have been placed.
* 解構法杖不能用于已经放置的[[]][[眼球雷射塔]]
* The Deconstruction Staff doesn't take into account modifiers in the recipe that allow using less materials than required, i.e the perk of the [[Construction Amulet]]. Since the Construction Amulet crafts items for half the cost and the Staff will return materials for up to the full cost, it's possible to gain more materials back than what was actually used.
* 解構法杖不考虑配方的改进,允许使用比所需材料少的材料,即[[建造護符]]的特性。由于使用建造護符制作只需一半材料,而解構法杖將退还所有材料,所以可以获得比实际使用的材料更多的材料。
** It is possible to use a Construction Amulet to craft 5 [[Thulecite Suit]]s for 15 [[Thulecite]], then use a Deconstruction Staff on those 5 Thulecite Suits to get 30 Thulecite back for a profit of 13 Thulecite (the Amulet cost 2 Thulecite). Doing this multiple times makes it possible to collect big amounts of otherwise non-renewable Thulecite from a few Green Gems.
** 可以使用建筑护符把 15 [[圖勒信物]]做成5個[[圖勒護甲]],然后使用解構法杖把 5 個圖勒護甲分解获得30 個圖勒信物,則能獲得 13 個圖勒信物(護符需要 2 個)的利潤。重复此法则只需以少數綠寶石为代价获得大量不可再生的圖勒信物。
* Using a Construction Amulet to create the Staff is an efficient use of Green Gems.
* In the ''Reign of Giants'' DLC, using the Deconstruction Staff on burnt Structures will still return 100% of their materials.
=={{pic|32|Placeholder}} '''你知道嗎'''==
* 使用建筑护符制作法杖是綠寶石的最佳用途,包括制作拆解法杖。
* When used on a Pan Flute, the [[Mandrake]] that is returned will spawn planted.
** 利用建造护符制作拆解法杖,再用法杖与护符配合重复制造与分解图勒护甲,会获得更大的收益。可以制作6个建造护符,使用1个建造护符制作5个拆解法杖,5个建造护符把 75 [[圖勒信物]]做成25個[[圖勒護甲]],然后使用5个解構法杖把 25 個圖勒護甲分解获得150 個圖勒信物,則能獲得 63 個圖勒信物(護符需要 12 個)的利潤。若只计及图勒信物和绿宝石的得失,此法相当于用11个绿宝石换取63个图勒信物,与前一条用3个绿宝石换取13个图勒信物相比利润更高。
* Using it on a [[Pig House]], [[Rabbit Hutch]], [[Bird Cage]], or [[Bird Trap]] will also get rid of any inhabitants still inside it.
* 在巨人王朝DLC中,對烧毁的建筑使用解構法杖仍可以返回 100% 的材料。
* When used on a [[Meat Effigy]], it will not restore the 30 health until the user dies or saves and quits.
=={{Pic|32|Gold Nugget}} '''畫廊'''==
=={{Pic|32|Gold Nugget}} '''畫廊'''==
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{{Craftable Items}}
{{Craftable Items}}
[[Category:Equipable Items]]
[[Category:Ancient Tab]]
[[Category:Sanity Loss]]
[[Category:Limited use]]

2018年1月10日 (三) 09:21的最后版本

Wilson Portrait
This will come in handy.


Willow Portrait
It won't start a fire but I guess it's still useful.


Wolfgang Portrait
This stick has a green gem on it.


Wendy Portrait
I can see the power sparkling deep within.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
It appears to rewind time on an object.


Woodie Portrait
This'll help me dismantle stuff!


Waxwell Portrait
I must rely on focusing tools in this form.


Wigfrid Portrait
Twirly green pöwer.


Webber Portrait
Magic taker-apart-er.


Walani Portrait
This staff only destroys.


Warly Portrait
I probably shouldn't stir soup with this.


Woodlegs portrait
I's ain't against some helpful magic.


解構法杖(Deconstruction Staff)遠古類中的可合成物品。它需要 4 個夢魘燃料、2 個活木和 2 個綠寶石才能合成,且需要遠古偽科學基地才能製作樣板。它也會在用錘子火藥等破壞遠古偽科學基地時隨機掉落。和所有遠古類中的物品一樣,解構法杖無法生成樣板,必須在角色靠近遠古偽科學基地才能再次合成。

當使用在可合成建築上時,解構法杖會將 100% 的合成材料還給玩家。不過,當使用在物品上時,法杖會將與所剩耐久度比例相等的部分材料還給玩家。如果合成過程中有使用寶石,它們不會被歸還,且將永遠「粉碎」。每次使用解構法杖,角色將會減少 20 點Sanity且法杖會失去 20% 的耐久度

當使用在排簫上時,歸還的曼德拉草在生成時會呈現種植狀態。使用在豬人屋兔人屋鳥籠捕鳥陷阱上時會除掉任何待在裡面的生物。使用在復活肖像時,在使用者死亡或存檔退出後才會回復 30 點生命值



Reign of Giants icon 巨人王朝编辑

巨人王朝DLC中,玩家有 0.02% 的機率能在風滾草中找到綠寶石,能讓解構法杖可以重複製作。

Prototype 提示编辑

  • 由於綠寶石非常​​稀少,在非常稀少或不可再生材料(例如遠古類或魔法類)的物品或建築上使用是最好的。
  • 使用單一不可再生成分(例如排簫)創建的一些物品可以重新解構和制作,以延长其使用范围,因为法杖总是至少返回所使用的非寶石材料。
  • 解構法杖不能用于已经放置的眼球雷射塔
  • 解構法杖不考虑配方的改进,允许使用比所需材料少的材料,即建造護符的特性。由于使用建造護符制作只需一半材料,而解構法杖將退还所有材料,所以可以获得比实际使用的材料更多的材料。
    • 可以使用建筑护符把 15 個圖勒信物做成5個圖勒護甲,然后使用解構法杖把 5 個圖勒護甲分解获得30 個圖勒信物,則能獲得 13 個圖勒信物(護符需要 2 個)的利潤。重复此法则只需以少數綠寶石为代价获得大量不可再生的圖勒信物。
  • 使用建筑护符制作法杖是綠寶石的最佳用途,包括制作拆解法杖。
    • 利用建造护符制作拆解法杖,再用法杖与护符配合重复制造与分解图勒护甲,会获得更大的收益。可以制作6个建造护符,使用1个建造护符制作5个拆解法杖,5个建造护符把 75 個圖勒信物做成25個圖勒護甲,然后使用5个解構法杖把 25 個圖勒護甲分解获得150 個圖勒信物,則能獲得 63 個圖勒信物(護符需要 12 個)的利潤。若只计及图勒信物和绿宝石的得失,此法相当于用11个绿宝石换取63个图勒信物,与前一条用3个绿宝石换取13个图勒信物相比利润更高。
  • 在巨人王朝DLC中,對烧毁的建筑使用解構法杖仍可以返回 100% 的材料。

Gold Nugget 畫廊编辑

工具 Dont Starve icon斧頭黃金斧頭)• 十字鎬黃金十字鎬)• 鏟子黃金鏟子)• 草叉錘子剃刀羽毛筆戰鞍薄紗鞍) • 毛刷鞍角
Don't Starve Together icon鹽舐磚
Shipwrecked iconHamlet icon砍刀黃金砍刀
Hamlet icon剪刀
光源 Dont Starve icon營火火坑火炬礦工帽南瓜燈籠礦燈
Reign of Giants icon冰火冰火坑鼴鼠帽
Don't Starve Together icon蕈燈輝光燈薇洛的打火機
Shipwrecked icon防風火爐海上防風火爐瓶燈黑曜石火坑船頭火炬船燈焦油燈
Hamlet icon软木蜡烛帽蝙蝠帽
航海Shipwrecked iconHamlet icon Shipwrecked icon幸運帽『海腳』號衝浪板木筏竹筏木船貨船裝甲船硬殼船修船工具草帆布帆蛇皮帆羽毛帆螺旋槳船炮海上陷阱拖網望遠鏡超級望遠鏡)• 船長帽海盜帽救生衣浮標船頭海怪錘焦油抽取器海上修船器
Hamlet icon碗状软木舟
生存 Dont Starve icon捕鳥陷阱陷阱指南針背包小豬包恆溫石治療藥膏蜂蜜藥膏草蓆毛毯帳篷雨傘捕蟲網釣竿
Reign of Giants icon漂亮陽傘精緻羽扇隔熱背包簡易木棚
Don't Starve Together icon告密的心強心針水球風車伯尼熊維斯的氣球打包帶糖果袋禮物包裝紙
Shipwrecked icon廚師袋猴子球熱帶陽傘解毒劑編織包棕櫚葉棚熱帶羽扇保鮮袋渡渡鳥巢
Hamlet icon驱虫剂鸟哨
食物 Dont Starve icon基礎農田改良農田蜂箱乾肉架烹飪鍋冰箱
Reign of Giants icon堆肥桶
Don't Starve Together icon蘑菇播種機
Shipwrecked icon貽貝棍養魚場貽貝石灰岩
Hamlet icon洒水器
科學 Dont Starve icon科學儀器煉金引擎占卜棒溫度計雨量計火藥避雷針
Reign of Giants icon雪球發射機電子元件
Don't Starve Together icon製圖台雕塑輪盤
Shipwrecked icon海上儀器製冰機 3000海怪鑽子
Hamlet icon炼钢炉摆动风扇
戰鬥 Dont Starve icon長矛火腿棍草製護甲木製護甲大理石護甲橄欖球頭盔麻醉吹箭火焰吹箭吹箭迴力鏢蜜蜂地雷尖牙陷阱
Reign of Giants icon戰盔戰矛晨星天候棒鱗片護甲
Don't Starve Together icon導電吹箭貓尾鞭
Shipwrecked icon毒矛貝殼護甲石灰石護甲仙人掌護甲角盔毒吹箭椰子炸彈魚槍超級短劍
Hamlet icon软木棒象鼻鼠虫披风蚁人面具蚁人套装华丽头盔锡制护甲火枪
建築 Dont Starve icon儲物箱標示牌乾草牆木牆石牆豬人屋胡蘿蔔屋鳥籠地板卵石地板木質地板棋盤地板地毯地板)• 蕨類盆栽
Reign of Giants icon鱗片箱蜘蛛卵
Don't Starve Together icon方向標示牌迷你標示牌舞台茶几友善的稻草人月亮石牆鳞片地板鳞甲爐衣櫃木製籬笆木門多肉盆栽遠古遺物複製品盛宴之樹盆栽火雞聖像
Shipwrecked icon章魚寶箱石灰石牆海草牆野豬屋猿猴屋沙袋沙堡龍騎士巢穴海豚宮殿蛇皮地毯
Hamlet icon软木桶胡须地毯草坪地皮耕地地皮茂密地皮
精製 Dont Starve icon繩索木板石磚莎草紙夢魘燃料紫寶石
Don't Starve Together icon月石坑大理石豆厚毛皮蜂蠟蠟紙
Shipwrecked icon布料石灰石金塊空瓶子珊瑚礁塊
Hamlet icon爪棕榈树幼苗毒腺
魔法 Dont Starve icon復活肖像靈子分解器暗影操縱者催眠排笛獨奏樂器暗影燈暗影護甲暗影劍蝙蝠棍生命護符寒冰護符夢魘護符火焰法杖冰凍法杖傳送法杖傳送點飢餓腰帶
Reign of Giants icon老鐘
Don't Starve Together icon偵查守衛阿比蓋爾的花映月池強征傳送塔
Shipwrecked icon魔法海盜帽降雨吹奏管神舟飛船
Hamlet icon石猪引擎天空之椅蛇怪骨杖树根箱子
服裝 Dont Starve icon針線包花冠小兔耳罩草帽野牛帽養蜂帽羽毛帽灌木帽冬帽紳士高帽步行手杖格紋背心涼爽背心鬆軟背心
Reign of Giants icon潮流西瓜帽冰塊帽夏季背心碎花襯衫貓帽雨衣冬熊背心雨帽眼球傘
Don't Starve Together icon時尚護目鏡沙漠護目鏡藍蘑菇帽綠蘑菇帽紅蘑菇帽
Shipwrecked icon思維風暴帽子鯊齒王冠蛇皮帽蛇皮外套雙層傘鯨脂大衣焦油大衣風衣防毒面具鯊魚帽
Hamlet icon防毒面具软木帽雷电帽莎姆雷特面具
書本 Dont Starve icon世界鳥類圖鑑實用園藝集睡前故事黑夜的終結在觸手之上
Shipwrecked icon火山學的樂趣
遠古 Dont Starve icon圖勒信物圖勒牆圖勒勳章圖勒皇冠圖勒護甲圖勒棒強征護符魔光護符建造護符探險法杖喚星法杖解構法杖斧鎬眼球雷射塔
Shipwrecked icon
寻宝 Hamlet icon 拆除工具圆头锤淘金盘放大镜
绿拇指Hamlet icon 活木毒药膏荆棘躯壳荆棘陷阱堆肥包
製圖Don't Starve Together icon 地圖卷軸
天体Don't Starve Together icon 月石神像传送门升级工具
暗影Don't Starve Together icon 暗影法典暗影伐木工暗影礦工暗影挖掘者暗影決鬥者
工程Don't Starve Together icon 可靠的膠帶薇诺娜的投石器薇诺娜的聚光灯薇诺娜的发电机薇诺娜的宝石发电机
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