第168行: 第168行:
* 清洁扫帚被烧时会和它的主要成分活木一样尖叫了
* 清洁扫帚被烧时会和它的主要成分活木一样尖叫了
* Fixed various invisible items and crashes after using Clean Sweeper.
* 修复了使用魔法扫帚时产生的隐形物品和崩溃
* 在邪天翁的掉落物中添加邪天翁棋子草图
* 在邪天翁的掉落物中添加邪天翁棋子草图
* 在帝王蟹的掉落物中添加帝王蟹棋子草图
* 在帝王蟹的掉落物中添加帝王蟹棋子草图
* Fixed some bugs when the cranking or boat in the crab king battle are destroyed.
* 修复了与帝王蟹战斗中船或曲柄被摧毁时产生的bugs
Rev. 405003
Rev. 405003
第177行: 第177行:
'''Bug Fixes:'''
'''Bug Fixes:'''
* Crab King animation won’t break if he’s put to sleep
* 帝王蟹被催眠时的动画不会被打断了
* Freezing or putting the Crab King to sleep will interrupt his casting
* 冰冻和催眠会打断帝王蟹的施法进度
* Imposing Claws no longer spawn souls for Wortox
* 巨钳不再为沃拓克斯提供灵魂了
* Adjusted the Crabby Hermit’s strings regarding her desire for heavy fish.
* Adjusted the Crabby Hermit’s strings regarding her desire for heavy fish.
* Fixed a Crabby Hermit crash if debug spawned away from the island
* Fixed a Crabby Hermit crash if debug spawned away from the island

2020年5月6日 (三) 19:31的最后版本


Blueprint 這個頁面描述 即將到來或正計劃的項目
且可能包含著 重要的劇透


第一次更新,改潮换代(Turn of Tides),於2019年5月16日開始測試。[1]原定2019年6月20日发布,但被延期到[2]2019年8月15日。[3]

第二次更新,盐狗(Salty Dog),于2019年9月12日开始测试。[4]在2019年10月3日正式发布。.[5]

第三次更新,钩,线&喷墨(Hook, Line and Inker),于2019年11月11日开始测试。[6][7]在2019年12月12日正式发布[8]

第四次更新,她卖贝壳(She Sells Sea Shells),于2020年4月16日开始测试。[9][10]

官方描述 编辑

当查理把注意力转向天空时,新的诡计马上就在她的脑海中浮现 - 那里坐落着一些神秘的物体。幸存者们将必须与他们认知之外的恐怖怪物战斗,但是一切都可能有转机:他们的思想和视野将在古代月亮的崇高之光沐浴下被激发出来。

特性 编辑


世界 编辑

机制 编辑

生物 编辑

植物 编辑

物品/建筑 编辑

微調/改變現有內容 编辑

  • 雕塑輪盤現在可以使用月亮碎片作為所有雕塑的材料。
  • 羽絨邪天翁羽毛現在可以被燃燒。
  • 魚被改為淡水魚並還在遊戲中。 它們不能再堆疊,因為它們有獨立的重量。 相同的,鰻魚在遊戲中也無法堆疊。 現在魚變質為變質魚肉和變質魚,而不是腐爛。
  • 現在不同的魚在烹飪鍋當中有不同的魚類係數(fish value):淡水魚、小型海魚計為0.5;鰻魚跟中型海魚計為1。所以,在烹煮用到魚的餐點時也要隨之調整。魚排、魚塔可和海鮮雜燴需要0.5魚類係數;藍帶魚排(Fish Cordon Bleu)需要1魚類係數; 酸橘汁醃魚(Ceviche)需要2魚類係數。

版本历史 编辑



Rev. 405306

Bug Fixes:

  • 清洁扫帚被烧时会和它的主要成分活木一样尖叫了
  • 修复了使用魔法扫帚时产生的隐形物品和崩溃
  • 在邪天翁的掉落物中添加邪天翁棋子草图
  • 在帝王蟹的掉落物中添加帝王蟹棋子草图
  • 修复了与帝王蟹战斗中船或曲柄被摧毁时产生的bugs

Rev. 405003

Bug Fixes:

  • 帝王蟹被催眠时的动画不会被打断了
  • 冰冻和催眠会打断帝王蟹的施法进度
  • 巨钳不再为沃拓克斯提供灵魂了
  • Adjusted the Crabby Hermit’s strings regarding her desire for heavy fish.
  • Fixed a Crabby Hermit crash if debug spawned away from the island
  • Sunken Chests can no longer be burned
  • Fixed crash on using the Weather Pain on the Celestial Tribute
  • Fixed a crash when causing the Crabby Hermit to bow to you while wearing the Bee Queen Crown.
  • Fixed a crash caused by non-power of two mod textures
  • The Strident Trident has more Play uses, and can destroy sea stacks.
File:She Sells Sea Shells Beta Promo.png


Rev. 404852

Bug Fixes:

  • Added beta mod release id: R11_ROT_SHESELLSSEASHELLS
  • Fixed a few bugs with creatures drowning while sleeping
  • Fixed a crash when inspecting the hermit and her house.
  • Fixed a crash with the hermit house animation.

Rev. 404747


  • The Crabby Hermit and Crab King are retrofitted into existing world.
  • The player can now board boats while mounted.
  • The player can now board boats while lifting a heavy object.
  • The distance you can jump to embark and disembark has been adjusted and is now based on how fast your character is moving.
  • Irreplaceable inventory items no longer slip out of your inventory when drowning in the ocean
  • Creatures that follow you onto a boat will now wash ashore (instead of die) when the boats sinks
  • Changed the ingredients required to craft the Tackle Receptacle.
  • Boat Patch also repairs boat damage
  • New texture streaming system, loads game textures as needed, reducing memory usage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the player’s attacks would sometimes miss giants as they moved toward the player.
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles (eg Blow Darts) would sometimes not deal damage.
  • Insulation will now protect the player from the cooling effects of Deerclops attacks and fans.
  • Pipspooks no longer block placement of structures
  • Fixed the coastal ocean rendering on the minimap in caves
  • Fixed the mast’s animation after being hit by a hammer.



Rev. 384348

Return of Them beta hotfix

  • Fishing tackle can now be changed by a right click action while the Sea Fishing Rod is equipped.
  • Improved the user experience when placing a stack of items in an already occupied slot of a container that does not hold a stack of items (eg. replacing the items in the Crock Pot and Sea Fishing Rod).
  • Finished controller support for the Sea Fishing Rod (feel free to log bugs now)
  • Rot can now be used as bait
  • Fixed a crash if a player disconnects while landing an ocean fish
  • Fixed boat physics vs sleeping Gnarwails and Skittersquids

Changes that were missed from the previous update notes:

  • The Malbatross’s fish shoals have been changed to Deep Bass
  • The Malbatross does not tolerate players fishing at any of its shoals


Rev. 383468

Return of Them Beta Hotfix

  • Server stability improvements and fixed some client exploits
  • Fixed a bug in the AI’s fleeing and wandering behaviours
  • Fixed a problem with Anchors reeling forever
  • Skittersquid no longer get wet
  • Skittersquid can’t be interacted with while underwater
  • Added Skittersquid examine strings
  • Fixed a crash in Skittersquid herding
  • Fixed some bugs where characters wearing the Clever Disguise were not considered a merm
  • Removed Freshwater Fish from the DIY Royalty Kit construction project
  • Reduced the number of Freshwater Fish required to build the Craftsmerm House
  • Sailing music uses music volume setting properly
  • Fixed animations when using a Gnarwail Horn while riding a Beefalo
  • Live fish now expire into fish meat, instead of rotten fish
  • Fish Meat now spoils into Spoiled Fish. Fish Morsel now spoils into Spoiled Fish Morsel.
  • Dead eels now expire into Spoiled Fish
  • Murdered fish now provide souls for Wortox
  • Gnarwails will no longer follow you through Worm Holes

Controller support for the Sea Fishing Rod has begun but is still a work in progress. There is no need to log bugs on it at this time. Thanks.


Rev. 382151


Rev. 81519

Return of Them: Hook, Line, and Inker Beta Hotfix


Rev. 380995

Return of Them - Hook, Line, and Inker Hotfix

  • Fished Eels now has the same gameplay mechanics as Freshwater Fish
  • Renamed Fish Meat to Raw Fish and Cooked Fish Meat to Fish Steak as to match Shipwrecked
  • Fixed the healing value of Fish Steak
  • Eels now work properly with Wurt's sanity modifier
  • Improved the resolution of the new Crock Pot recipes
  • The new Crock Pot recipes will now display correctly in the Portable Crock Pot
  • Fixed dropped items from destroyed Craftsmerm House and Merm Flort-ifications
  • Catcoon gifts, fishing in the Oasis Lake, and destroying Leaky Shacks will now result in the new Freshwater Fish
  • Fixed the size of the Tin Fishin’ Bin’s art when picking the location to place it
  • Bunnymen will no longer attack you for holding a live fish
  • Cooked and dried Kelp Fronds can now be used for California Rolls and Unagi
  • Using the Deconstruction Staff on the Fish Scale-O-Matic will return the fish placed in it
  • Pocket Scale now has a squishy,springy sound
  • Fish now keep track of who initially caught the fish instead of who put it in the Fish Scale-O-Matic
  • Note for Modders: Fixed a crash when removing the drownable component from the player


Rev. 380289

Return of Them Beta Hotfix

  • Returned the Mast Kit, Anchor Kit, and Steering Wheel Kit crafting style
  • Fixed Skittersquid ink effects on clients
  • Live fish can now be placed in the Crock Pot
  • Hammering the Anchor on a boat will now result in a leak (to match the Tin Fishin' Bin)
  • Adjusted the Fish Cordon Bleu recipe to work with two Fish Morsels
  • Spoiling Freshwater Fish now results in Spoiled Fish instead of Rot
  • Merm King will now drop Freshwater Fish when killed


DST Hook, Line, and Inker Promo

Rev. 379886

New Features

  • Teeming ocean life and new recipes to cook.
  • Craftable Sea Fishing Rod, Tackle Receptacle and more.
  • Craftable Fish Scale-O-Matic for bragging rights.


  • Crafting the Anchor, Mast, and Steering Wheel will no longer produce their ‘Kit’ item. They are now crafted and placed like most other structures. Existing ‘Kit’ items will still work as normal.
  • The Fish caught from Ponds have been replaced with Freshwater Fish which can be weighed or murdered to produce meat.
  • While a fish is being held by Wurt, it will remain alive longer.
  • Wurt will lose sanity while holding Fish Meat, Fish Morsel, or Spoiled Fish

Rev. 380044

Bug Fixes

  • Stopped Skittersquid from trying to eat flotsam.
  • Fixed a problem with Skittersquid spawning chance.
  • Fixed a crash when inked as a client.
  • Fixed hooked fish spooking nearby fish.
  • Fixed a bunch of missing audio on the new items
  • Removed infinitely playing Pan Flute sound when using the Pocket Scale
  • The Gnarwail drops now reflect the effort it takes to kill one



Rev. 371175

Return of Them Beta Hotfix

  • Hot Springs will now go to their empty state when mined. They will refill when the moon phase changes (matching when the Celestial Fissures change their intensity)
  • Added sound fx to the Hot Springs
  • Repaired boat leaks no longer block placing structures
  • Fixed a bug where the boat steering sounds would play indefinitely.
  • Fixed drawing on Mini Signs for creatures that can only be picked up once trapped or caught
  • Fixed Wilson’s quotes for inspecting the Portable Crock Pot


Rev. 370368

Return of Them Beta Hotfix


Rev. 369546

Return Of Them Beta Hotfix

  • Revamped the Cookie Cutter code. They are also a little more of a threat.
  • Telelocator Staff will no longer teleport aquatic creatures onto land.
  • Physics and rendering optimizations
  • The Malbatross can now spawn on the first day
  • The Malbatross no longer relocates to a new shoal when loading a world


Rev. 368772

Return of Them beta hotfix


Rev. 368562

  • Salt Formations will now regrow over time (unfortunately fully mined salt formations in existing worlds will not regrow)
  • Salt Formations yield resources in stages when mined
  • Driftwood and Driftwood Oar are waterproof.
  • Fixed a crash when dropping a wet oar
  • Update the Salt Box map icon
  • Malbatross now has its own fight music
  • Fixes from:


Rev. 368004

Return of Them beta hotfix

  • Woodie fixes from update from 367948:
  • Fixed wave splash FX
  • Fixed a crash if the Malbatross tries to swoop while frozen or sleeping
  • Malbatross Feathers, Feathery Canvases and Down Feathers can now be burnt or fuel in fires.
  • The Winged Sail will now drop the correct items when destroyed (for real this time)
  • Fish shoals no longer get attached to boats as they sail by
  • Fixed Steering Wheel inspect strings
  • Fixed a save/load bug for Sea Stacks
  • Rowing with a wet oar now has a chance slip out of your hands (follows the same rules as other wet tools)
  • Birds no longer get wet when they land on water.


Rev. 367770

Return of Them beta hotfix

  • Fixed the top speed when using multiple masts.
  • Hammering the Winged Sail will now drop the correct items.
  • Hammering the Mast will now play the correct animation.
  • Malbatross will abandon the fight if brought on land.
  • Fixed a crash when the Malbatross dives.
  • Waves won’t spawn outside of water.
  • Woodie fixes from


File:Salty Dog Menu.png

Rev. 367426


  • Salt Formations
  • Cookie Cutters
  • New Warly Spice: Salt
  • The Malbatross
  • Resources: Salt Rocks, Feathery Canvas, Malbatross Bill, Cookie Cutter Shell.
  • Craftables: Salt Box, Winged Sail, Cookie Cutter Cap.

Bug Fixes

  • OSX 64 bit support
  • Driftwood Oar’s damage is now the same as the Oar
  • Fixed some rendering bugs



Rev. 359823

Bug Fixes

  • Added a larger retrofitting island
  • Hammered masts will no longer add speed.
  • Fixed Anchor and Steering Wheel crash
  • Fixed flickering of waterfalls
  • Fixed Caves minimap
  • Minimap art tuning (tweaked edge of the world color)


Rev. 359445


  • Added some variation to the edge of the world (sorry, this will not retrofit into existing beta worlds)
  • Refactored the boat-tracking camera to work with setting other follow target on the camera
  • The player should no longer get stun-locked while drowning
  • Walls, Fences, and Sign Posts no longer jitter while on moving boats
  • Minimap now reflects the edge of the world.
  • Fixed Cave Worm Attacks warning sounds
  • Notes for modders:
    • FocalPoint:PushTempFocus() is now fully deprecated
    • The EmbarkerCameraController component has been removed
    • FocalPoint:StartFocusSource and StopFocusSource got a number of improvements and should now fully work as you’d expect them too
    • Please remove the nointerpolate tag from any structures (this tag will cause objects to jitter while on moving boats)


Rev. 358771

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash while drowning
  • Fixed characters jittering on the client while watching other clients hop on and off boats.
  • Fixed a small camera dip while hopping on and off boats.
  • Fixed anchor disappearing when in use.
  • Fixed missing seastack textures.


Rev. 358457


  • Added waterfall world edge


Rev. 358249

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the depth worms in caves


Rev. 358029

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the missing hound sounds
  • Reduced the amount of Seastacks and improved their world gen layout (this will be retrofitted into existing worlds)
  • Fixed the mouse not being able to click near the top of tall objects (like the Mast) while in certain locations in the world
  • Improved handling if the player is interrupted while hopping onto a boat.
  • Platform hopping is now blocked if a blocker object is in the way of the hopping path.
  • Bees no longer plant flowers in the ocean.
  • Fixed a bug with the sail raising that cause the player to walk or use something behind the sail instead of “heave ho”ing on the second pull.
  • Added Seastack art variation.


Rev. 356040

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the mast placer when on a boat, shows green when placement is ok now
  • Mast direction can be controlled when placing on land by rotating the camera
  • Fixed the anchor animation getting stuck in a dropping loop
  • Fixed a crash when too many items were spawned in the world.
  • Brought in Warly

Rev. 355695

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the placer image for the mast.
  • Fixed some issues with mast and anchor on land
  • Fixed an issue with the anchor getting stuck
  • Fixed crash that could occur when a character despawns after having jumped on a boat
  • Fixed a crash with boattrailmover
  • Fixed a crash when the mast is burned
  • A possible fix for caves worlds failing to load.


Rev. 354959


  • Sailing has been revised
    • Hauling up an anchor takes more time, but multiple players can help.
    • Sails can be furled quickly with the right timing.
    • Steering must be maintained until the heading is set.
    • Steering is faster with less speed.
  • Boat has been made more durable (small bumps do less or no damage, harder to spring a leak)
  • Ocean Biomes have new art
  • Seastacks can be broken and mined
  • Camera now follows the boat when the player is on a boat.
  • Can now drop things onto the water.


Rev. 352774


  • Retrofitting of non-beta worlds is now supported
  • Retrofitted the ocean pathfinding support into existing beta worlds
  • Lune Trees will now repopulate, should the player decide to clear-cut them (Note: Unfortunately this will not work with retrofitted non-beta worlds)
  • Fixed a crash with the fossilized fx
  • Fixed boomerang animations over water
  • Telltale Hearts can no longer be traded to ghosts that are floating over the ocean
  • The Bearger no longer chases its targets indefinitely, and should drop an out of reach target more quickly.
  • The Deerclops is now also wary of targets that it cannot reach.


Rev. 351615

Bug Fix

  • Fixes a crash when building structures

Rev. 351507

Bug Fixes

  • Overhauled performing actions, including walking, while on a boat to properly handle the moving platform and lag.
  • Improved pathfinding through water for flying and amphibious creatures (only on newly generated worlds)
  • Fixed a bug where the players could end up washing ashore on the small islands or somewhere in the ocean
  • Fixed a crash when a player leaves shortly after a Gestalt was spawned
  • Projectiles launched/thrown (eg Waterballoon, Ice Flingomatic Snowballs) while on a moving boat will now inherit the boat’s velocity
  • The Waterballoon and Ice Flingomatic’s snowballs no longer bounce off the edge of boats or the land/ocean physics boundaries
  • Fixed a bug where Lazy Explorer/Wortox teleports could miss a moving boat
  • Burned Carrats now drop Cooked Seeds instead of Ash
  • The Bearger can now charge at targets it is chasing (restored behaviour from single player Don’t Starve)
  • Change Bearger and Spider Queen AI while their target is on a boat


Rev. 347868

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the crash in the wardrobe
  • Fixed an issue that caused servers to slow down over time and slightly improved performance.
  • Fixed an issue with deployed masts not rotating correctly
  • Fixed ghosts not colliding with the wall boundaries in the caves
  • Fixed inspect string for the dug up saplings found on the island
  • Fixed missing Carrat murder sound


Rev. 347373

Bug Fixes

  • Non-flying critters can now hop onto boats. (There is currently a known issue where physically blocking them can allow them to walk on water.)
  • Fixed Wardrobe crashing with a mod character. (Alternate character modes may still not appear correctly for mod characters.)
  • Fixed Mast animation.
  • Items deconstructed with the deconstruction staff on boats will no longer disappear like they've fallen into the void.


Rev. 347014

Bug Fixes

  • Updated wardrobe to be cycle through different states of the character. Normal, Ghost, Mighty, Bloomed, etc.
  • Fixed a crash when baby beefalo are killed while following an adult beefalo
  • Fixed a crash when the shadowhand tries to put out a fire (may fix other crashes as well)
  • Fixed mermbrain targeting crash
  • Modified the flare overlay effect to display better on non-standard screen sizes


Rev. 346546

Bug Fixes

  • Projectiles should no longer get stuck on the shoreline edge.
  • Masts should no longer be deployable on water. Currently, they still display as red when placing them on a boat.
  • Disabling distortion should now also disable the zoom blur lunacy effect.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the Steering Wheel
  • Island spiders' spike sounds are no longer missing
  • Fixed a crash when raising an anchor placed on land
  • Removed the world-generated invisible boat fragments
  • Updated a number of creatures to stop chasing bait or food that's on the water
  • Fixed the boat health meter not being visible when loading onto a boat as a client
  • Bull kelp roots can now be planted in the ocean
  • Boats should no longer be able to trap bull kelp inside of them when deploying
  • Dying on the edge of boats, with a large inventory, should no longer cause the boat to start moving


Rev. 344479

Bug Fixes

  • Boats should no longer be deployable in the void.
  • Walking around the boat using a controller and having an oar equipped should no longer sometimes show the word “boat” instead of “row”.
  • Fixed some bugs when using a controller to row.
  • Attempting to deploy items such as a mast or anchor should no longer fail when doing so on a moving boat.
  • Masts can no longer be placed so close together.
  • Masts are slightly faster.
  • New embark sounds.
  • New mast deploy sound.
  • New steering wheel sound.
  • New sounds for mutated hounds, carrats, and saladmanders.
  • Fixed incorrect string when launching boat using a controller.
  • Boats can no longer be deployed on top of floating items.
  • Player should no longer get interrupted when beginning to jump or landing on a boat.
  • Player should now animate when steering using a controller.
  • Boats can now be placed using a controller.
  • Player should no longer walk away from the steering wheel when clicking on an unlit area.
  • Spiders should now spawn from spider dens when placed on a boat.
  • Fire effect when steering wheel is burning should no longer be layered behind the player.
  • Fixed missing Driftwood Oar description.
  • Wardrobe now uses the same layout as found in the Item Collection and Lobby screens for skin selection.
  • Fixed a crash related to shadow hands
  • Wormwood's craftable items now have floating visual effects
  • Winona's Generator/G.E.M.erator can now only power devices on the same platform as them
  • Projectile attacks in the caves should no longer get stuck on edges
  • Oars now burn, and can be used as fuel
  • Wormwood should now properly be affected by lune trees, driftwood trees, and rock fruit bushes
  • Bunnymen, Pigs, and Guardian Pigs can now hop onto boats
  • Werebeaver can now use planks to abandon ship. There is currently a missing animation on clients that we are investigating.


Rev. 342138

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players occasionally falling into the ocean while walking on land
  • Telelocator Staff no longer randomly targets the small islands off the coast of the Luna Island
  • Players no longer drown while out of bounds (in the void). This is for mod support.
  • Suspicious Marbles will now only spawn on the mainland (new worlds only)
  • Fixed a crash on shutdown
  • Abigail's flower should no longer randomly get wet or float on the ground
  • Improved shadow hand behaviour for fires on moving boats
  • Fixed rendering of Enlightenment fx on old video cards.
  • Rendering optimizations
  • Updated world generation animation
  • Added strings for Wormood inspecting the Mothling
  • Fixed inventory icon for Bull Kelp Stalk


Rev. 341693


  • Wormwood is now available in the beta
  • Players can no longer board boats while mounted or heavy lifting
  • Telelocator Focus can no longer be built on boats
  • Tweaked Seafaring recipes
  • Fixed players getting stuck while entering or exiting boats as they break apart
  • Fixed crash when multiple players try to use the walking plank at the same time
  • Lune Tree Blossoms can now be haunted
  • Fixed extra Big Tentacles from spawning in and around the Atrium area (newly generated worlds only)
  • New Driftwood Oar
  • Followers no longer abandon the player when their follower items are picked up on boats
  • More lunacy effect optimization to fix issues with it running on low end hardware.


Rev. 340271

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed turning invisible while riding a Beefalo and hopping on/off a boat
  • Fixed drowning while mounted or holding heavy objects
  • Fixed world gen crash with certain presets
  • Hounds no longer spawn outside the bounds of the world
  • Fixed crash caused by Bat Bat Infinite mod when opening Ornate Chests
  • Moonrock Pengulls are no longer considered innocent creatures
  • When a boat sinks, structures on it will now break accordingly
  • The player should no longer randomly walk away from the steering wheel when setting a new heading.
  • The player should no longer get stuck on the steering wheel when the boat is moving at faster speeds.
  • Slightly increased the pickup range of objects lying on the water.
  • Fixed boat health HUD indicator not being removed after dying on a boat.
  • Bee boxes now work on boats.
  • Burning a bee box no longer freezes the game.
  • Added burnt art for the Mast, Steering Wheel and Anchor


Rev. 338219

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Caves world gen layout and cave Stairs (requires a new world)
  • Fixed /rescue in caves
  • Items going out of world in caves should behave as normal
  • Steering Wheels on boats can now be hammered and burned.
  • Creatures should no longer try to eat or pick up items in the ocean
  • Flying creatures and hounds are no longer killed by sinking boats
  • Fixed a bug where certain items lost their skins while floating
  • Changed draw order for Wooden, Checkered, Scaled, and Carpeted Flooring
  • Further optimized lunacy overlay effect.
  • Fixed missing Werebeaver boat hop and sink animations.
  • Fires that spawn on boat should no longer prevent things to be built around them if extinguished.


Rev. 337422

Bug Fixes

  • Masts can now be hammered down and deconstructed
  • Masts that are destroyed or burned down stop affecting their associated boat
  • Birds in bird cages no longer disappear when reloading the world
  • New art for leaks repaired with Trusty Tape
  • Stone Fruit don't give more loot than their stack size anymore
  • Stone fruit bushes no longer grow after being withered from picking them
  • Unopened stone fruit and ripe stone fruit are now mole bait
  • Fixed a starfish trap duplication bug
  • Fixed a bath bomb duplication bug
  • Moon trees now remain on fire when they grow
  • Hot springs now glassify immediately during a full moon
  • Star and Moon Caller's Staffs can now target locations over the water
  • Fixed loss of stack when auto-equipping Bull Kelp Stock
  • Fixed Antlion causing craters on boats
  • You can now use 'wasd' to steer a boat when connected as a client.
  • You can now bundle items on a boat.
  • Buildings are a lot less likely to fall off a boat.
  • Fixed another rendering issue with objects outside the world bounds.
  • Oar takes a larger durability hit when rowing incorrectly.
  • Optimized haunt shader so that it should once again run on pixel shader 2.0 hardware.
  • Further optimized lunacy/post processing shaders.
  • Boat fragments are now wet


Rev. 336171

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Set Pieces overlapping the water (requires regenerating your world)
  • Wormholes should no longer spawn too close to the water
  • Lazy Explorer/Wortox teleports now work on boats.
  • Fixed crash when Tallbird Eggs hatch
  • Fixed a bug where players would not drop all their items when they died on a boat.
  • Fixed resurrecting a player if they died on a boat when their inventory was full.
  • Hound waves now spawn at sea
  • Oars are now a weapon
  • Oars will auto-equip a new one when broken
  • Woodie will no longer be stuck when turning into a beaver while using the steering wheel.
  • Fixed Moon Glass Axe durability when fighting shadows
  • Red Fungal, Green Fungal, Deciduous, and Desert turfs have their inventory images back
  • Fixed placer art for Sprouting Stone Fruit and Stone Fruit Bush
  • Hounds are now wet while swimming
  • Fixed hound art while asleep in the water
  • Moved some of the tuning values for boats to Tuning.lua to make them easier to mod.
  • Fixed a rendering issue causing some mods, such as Basements, to not render properly.
  • Equipment that reduce wetness now work on failed rowing attempts.


Rev. 335754

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed boat health icon getting stuck open when jumping on and off a boat quickly
  • Fixed crash when mods change the camera zoom limits
  • Fixed crash when a steering wheel is removed while in use
  • Fixed a crash when tall bird eggs try to hatch
  • Fixed clients not being able to repair the boat.
  • Fixed replanted/fertilized rock fruit bushes not growing or being affected by Applied Horticulture
  • Fixed spoilage rate for Rock Fruit and tweaked loot chances
  • Fixed Seawreath disappearing when dropped
  • Houndius Shootius now renders correctly on boats
  • Fixed Ocuvigil build on boats
  • Fixed anchor and steering not saving/loading properly.
  • Further optimized lunacy effect.
  • Optimized ground/ocean shaders.
  • Fixed not being able to place walls on the boat.
  • Fixed tooth traps not being resettable
  • Fixed Lucy possessing the Moon Glass Axe
  • Fixed Werebeaver gnawing Rock Fruit


DST Turn of Tides Promo

Rev. 335371

Bug Fixes

  • Objects built on the edge of the boat should no longer get built on the water.
  • Fixed equipped items not showing up
  • Fixed boats getting stuck when the anchor is burnt
  • Fixed crash when near Saladmanders with the ice hat on
  • Fixed crash when the deerclops leaves
  • Optimized lunacy overlay effect.
  • Fixed missing beach turf inventory image
  • Fixed crash when debug spawning wave effects in the caves

For Modders

  • Added mod release id “R08_ROT_TURNOFTIDES” to modders


Rev. 335011

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when on or jumping onto a sinking boat
  • Fixed a crash when hamming a Partially Assembled Altar
  • Fixed overlap of beaverness and boat health hud meters
  • Fixed chatter text when mining the Inviting Formations
  • Fixed the Horror Hound spawning anim
  • Changed oar inventory art

Rev. 334844

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash that would occur when disabling lag compensation and using an oar.
  • Fixed occasional crash when jumping onto a boat
  • Fixed occasional when walking away from Gestalts
  • Fixed Horror Hound spawning
  • New art for the Seafaring crafting tab

Rev. 334676


  • Added a new seafaring craft menu, accessible after building the Think Tank crafting station.
  • Added a new multiplayer-centric boat mechanic, where players can build and deck out a boat for multiple survivors to travel together on
  • Added a new island to explore

Placeholder 你知道吗? 编辑

  • 旧神归来的英文是Return of Them,科雷官方在发中文公告时译为了“旧神归来”,所以“Them”指的应该就是“旧神” [11]
    • 旧神归来的第一个更新版本名称“改换代”是一个诙谐的错别字(改换代),“潮”与其英文名“Turn of Tides”对应。
    • 旧神归来的第二个更新版本名称“盐狗”在英文中是“老练的水手”的俗称。

Blueprint 画廊编辑


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