Something about this place has made the creature go quite wrong.

Wickerbottom,when examining a Moonrock Pengull.

The Lunar Island is a unique area exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. It is a remote island located far out into the Ocean and accessible only by Boat. As soon as the players steps onto the island, a special effect will apply that replaces the player's Sanity with an Enlightenment meter.

The Lunar Island consists of five different Biomes:

Gestalts can be found commonly on the island. When a Hound is killed on the Lunar Island, it has a chance to become a Horror Hound. Moonrock Pengulls will spawn on the island during the Winter, like normal Pengulls do on the mainland.

Prototype Tips编辑

  • To find the Lunar Island, look for a part of the edge your map that looks unnaturally cut off. It will have a completely straight line. Sail perpendicular to that edge to get to the Lunar Islands.

Placeholder Trivia编辑

  • The Lunar Island was introduced in the Turn of Tides update.
  • Wickerbottom's quote for the "Moon" figure[1] may imply that the Lunar Island is a piece of the Constant's moon fallen into the Ocean. This was later confirmed in the release trailer for Turn Of Tides.


  1. "The missing chunk is a recent development."

Blueprint Gallery 编辑

地面 西洋棋地牧草地墓地森林沼澤馬賽克混合地岩石地稀樹草原
沙漠落葉林 Reign of Giants icon) (沙灘珊瑚礁叢林熔岩地紅樹林草地海洋潮汐沼泽火山 Shipwrecked icon) (战场耕地深层雨林毒气雨林莲花池猪城市彩绘沙漠峰顶荒野平原雨林郊区 Hamlet icon)(月面森林月面矿区岩石海滩 Don't Starve Together icon
洞穴 蘑菇森林岩石平原石筍地地下森林洞穴沼澤
遺跡 迷宮軍用地聖地村莊荒地中庭 Don't Starve Together icon
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室内 Hamlet icon) (月岛 Don't Starve Together icon
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