It smells like a barn.


Savanna (also referred to as Plains) is a Biome rich with Grass and Mobs, while containing little flora. It is the only known Biome to spawn Beefaloes but it is also host to many Rabbits, Redbirds and Crows. Spider Dens may also rarely appear. Flowers are sometimes found, which spawn Butterflies.

While many Grass Tufts grow on this terrain, Evergreens don't spawn on a Savanna. However, it is possible to manually plant Trees in a Savanna.

The Crank Thing is always located in a small Savanna biome.

A Savanna can differ in size from a few tiles to an entire island; Beefalo tend to spawn in Savannas with at least 25 tiles present.

Prototype Tips

Savanna is usually the best Biome to settle in due to abundance Grass, renewable food sources, and close proximity to Beefalo, while other essential renewable resources such as Twigs and Evergreens can be easily transplanted from other Biomes, as long as it is big enough to settle a camp in.

However, one needs to be extremely careful when there's Beefaloes in the Savanna, as during mating season, in-heat Beefaloes will attack the player, and become a real threat if they're in the player's camp.

Blueprint Gallery

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