第80行: 第80行:
** [[舵轮套件|舵轮套装 Steering Wheel Kit]]
** [[舵轮套件|舵轮套装 Steering Wheel Kit]]
** [[設計圖|船锚设计图 Anchor Figure Sketch]]
** [[設計圖|船锚设计图 Anchor Figure Sketch]]
** [[飞翼风帆]] [[Winged Sail]]
** [[桅杆#飞翼风帆|飞翼风帆]] [[Winged Sail]]
* 天体类
* 天体类
** [[斧头#月光玻璃斧|月光玻璃斧 Moon Glass Axe]]
** [[斧头#月光玻璃斧|月光玻璃斧 Moon Glass Axe]]

2019年10月20日 (星期日) 00:24的版本


Blueprint 這個頁面描述 即將到來或正計劃的項目
且可能包含著 重要的劇透




当查理把注意力转向天空时,新的诡计马上就在她的脑海中浮现 - 那里坐落着一些神秘的物体。幸存者们将必须与他们认知之外的恐怖怪物战斗,但是一切都可能有转机:他们的思想和视野将在古代月亮的崇高之光沐浴下被激发出来。


Gramophone 以下的部分信息是从旧神归来的测试版种得到的,可能会有过时或不准确的情况发生。








  • The Potter's Wheel now also accepts Moon Shards as sculpting blocks, allowing all Sculptures to be made with this material.




Rev. 371175

Return of Them Beta Hotfix

  • Hot Springs will now go to their empty state when mined. They will refill when the moon phase changes (matching when the Celestial Fissures change their intensity)
  • Added sound fx to the Hot Springs
  • Repaired boat leaks no longer block placing structures
  • Fixed a bug where the boat steering sounds would play indefinitely.
  • Fixed drawing on Mini Signs for creatures that can only be picked up once trapped or caught
  • Fixed Wilson’s quotes for inspecting the Portable Crock Pot


Rev. 370368

Return of Them Beta Hotfix


Rev. 369546

Return Of Them Beta Hotfix

  • Revamped the Cookie Cutter code. They are also a little more of a threat.
  • Telelocator Staff will no longer teleport aquatic creatures onto land.
  • Physics and rendering optimizations
  • The Malbatross can now spawn on the first day
  • The Malbatross no longer relocates to a new shoal when loading a world


Rev. 368772

Return of Them beta hotfix


Rev. 368562

  • Salt Formations will now regrow over time (unfortunately fully mined salt formations in existing worlds will not regrow)
  • Salt Formations yield resources in stages when mined
  • Driftwood and Driftwood Oar are waterproof.
  • Fixed a crash when dropping a wet oar
  • Update the Salt Box map icon
  • Malbatross now has its own fight music
  • Fixes from:


Rev. 368004

Return of Them beta hotfix

  • Woodie fixes from update from 367948:
  • Fixed wave splash FX
  • Fixed a crash if the Malbatross tries to swoop while frozen or sleeping
  • Malbatross Feathers, Feathery Canvases and Down Feathers can now be burnt or fuel in fires.
  • The Winged Sail will now drop the correct items when destroyed (for real this time)
  • Fish shoals no longer get attached to boats as they sail by
  • Fixed Steering Wheel inspect strings
  • Fixed a save/load bug for Sea Stacks
  • Rowing with a wet oar now has a chance slip out of your hands (follows the same rules as other wet tools)
  • Birds no longer get wet when they land on water.


Rev. 367770

Return of Them beta hotfix

  • Fixed the top speed when using multiple masts.
  • Hammering the Winged Sail will now drop the correct items.
  • Hammering the Mast will now play the correct animation.
  • Malbatross will abandon the fight if brought on land.
  • Fixed a crash when the Malbatross dives.
  • Waves won’t spawn outside of water.
  • Woodie fixes from


File:Salty Dog Menu.png

Rev. 367426


  • Salt Formations
  • Cookie Cutters
  • New Warly Spice: Salt
  • The Malbatross
  • Resources: Salt Rocks, Feathery Canvas, Malbatross Bill, Cookie Cutter Shell.
  • Craftables: Salt Box, Winged Sail, Cookie Cutter Cap.

Bug Fixes

  • OSX 64 bit support
  • Driftwood Oar’s damage is now the same as the Oar
  • Fixed some rendering bugs



Rev. 359823

Bug Fixes

  • Added a larger retrofitting island
  • Hammered masts will no longer add speed.
  • Fixed Anchor and Steering Wheel crash
  • Fixed flickering of waterfalls
  • Fixed Caves minimap
  • Minimap art tuning (tweaked edge of the world color)


Rev. 359445


  • Added some variation to the edge of the world (sorry, this will not retrofit into existing beta worlds)
  • Refactored the boat-tracking camera to work with setting other follow target on the camera
  • The player should no longer get stun-locked while drowning
  • Walls, Fences, and Sign Posts no longer jitter while on moving boats
  • Minimap now reflects the edge of the world.
  • Fixed Cave Worm Attacks warning sounds
  • Notes for modders:
    • FocalPoint:PushTempFocus() is now fully deprecated
    • The EmbarkerCameraController component has been removed
    • FocalPoint:StartFocusSource and StopFocusSource got a number of improvements and should now fully work as you’d expect them too
    • Please remove the nointerpolate tag from any structures (this tag will cause objects to jitter while on moving boats)


Rev. 358771

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash while drowning
  • Fixed characters jittering on the client while watching other clients hop on and off boats.
  • Fixed a small camera dip while hopping on and off boats.
  • Fixed anchor disappearing when in use.
  • Fixed missing seastack textures.


Rev. 358457


  • Added waterfall world edge


Rev. 358249

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the depth worms in caves


Rev. 358029

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the missing hound sounds
  • Reduced the amount of Seastacks and improved their world gen layout (this will be retrofitted into existing worlds)
  • Fixed the mouse not being able to click near the top of tall objects (like the Mast) while in certain locations in the world
  • Improved handling if the player is interrupted while hopping onto a boat.
  • Platform hopping is now blocked if a blocker object is in the way of the hopping path.
  • Bees no longer plant flowers in the ocean.
  • Fixed a bug with the sail raising that cause the player to walk or use something behind the sail instead of “heave ho”ing on the second pull.
  • Added Seastack art variation.


Rev. 356040

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the mast placer when on a boat, shows green when placement is ok now
  • Mast direction can be controlled when placing on land by rotating the camera
  • Fixed the anchor animation getting stuck in a dropping loop
  • Fixed a crash when too many items were spawned in the world.
  • Brought in Warly

Rev. 355695

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the placer image for the mast.
  • Fixed some issues with mast and anchor on land
  • Fixed an issue with the anchor getting stuck
  • Fixed crash that could occur when a character despawns after having jumped on a boat
  • Fixed a crash with boattrailmover
  • Fixed a crash when the mast is burned
  • A possible fix for caves worlds failing to load.


Rev. 354959


  • Sailing has been revised
    • Hauling up an anchor takes more time, but multiple players can help.
    • Sails can be furled quickly with the right timing.
    • Steering must be maintained until the heading is set.
    • Steering is faster with less speed.
  • Boat has been made more durable (small bumps do less or no damage, harder to spring a leak)
  • Ocean Biomes have new art
  • Seastacks can be broken and mined
  • Camera now follows the boat when the player is on a boat.
  • Can now drop things onto the water.


Rev. 352774


  • Retrofitting of non-beta worlds is now supported
  • Retrofitted the ocean pathfinding support into existing beta worlds
  • Lune Trees will now repopulate, should the player decide to clear-cut them (Note: Unfortunately this will not work with retrofitted non-beta worlds)
  • Fixed a crash with the fossilized fx
  • Fixed boomerang animations over water
  • Telltale Hearts can no longer be traded to ghosts that are floating over the ocean
  • The Bearger no longer chases its targets indefinitely, and should drop an out of reach target more quickly.
  • The Deerclops is now also wary of targets that it cannot reach.


Rev. 351615

Bug Fix

  • Fixes a crash when building structures

Rev. 351507

Bug Fixes

  • Overhauled performing actions, including walking, while on a boat to properly handle the moving platform and lag.
  • Improved pathfinding through water for flying and amphibious creatures (only on newly generated worlds)
  • Fixed a bug where the players could end up washing ashore on the small islands or somewhere in the ocean
  • Fixed a crash when a player leaves shortly after a Gestalt was spawned
  • Projectiles launched/thrown (eg Waterballoon, Ice Flingomatic Snowballs) while on a moving boat will now inherit the boat’s velocity
  • The Waterballoon and Ice Flingomatic’s snowballs no longer bounce off the edge of boats or the land/ocean physics boundaries
  • Fixed a bug where Lazy Explorer/Wortox teleports could miss a moving boat
  • Burned Carrats now drop Cooked Seeds instead of Ash
  • The Bearger can now charge at targets it is chasing (restored behaviour from single player Don’t Starve)
  • Change Bearger and Spider Queen AI while their target is on a boat


Rev. 347868

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the crash in the wardrobe
  • Fixed an issue that caused servers to slow down over time and slightly improved performance.
  • Fixed an issue with deployed masts not rotating correctly
  • Fixed ghosts not colliding with the wall boundaries in the caves
  • Fixed inspect string for the dug up saplings found on the island
  • Fixed missing Carrat murder sound


Rev. 347373

Bug Fixes

  • Non-flying critters can now hop onto boats. (There is currently a known issue where physically blocking them can allow them to walk on water.)
  • Fixed Wardrobe crashing with a mod character. (Alternate character modes may still not appear correctly for mod characters.)
  • Fixed Mast animation.
  • Items deconstructed with the deconstruction staff on boats will no longer disappear like they've fallen into the void.


Rev. 347014

Bug Fixes

  • Updated wardrobe to be cycle through different states of the character. Normal, Ghost, Mighty, Bloomed, etc.
  • Fixed a crash when baby beefalo are killed while following an adult beefalo
  • Fixed a crash when the shadowhand tries to put out a fire (may fix other crashes as well)
  • Fixed mermbrain targeting crash
  • Modified the flare overlay effect to display better on non-standard screen sizes


Rev. 346546

Bug Fixes

  • Projectiles should no longer get stuck on the shoreline edge.
  • Masts should no longer be deployable on water. Currently, they still display as red when placing them on a boat.
  • Disabling distortion should now also disable the zoom blur lunacy effect.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the Steering Wheel
  • Island spiders' spike sounds are no longer missing
  • Fixed a crash when raising an anchor placed on land
  • Removed the world-generated invisible boat fragments
  • Updated a number of creatures to stop chasing bait or food that's on the water
  • Fixed the boat health meter not being visible when loading onto a boat as a client
  • Bull kelp roots can now be planted in the ocean
  • Boats should no longer be able to trap bull kelp inside of them when deploying
  • Dying on the edge of boats, with a large inventory, should no longer cause the boat to start moving


Rev. 344479

Bug Fixes

  • Boats should no longer be deployable in the void.
  • Walking around the boat using a controller and having an oar equipped should no longer sometimes show the word “boat” instead of “row”.
  • Fixed some bugs when using a controller to row.
  • Attempting to deploy items such as a mast or anchor should no longer fail when doing so on a moving boat.
  • Masts can no longer be placed so close together.
  • Masts are slightly faster.
  • New embark sounds.
  • New mast deploy sound.
  • New steering wheel sound.
  • New sounds for mutated hounds, carrats, and saladmanders.
  • Fixed incorrect string when launching boat using a controller.
  • Boats can no longer be deployed on top of floating items.
  • Player should no longer get interrupted when beginning to jump or landing on a boat.
  • Player should now animate when steering using a controller.
  • Boats can now be placed using a controller.
  • Player should no longer walk away from the steering wheel when clicking on an unlit area.
  • Spiders should now spawn from spider dens when placed on a boat.
  • Fire effect when steering wheel is burning should no longer be layered behind the player.
  • Fixed missing Driftwood Oar description.
  • Wardrobe now uses the same layout as found in the Item Collection and Lobby screens for skin selection.
  • Fixed a crash related to shadow hands
  • Wormwood's craftable items now have floating visual effects
  • Winona's Generator/G.E.M.erator can now only power devices on the same platform as them
  • Projectile attacks in the caves should no longer get stuck on edges
  • Oars now burn, and can be used as fuel
  • Wormwood should now properly be affected by lune trees, driftwood trees, and rock fruit bushes
  • Bunnymen, Pigs, and Guardian Pigs can now hop onto boats
  • Werebeaver can now use planks to abandon ship. There is currently a missing animation on clients that we are investigating.


Rev. 342138

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players occasionally falling into the ocean while walking on land
  • Telelocator Staff no longer randomly targets the small islands off the coast of the Luna Island
  • Players no longer drown while out of bounds (in the void). This is for mod support.
  • Suspicious Marbles will now only spawn on the mainland (new worlds only)
  • Fixed a crash on shutdown
  • Abigail's flower should no longer randomly get wet or float on the ground
  • Improved shadow hand behaviour for fires on moving boats
  • Fixed rendering of Enlightenment fx on old video cards.
  • Rendering optimizations
  • Updated world generation animation
  • Added strings for Wormood inspecting the Mothling
  • Fixed inventory icon for Bull Kelp Stalk


Rev. 341693


  • Wormwood is now available in the beta
  • Players can no longer board boats while mounted or heavy lifting
  • Telelocator Focus can no longer be built on boats
  • Tweaked Seafaring recipes
  • Fixed players getting stuck while entering or exiting boats as they break apart
  • Fixed crash when multiple players try to use the walking plank at the same time
  • Lune Tree Blossoms can now be haunted
  • Fixed extra Big Tentacles from spawning in and around the Atrium area (newly generated worlds only)
  • New Driftwood Oar
  • Followers no longer abandon the player when their follower items are picked up on boats
  • More lunacy effect optimization to fix issues with it running on low end hardware.


Rev. 340271

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed turning invisible while riding a Beefalo and hopping on/off a boat
  • Fixed drowning while mounted or holding heavy objects
  • Fixed world gen crash with certain presets
  • Hounds no longer spawn outside the bounds of the world
  • Fixed crash caused by Bat Bat Infinite mod when opening Ornate Chests
  • Moonrock Pengulls are no longer considered innocent creatures
  • When a boat sinks, structures on it will now break accordingly
  • The player should no longer randomly walk away from the steering wheel when setting a new heading.
  • The player should no longer get stuck on the steering wheel when the boat is moving at faster speeds.
  • Slightly increased the pickup range of objects lying on the water.
  • Fixed boat health HUD indicator not being removed after dying on a boat.
  • Bee boxes now work on boats.
  • Burning a bee box no longer freezes the game.
  • Added burnt art for the Mast, Steering Wheel and Anchor


Rev. 338219

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Caves world gen layout and cave Stairs (requires a new world)
  • Fixed /rescue in caves
  • Items going out of world in caves should behave as normal
  • Steering Wheels on boats can now be hammered and burned.
  • Creatures should no longer try to eat or pick up items in the ocean
  • Flying creatures and hounds are no longer killed by sinking boats
  • Fixed a bug where certain items lost their skins while floating
  • Changed draw order for Wooden, Checkered, Scaled, and Carpeted Flooring
  • Further optimized lunacy overlay effect.
  • Fixed missing Werebeaver boat hop and sink animations.
  • Fires that spawn on boat should no longer prevent things to be built around them if extinguished.


Rev. 337422

Bug Fixes

  • Masts can now be hammered down and deconstructed
  • Masts that are destroyed or burned down stop affecting their associated boat
  • Birds in bird cages no longer disappear when reloading the world
  • New art for leaks repaired with Trusty Tape
  • Stone Fruit don't give more loot than their stack size anymore
  • Stone fruit bushes no longer grow after being withered from picking them
  • Unopened stone fruit and ripe stone fruit are now mole bait
  • Fixed a starfish trap duplication bug
  • Fixed a bath bomb duplication bug
  • Moon trees now remain on fire when they grow
  • Hot springs now glassify immediately during a full moon
  • Star and Moon Caller's Staffs can now target locations over the water
  • Fixed loss of stack when auto-equipping Bull Kelp Stock
  • Fixed Antlion causing craters on boats
  • You can now use 'wasd' to steer a boat when connected as a client.
  • You can now bundle items on a boat.
  • Buildings are a lot less likely to fall off a boat.
  • Fixed another rendering issue with objects outside the world bounds.
  • Oar takes a larger durability hit when rowing incorrectly.
  • Optimized haunt shader so that it should once again run on pixel shader 2.0 hardware.
  • Further optimized lunacy/post processing shaders.
  • Boat fragments are now wet


Rev. 336171

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Set Pieces overlapping the water (requires regenerating your world)
  • Wormholes should no longer spawn too close to the water
  • Lazy Explorer/Wortox teleports now work on boats.
  • Fixed crash when Tallbird Eggs hatch
  • Fixed a bug where players would not drop all their items when they died on a boat.
  • Fixed resurrecting a player if they died on a boat when their inventory was full.
  • Hound waves now spawn at sea
  • Oars are now a weapon
  • Oars will auto-equip a new one when broken
  • Woodie will no longer be stuck when turning into a beaver while using the steering wheel.
  • Fixed Moon Glass Axe durability when fighting shadows
  • Red Fungal, Green Fungal, Deciduous, and Desert turfs have their inventory images back
  • Fixed placer art for Sprouting Stone Fruit and Stone Fruit Bush
  • Hounds are now wet while swimming
  • Fixed hound art while asleep in the water
  • Moved some of the tuning values for boats to Tuning.lua to make them easier to mod.
  • Fixed a rendering issue causing some mods, such as Basements, to not render properly.
  • Equipment that reduce wetness now work on failed rowing attempts.


Rev. 335754

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed boat health icon getting stuck open when jumping on and off a boat quickly
  • Fixed crash when mods change the camera zoom limits
  • Fixed crash when a steering wheel is removed while in use
  • Fixed a crash when tall bird eggs try to hatch
  • Fixed clients not being able to repair the boat.
  • Fixed replanted/fertilized rock fruit bushes not growing or being affected by Applied Horticulture
  • Fixed spoilage rate for Rock Fruit and tweaked loot chances
  • Fixed Seawreath disappearing when dropped
  • Houndius Shootius now renders correctly on boats
  • Fixed Ocuvigil build on boats
  • Fixed anchor and steering not saving/loading properly.
  • Further optimized lunacy effect.
  • Optimized ground/ocean shaders.
  • Fixed not being able to place walls on the boat.
  • Fixed tooth traps not being resettable
  • Fixed Lucy possessing the Moon Glass Axe
  • Fixed Werebeaver gnawing Rock Fruit


DST Turn of Tides Promo

Rev. 335371

Bug Fixes

  • Objects built on the edge of the boat should no longer get built on the water.
  • Fixed equipped items not showing up
  • Fixed boats getting stuck when the anchor is burnt
  • Fixed crash when near Saladmanders with the ice hat on
  • Fixed crash when the deerclops leaves
  • Optimized lunacy overlay effect.
  • Fixed missing beach turf inventory image
  • Fixed crash when debug spawning wave effects in the caves

For Modders

  • Added mod release id “R08_ROT_TURNOFTIDES” to modders


Rev. 335011

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when on or jumping onto a sinking boat
  • Fixed a crash when hamming a Partially Assembled Altar
  • Fixed overlap of beaverness and boat health hud meters
  • Fixed chatter text when mining the Inviting Formations
  • Fixed the Horror Hound spawning anim
  • Changed oar inventory art

Rev. 334844

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash that would occur when disabling lag compensation and using an oar.
  • Fixed occasional crash when jumping onto a boat
  • Fixed occasional when walking away from Gestalts
  • Fixed Horror Hound spawning
  • New art for the Seafaring crafting tab

Rev. 334676


  • Added a new seafaring craft menu, accessible after building the Think Tank crafting station.
  • Added a new multiplayer-centric boat mechanic, where players can build and deck out a boat for multiple survivors to travel together on
  • Added a new island to explore

Placeholder 你知道吗?

  • 旧神归来的英文是Return of Them,科雷官方在发中文公告时译为了“旧神归来”,所以“Them”指的应该就是“旧神” [4]
    • 旧神归来的第一个更新版本名称“改换代”是一个诙谐的错别字(改换代),“潮”与其英文名“Turn of Tides”对应。
    • 旧神归来的第二个更新版本名称“盐狗”在英文中是“老练的水手”的俗称。

Blueprint 画廊


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