Wilson Portrait
Science compells me to lick it.


Willow Portrait
I wonder if it's flammable.


Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang confused, thought salt came from tiny shakers?


Wendy Portrait
Almost as salty as my bitter tears.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
It's growing in a curiously geometric formation.


Woodie Portrait
It's gleamin' white like the mountains up North!


Waxwell Portrait
Am I to be a salt miner now?


Wigfrid Portrait
It hath an strange shape tö it.


Webber Portrait
What a weird rock.


Warly Portrait
Quelle chance! I've found salt!


Wormwood Portrait


Winona Portrait
Hey, that looks like salt!


Wortox Portrait


盐晶多人版饥荒的独有物品且在旧神归来加入。 盐晶可以在破坏或开采海洋中的盐堆掉落。 制作盐盒需要盐晶, 沃利可以使用便携研磨器将三个盐晶研磨成两个调味盐

盐晶可用于会腐烂的食品,使食物新鲜度恢复的50%。 如果在一叠食物上使用,效果将除以一叠食物的数量。 但是,盐晶体不能用于烹饪锅和可种植物品,例如种子

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Silver Bowl 暴食编辑

Wilson Portrait
Salt. The tastiest mineral.

威尔逊,when examining Salt Crystals.

Willow Portrait
I licked one. Had to.

薇洛,when examining Salt Crystals.

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang will crush bits into salt shaker.

沃爾夫岡,when examining Salt Crystals.

Wendy Portrait
It needs to be ground down before we can use it.

溫蒂,when examining Salt Crystals.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78,when examining Salt Crystals.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Clusters of unprocessed sodium chloride.

薇克伯頓,when examining Salt Crystals.

Woodie Portrait
Maybe I could chop it into smaller bits.

伍迪,when examining Salt Crystals.

Waxwell Portrait
It must be ground down before we use it.

麦斯威尔,when examining Salt Crystals.

Wigfrid Portrait
Tis the salt öf the earth.

薇格弗德,when examining Salt Crystals.

Webber Portrait
We're gonna crunch them all up.

韋伯,when examining Salt Crystals.

Winona Portrait
It's a big ol' eatin' rock.

薇諾娜,when examining Salt Crystals.

Wilson Portrait
It's full of salt.

威尔逊,when examining Salt.

Willow Portrait
I need a pinch or two on all my food.

薇洛,when examining Salt.

Wolfgang Portrait
Is make food taste good.

沃爾夫岡,when examining Salt.

Wendy Portrait
It adds flavor...

溫蒂,when examining Salt.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78,when examining Salt.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Sodium chloride. Also known as table salt.

薇克伯頓,when examining Salt.

Woodie Portrait
It's salty.

伍迪,when examining Salt.

Waxwell Portrait
Adding too much is an a-salt on the senses.

麦斯威尔,when examining Salt.

Wigfrid Portrait
Twill make the meat even möre divine.

薇格弗德,when examining Salt.

Webber Portrait
We don't use a lot of salt on our food.

韋伯,when examining Salt.

Winona Portrait
But where's the pepper?

薇諾娜,when examining Salt.

Salt Crystals were initially introduced in The Gorge event. In this event, in order to receive Salt Crystals, one must install a Salt Rack at a Salt Pond and wait two minutes until it is ready to be harvested. Once the time is up, Salt Crystals will appear out of the pond and can then be harvested, resulting in a Salt Crystal which can be ground up with the Mealing Stone, granting the player three Salt.

Salt is very useful as it can be used to extend the freshness of cooked meals while also increasing the value of the food item that is given to The Gnaw. In addition, three Salt can be traded with the Swamp Pig Elder for a Key.

Placeholder 你知道吗? 编辑

  • 盐晶是在盐狗更新中加入的。
  • Warly, Wortox and Wormwood have unimplemented quotes for Salt Crystals and Salt in The Gorge event.
    • For Salt Crystals, Warly says, "Salt. The tastiest mineral.", Wortox says, "Humans use it as a "spice"." and Wormwood says, "Rock Tongue Stinger".
    • For Salt, Warly says, "It's full of salt.", Wortox says, "Mortals tongues seem to like it." and Wormwood says, "Tasty Rocks. Mmmmm...".

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