Don't Starve 中文維基
Don't Starve 中文維基

Blueprint 這個頁面描述 即將到來或正計劃的項目
且可能包含著 重要的劇透

Harp Statue 这个页面因为查理的破坏所以现在尚未完成。

仅限: Hamlet icon猪镇

The Cultivated Biome is a biome exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. Tea Trees spawn in this biome as well as a number of Set Pieces such as a Berry Bush farm, a plot with 8 Improved Farms and a plot with Boulders, all surrounded by stone walls, tended to by Farmer or Miner Pigs and protected by a Watch Tower. This biome typically connects to the Pig City or the Suburbs.

During Lush Season, Brambles seem to avoid spawning in this biome.

地面 西洋棋地牧草地墓地森林沼澤馬賽克混合地岩石地稀樹草原
沙漠落葉林 Reign of Giants icon) (沙灘珊瑚礁叢林熔岩地紅樹林草地海洋潮汐沼泽火山 Shipwrecked icon) (战场耕地深层雨林毒气雨林莲花池猪城市彩绘沙漠峰顶荒野平原雨林郊区 Hamlet icon)(月面森林月面矿区岩石海滩 Don't Starve Together icon
洞穴 蘑菇森林岩石平原石筍地地下森林洞穴沼澤 • (月面洞窟遠古檔案區Don't Starve Together icon )
遺跡 迷宮軍用地聖地村莊荒地中庭 Don't Starve Together icon
相關 地圖道路小徑) • 地皮深淵
室内 Hamlet icon) (月岛 Don't Starve Together icon