沃拓克斯是DST獨有角色,他首次推出放28/3/2019[1]。不像其他角色,沃拓克斯需要解鎖,可以購買沃拓克斯之箱或沃拓克斯豪華箱子, 也可以用2700絲線解鎖

Minimap Maxwell's Door 故事编辑

A playful imp with a colourful past, Wortox was once a gentle (if rascally) forest creature without a care in the world -- until the day he inherited a terrible curse, and lost a close friend. Unlike the other Survivors, he does not appear to be trapped in the Constant. Perhaps he views this as some sort of game?

– Official description for Possessions

File:Don't Starve Together Possessions Wortox Animated Short

Wortox, once a youthful faun-like creature, joined Krampus to cause trouble for the survivors by stealing their things. Among their misdeeds, Wortox willingly stole Meat from Wilson and a Garland from a sleeping Wes. However, when Krampus attempted to take a baby Beefalo from its parent, Wortox considered it too cruel and grabbed Krampus' sack. After a bit of tug-o-war, Wortox was able to tear the bag open, freeing the baby Beefalo. This angered Krampus into attacking Wortox, but a curse on Wortox suddenly manifested, giving him the ability to absorb Krampus' soul. Wortox then underwent a transformation that turned his fur red, grew out his tail, and gave him a menacing pair of horns.


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当玩家拥有18个灵魂时,沃拓克斯会警告玩家,他会担心过于贪心。但是当玩家只有3个灵魂时,即使在饱食度在满的情况下他也会抱怨说很饿。 中立的生物(猪人,Boss和兔人)都会对他怀有敌意,而且无法像韦伯那样成为朋友。跟韦伯不同,蜘蛛也会对他怀有敌意。



  • 自2012年12月以來,沃拓克斯可以在Don't Starve的遊戲文件中找到。 .[3][4]
    • 如果玩家達到XP上限,就會看到他的肖像。
    • 沃拓克斯的外觀在更新之間發生了變化,從更加人性化的外觀開始,變成了當前山羊般的外觀。
  • 最初在論壇上,沃拓克斯在Don't Starve Together 2019路線圖帖子中被戲弄為DLC角色,其中一個類似於他的輪廓出現在即將到來的角色的宣傳圖片中。[5]
  • 沃拓克斯的聲音是小提琴。[6]
  • 沃拓克斯的遊戲畫面於2019年3月27日(發布前一天)被讚助商Twitch媒體RTGameCrowd洩露。 [7] 後來Klei證實,他們並不打算讓這麼早地透露沃拓克斯,也不是唯一能夠接觸Wortox的曝光。 [8]
  • 沃拓克斯是遊戲中兩個除了鬼外有其他外觀的角色之一,另一個是伍迪。
  • 沃拓克斯是第二個Don't Starve Together的獨家角色,第一個是薇諾娜


  • Wortox is described by Klei as "a fun, mischievous fellow with a big, kind heart… minus the fact that he eats souls for sustenance."
  • Unlike the other survivors, Wortox was not trapped in The Constant. He arrived through the Ancient Gateway according to his examination quote for the structure when deactivated. His place of origin is unknown.
  • Wortox has a mother, according to his quote for the Lavae Tooth. ("My mom still has mine somewhere.")
  • Wortox's quotes reveal parts of his nature as an imp.
    • He does not have blood. (Held Mosquito- "I have no blood for you, sweet thing.")
    • The act of eating and preparing physical food is unpleasant and foreign. (Flower Salad- "I don't really like eating."/Froggle Bunwich- "Mortals are weird.")
    • He is sensitive to the sound of the Lucky Whistle ("Ooo, ouch! My ears!").


  • Imps are mythological creatures. In German folklore they were considered lesser beings known for their prankish nature, but were later Christianized into being attendants of the devil himself.
  • Wortox is also the name of a Swedish Death Metal band. [9]
  • Wortox being voiced by a violin may be a reference to the cultural association of the violin (and music in general) with the devil.[10]

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Gramophone Sounds编辑

Wortox's voice. File:Wortox Voice.ogg
Wortox getting hurt. File:Wortox Hurt Voice.ogg
Wortox dying. File:Wortox Death Voice.ogg
Wortox's ghost voice. File:Wortox Ghost Voice.ogg
Wortox singing the Starver's Carol, as part of the /carol emote. File:Wortox Carol Voice.ogg
The sound of Wortox Soul Hopping into a portal. File:Soul Hop In Sound.ogg
The sound of Wortox Soul Hopping out of a portal. File:Soul Hop Out Sound.ogg

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