Mobs are in-game computer-controlled entities, including Monsters and Animals. Mob is short for "mobile". It is a term that is used in many other games, not only in Don't Starve.


  • Hostile mobs turn aggressive towards the player as soon as the player is at a certain distance from them ("aggro" range) (e.g. Spiders and Hounds)
  • Neutral mobs turn aggressive towards the player when the player provokes them due to a certain action, like attacking them or one of their own kinds (e.g. Bunnymen and Pigs)
  • Passive mobs will never attack the player, even if attacked or pursued (e.g. Rabbits and Birds)


Health (HP)

Each hit by player decreases mob's health by:

weapon damage * character damage multiplier

The amount of hits required to kill a mob is:

mob health / player's damage

Damage (DMG)

Each hit to the player deals:

mob damage / player's armor

Attack Period (AP)

The time in seconds between each hit.

Insanity Aura (IA)

Sanity gained/lost per minute when near mobs.

Walk Speed (WS)

Speed of mobs when neither aggressive (hostile and neutral mobs) nor running from the player (passive mobs)

Run Speed (RS)

Speed of hostile and neutral mobs when aggressive towards the player and speed of passive mobs when running from mobs/player.

The player character's RS is about 6.

Color scheme: Passive, Neutral, Hostile

Sanity/insanity aura

Butterfly 蝴蝶 P 155 Butterfly Wings98% or Butter2%
Bee 蜜蜂 N 10010255 Honey16.7% or Stinger83.3%
Killer Bee 殺人蜂 H 10010255 Honey16.7% or Stinger83.3%
Mosquito 蚊子 H 10032812 Mosquito Sack
Crow 烏鴉 P 25 Morsel50% or Crow Feather50%
Redbird Redbird P 25 Morsel50% or Crimson Feather50%
Winter Snowbird Snowbird P 25 Morsel50% or Azure Feather50%
Gobbler 火雞 P 5038 Drumstick x2
Rabbit 兔子 P 2555 Morsel
Beardling Beardling P 25 -4055 Monster Meat40% or Nightmare Fuel40% or Beard Hair20%
Mandrake Mob Mandrake P 2066 Mandrake
Frog 青蛙 H 10010148 Frog Legs
Beefalo Beefalo N 5003441.57 Meat×4, Beefalo Wool×3 and Beefalo Horn33%
Baby Beefalo Teen Beefalo P 3001.88.1 Meat×3, Beefalo Wool×2
Baby Beefalo Toddler Beefalo P 3001.46.3 Morsel×4, Beefalo Wool×2
Baby Beefalo Baby Beefalo P 30014.5 Morsel×3, Beefalo Wool
Koalefant Koalefant N 5005041.57 Meat×8, Koalefant Trunk
Winter Koalefant Winter Koalefant N 5005041.57 Meat×8, Winter Koalefant Trunk
Tallbird Tallbird H 40050277 Meat×2
Teenbird TeenBird N 30037.5266 Meat
Smallbird Smallbird P 5010166 Morsel
Pengull Pengull N 1503332? Jet Feather 20% and Drumstick 10% and Morsel 10%, Egg (If hidden)
Tentacle Tentacle H 500342 -40 Monster Meat×2, Tentacle Spike 50% and Tentacle Spots20%
Tentapillar Big Tentacle P 500 Light Bulb80%, Tentacle Spike50% once a day,
Tentacle Spots40%,Marsh Turf25% 4 per day,
Slurtle Slime10%,Skeleton10% once per day, Rocks10%
Baby Tentacle Baby Tentacle H 2053
Shadow Tentacle Shadow Tentacle H 500342 -40
Clockwork Bishop Clockwork Bishop H 30040455 Gears×2, Purple Gem
Damaged bishop Damaged Bishop H 30040455 Purple Gem, Nightmare Fuel60%, Thulecite Fragments50%
Clockwork Knight Clockwork Knight H 30040255 Gears×2
Damaged Knight Damaged Knight H 30040255 Gears, Nightmare Fuel60%, Thulecite Fragments50%
Rook Clockwork Rook H 300452516 Gears×2
Damaged Clockwork Damaged Rook H 300452516 Gears, Nightmare Fuel60%, Thulecite Fragments50%
Crawling Horror Crawling Horror H 300202.5 -10033 Nightmare Fuel and Nightmare Fuel 50%, +15 Sanity
Terrorbeak Terrorbeak H 400501.5 -10077 Nightmare Fuel and Nightmare Fuel50%, +33 Sanity
Hound H 150202 -401010 Monster Meat,Hound's Tooth12.5%
Red Hound
Red Hound H 100302 -401010 Monster Meat,Hound's Tooth, Ash×3 and Red Gem20%
Blue Hound
Blue Hound H 100302 -401010 Monster Meat,Hound's Tooth×2 and Blue Gem20%
Krampus Krampus N 200501.277 Monster Meat, Charcoal×2 and Krampus Sack1%
MacTusk MacTusk H 15033336 Meat,Blow Dart andWalrus Tusk50% and Tam o' Shanter25%
WeeTusk WeeTusk H 100225.135 Meat
Merm Merm H 25030338 FishFrog Legs
Pig Pig N 250333 +25 (If allied)35 Meat75% or Pig Skin25%
Guardian Pig Guardian Pig H 300331.535 Meat75% or Pig Skin25%
Werepig Werepig H 350402 -10037 Meat×2, Pig Skin
Bunnyman Bunnyman N 200402 +25 (If allied)36 Carrot×2, Bunny Puff25% or Meat75%
Beardlord Beardlord N 200601 ?36 Monster Meat, Beard Hair×2
Rock Lobster Rock Lobster N 1250-180062.5-901 ?2 Rocks × 2, Flint × 2, Meat
Spider Spider H 100203 -2535 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Spider Warrior Spider Warrior H 200204-6 -4045 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Cave Spider Cave Spider H 150203 -1535 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Spitter Spitter H 175206 -1545 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Dangling Depth Dweller Dangling Depth Dweller H 200202 -2535 Monster Meat50% or Silk25% or Spider Gland25%
Batilisk Batilisk H 502018 Batilisk Wing15% and Monster Meat10% and Guano15%
Slurper Slurper H 200305 -259 Light Bulbx2, Slurper Pelt50%
Depths Worm Depths Worm H 900754 -25? Monster Meatx4,Glow Berry
Splumonkey Cropped Splumonkey P 1252027 Morsel,Cave Banana,Nightmare Fuel 50%
Shadow Splumonkey Shadow Splumonkey H 1252027 Cave Banana, Beard Hair,Nightmare Fuel 50%, Any stolen items in its Inventory
Slurtle Slurtle P 6002543 Slurtle Slime x2, Broken Shell 90% or Shelmet 10%
Snurtle Snurtle P 2007 Slurtle Slime x2,Broken Shell 25% or Snurtle Shell Armor 75%
Treeguard Treeguard (Tall) N 2500186(62)3 -1001.8751.875 Monster Meat, Living Log×6
Treeguard Treeguard (Normal) N 2000150(50)3 -1001.51.5 Monster Meat, Living Log×6
Treeguard Treeguard (Short) N 1400105(35)3 -1001.051.05 Monster Meat, Living Log×6
Spider Queen Spider Queen H 1250803 -4001.751.75 Monster Meat×4, Silk×4, Spider Eggs, Spiderhat
Deerclops Deerclops H 2000150(50)3 -40033 Meat×8, Deerclops Eyeball
Chester Chester P 45037 Content
Ghost Build Ghost H 200151.2 -4022
Abigail build Abigail N 60010, 20, 401.555
Abigail's Flower
DS-charlie-head Charlie (Night Monster) H N/A100Random -20 (on hit)Cannot be killed
Ancient Guardian Ancient Guardian H 25001002517 Meat×8, Guardian's Horn, Ornate Chest
Houndius Shootius Build Houndius Shootius N 1000653 -2
Lureplant Lureplant P 300Fleshy Bulb, any undigested items
Eyeplant Eyeplant H 30201
Worm Hole Worm Hole P N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ACannot be killed
Sick Wormhole Sick Worm Hole P N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Fireflies Fireflies P N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ACannot be killed
Pig King Pig King P N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ACannot be killed

HP = Health Points, Dmg = Damage dealt per hit, AP = Attack Period, IA = Insanity aura, WS = Walk Speed, RS = Run Speed

Mob Interactions

This chart details the outcome of hostility if one mob is to meet another, the left vertical side of the column are the "spotters", and the straight horizontal side are the "spotted". When a Spotter meets a Spotted, the interactions are detailed. Special thanks to Spazmatic on the Don't Starve Forums.

Aggro Table V1

Mob Table

Also, an Spreadsheet Table by Klei Forum User Spazmatic from this Klei thread, is located at this Google Docs location.

敵對怪物 蝙蝠洞穴蜘蛛發條主教發條犀牛發條騎士白蜘蛛深淵蠕蟲青蛙豬人守衛鬼魂暗影生物獵犬 (火獵犬冰獵犬) • 殺人蜂食人花海象爸爸小海象魚人蚊子蜘蛛蜘蛛戰士吐網蜘蛛啜食獸高腳鳥觸手 (巨型觸手觸手寶寶) • 鋼鐵羊
(毒白桦树桦果精座狼 Reign of Giants icon) (發條騎士船沼泽鱼毒蚊子毒蛇蜘蛛戰士(劇毒)海獵犬松鼠鱼劍魚白鯨呆龙 Shipwrecked icon) (远古之魂巨型蛆虫虫群悬挂的藤蔓蚁人蒙面猪人箭毒蛙蝎子利齿蜘蛛猴吸血蝙蝠蝰蛇象鼻鼠虫 Hamlet icon) (粘土猎犬粘土座狼宝石鹿大黄蜂岩漿蟲影魔饼干切割机破碎蜘蛛 Don't Starve Together icon)
頭目級怪物 遠古犀牛鹿角怪蜘蛛女王樹人守衛
(熊獾蜻蜓龍麋鹿鵝 Reign of Giants icon (棕櫚樹人守衛海怪旋风海豹虎鯊 Shipwrecked icon) (铁巨人远古先驱蚁后翘鼻蛇怪 Hamlet icon) (蟾蜍王蟻獅女王蜂克勞斯復活骸骨(远古织影者)邪天翁Don't Starve Together icon)
中立動物 蜜蜂野牛兔人 (毛毛王) • 無尾象坎普斯企鷗豬人 (狂暴豬人) • 石龍蝦蝸牛龜蛞蝓龜小高腳鳥穴居猴
(禿鷹浣熊貓伏特山羊 Reign of Giants icon) (藍鯨宽吻海豚猿猴水牛野豬 Shipwrecked icon) (曼德拉长者河鹿蚁人松鼠鸭嘴豪猪哈巴狸 Hamlet icon)(沙拉蝾螈 Don't Starve Together icon)
被動動物 野牛寶寶蝴蝶切斯特烏鴉火雞曼德拉草小兔 (毛毛兔) • 紅鳥高腳雛鳥雪鳥
(咕嚕咪鼴鼠(地鼠) Reign of Giants icon) (螃蟹狗魚渡渡鸟漁人水母鵜鶘鸚鵡海盗鸚鵡海鷗海豹虎鯊寶寶巨嘴鳥龍蝦 Shipwrecked icon) (蜣螂翠鸟淘金兽呆头孔雀罗宾雷鸟 Hamlet icon) (超可愛岩漿蟲草鬣蜥哈奇金丝雀月蛾无眼鹿织影者的爪牙 Don't Starve Together icon)
交易者 豬豬國王
(海盜章魚 Shipwrecked icon) (银行家美容師CollectorEruditeFarmer花商Hatmaker猎人矿工Mayor Truffleston猪女王ProfessorShopkeepUsherWorker Hamlet icon) (蚁狮 Don't Starve Together icon)
其他 阿比蓋爾查理(暗夜怪物)麥斯威爾(NPC)
(BFB麦斯避役 Hamlet icon) (伯尼熊小动物虚影 Don't Starve Together icon)
熔炉 Don't Starve Together icon 战斗大师普格纳猪猩猩鳄鱼指挥官大熔炉猪战士地狱独眼巨猪熔岩傀儡猪斗士犀牛兄弟剧毒蝎尖甲龟
暴食 Don't Starve Together icon 比利玛姆茜老皮弗娄牛卵石蟹鸽子彼顿山米沼泽猪人沼泽猪人长老
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