Don't Starve 中文維基
Don't Starve 中文維基

Wilson Portrait
It says "Thataway".


Willow Portrait
Less reading! More burning!


Wolfgang Portrait
Is no time for reading signs!


Wendy Portrait
A mark is made, however transient.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A navigational aid. "Thataway".


Woodie Portrait
Let the wood guide the way.


Maxwell Portrait
"Thataway"... Ugh!


Wigfrid Portrait
A möst well placed sign.


Webber Portrait
We could write on that if only we had a pen!


The Directional Sign is a craftable Structure in Don't Starve Together. It can be written on, and it shows up on the map like a regular Sign. Unlike the normal sign, and indeed almost every other entity, the sign's orientation is not fixed relative to the camera. When built, the sign points to the right, and will remain pointing that direction.

The Directional Sign requires Boards to craft and a Science Machine to prototype. If it is destroyed, the Boards are returned, allowing the player to build a new Directional Sign elsewhere.

When first built, the sign is blank, and examining it will yield a character quote. Clicking the sign will bring up a dialog to write on the sign, after which examining the sign will yield whatever has been written on it. Directional Signs cannot be rewritten, but deconstructing a sign with a hammer will return a board, so they can be replaced virtually at will.

When writing on a sign, the dialogue will give the option to cancel, generate random text, or write to the sign. The text box can also be selected and typed into. The random function generates text for the sign which features a random noun based on the type of Turf the sign is placed on, as well a random adjective describing the place. Sometimes there will be an quantifier modifying the adjective, and sometimes there will be an additional phrase after the name, or possibly both. Once written on, the sign will have small lines on it, indicating text.

Part Possible text
Quantifiers Really, Very, Quite, Very Very, Extremely, Moderately, Minimally, Sort of, Totally
Adjectives Sunny, Danker, Dark, Morose, Morbid, Awful, Horrible, Perfectly Normal, Ordinary, Perilous, Dangerous, Hazardous, Creepy, Empty, Lonely, Wet, Dry, Huge, Small, Little, Picturesque, Hideous, Dreary, Repulsive, Boring, Good, Striking, Uninteresting, Fascinating, Magnificent, Souless[sic], Echoing, Sleepy, Smelly, Mediocre, Awesome, Brilliant, Excellent
Turf type Possible names
Cobblestones Road, Path
Rocky Crag, Area, Region, Rocky Place
Turfless Patch, Turf, Area, Tract
Savanna Savannah, Grassland, Prairie
Grass Field, Pasture, Meadow, Garden
Forest/Deciduous Forest, Woods, Thicket, Grove
Marsh Marsh, Swamp, Bog, Fen
Web Web, Cobweb
Wooden Flooring Place, Corner, Spot, Base, Hidey-Hole
Carpeted Flooring Place, Corner, Spot, Base, Hidey-Hole, Carpet, Rug
Checkerboard Flooring Place, Corner, Spot, Base, Checkerboard, Zone
Cave Turfs Cave
Sandy Desert, Badlands, Flats
Scaled Flooring Place, Corner, Spot, Base, Hidey-Hole, Zone, Scale
Other Turf (such as from a mod) Spot, Area, Region, Point, Locality, Site
Additions of Perilousness, of Horribleness, of Loneliness, of Sorrow, of Danger, of Hunger, of Shadows, infested with Monsters, crawling with Horrors, of Happiness, of Dreariness, of Death, full of Bees

Placeholder 你知道嗎?[ | ]

  • In spite of the fact that the Savanna biome is coded by that name, the Directional Sign uses the alternative spelling: "Savannah".

Mosquito 漏洞[ | ]

  • If the player comes by a Directional Sign, rotates the camera while it is off-screen, then returns to it, the sign will point to the wrong way. Rotating the camera while it is on-screen fixes this.

Blueprint 畫廊[ | ]

工具 Dont Starve icon斧頭黃金斧頭)• 十字鎬黃金十字鎬)• 鏟子黃金鏟子)• 草叉錘子剃刀羽毛筆戰鞍薄紗鞍) • 毛刷鞍角
Don't Starve Together icon鹽舐磚
Shipwrecked iconHamlet icon砍刀黃金砍刀
Hamlet icon剪刀
光源 Dont Starve icon營火火坑火炬礦工帽南瓜燈籠礦燈
Reign of Giants icon冰火冰火坑鼴鼠帽
Don't Starve Together icon蕈燈輝光燈薇洛的打火機
Shipwrecked icon防風火爐海上防風火爐瓶燈黑曜石火坑船頭火炬船燈焦油燈
Hamlet icon软木蜡烛帽蝙蝠帽
航海Shipwrecked iconHamlet icon Shipwrecked icon幸運帽『海腳』號衝浪板木筏竹筏木船貨船裝甲船硬殼船修船工具草帆布帆蛇皮帆羽毛帆螺旋槳船炮海上陷阱拖網望遠鏡超級望遠鏡)• 船長帽海盜帽救生衣浮標船頭海怪錘焦油抽取器海上修船器
Hamlet icon碗状软木舟
生存 Dont Starve icon捕鳥陷阱陷阱指南針背包小豬包恆溫石治療藥膏蜂蜜藥膏草蓆毛毯帳篷雨傘捕蟲網釣竿
Reign of Giants icon漂亮陽傘精緻羽扇隔熱背包簡易木棚
Don't Starve Together icon告密的心強心針水球風車伯尼熊維斯的氣球打包帶糖果袋禮物包裝紙
Shipwrecked icon廚師袋猴子球熱帶陽傘解毒劑編織包棕櫚葉棚熱帶羽扇保鮮袋渡渡鳥巢
Hamlet icon驱虫剂鸟哨
食物 Dont Starve icon基礎農田改良農田蜂箱乾肉架烹飪鍋冰箱
Reign of Giants icon堆肥桶
Don't Starve Together icon蘑菇播種機
Shipwrecked icon貽貝棍養魚場貽貝石灰岩
Hamlet icon洒水器
科學 Dont Starve icon科學儀器煉金引擎占卜棒溫度計雨量計火藥避雷針
Reign of Giants icon雪球發射機電子元件
Don't Starve Together icon製圖台雕塑輪盤
Shipwrecked icon海上儀器製冰機 3000海怪鑽子
Hamlet icon炼钢炉摆动风扇
戰鬥 Dont Starve icon長矛火腿棍草製護甲木製護甲大理石護甲橄欖球頭盔麻醉吹箭火焰吹箭吹箭迴力鏢蜜蜂地雷尖牙陷阱
Reign of Giants icon戰盔戰矛晨星天候棒鱗片護甲
Don't Starve Together icon導電吹箭貓尾鞭
Shipwrecked icon毒矛貝殼護甲石灰石護甲仙人掌護甲角盔毒吹箭椰子炸彈魚槍超級短劍
Hamlet icon软木棒象鼻鼠虫披风蚁人面具蚁人套装华丽头盔锡制护甲火枪
建築 Dont Starve icon儲物箱標示牌乾草牆木牆石牆豬人屋胡蘿蔔屋鳥籠地板卵石地板木質地板棋盤地板地毯地板)• 蕨類盆栽
Reign of Giants icon鱗片箱蜘蛛卵
Don't Starve Together icon方向標示牌迷你標示牌舞台茶几友善的稻草人月亮石牆鳞片地板鳞甲爐衣櫃木製籬笆木門多肉盆栽遠古遺物複製品盛宴之樹盆栽火雞聖像
Shipwrecked icon章魚寶箱石灰石牆海草牆野豬屋猿猴屋沙袋沙堡龍騎士巢穴海豚宮殿蛇皮地毯
Hamlet icon软木桶胡须地毯草坪地皮耕地地皮茂密地皮
精製 Dont Starve icon繩索木板石磚莎草紙夢魘燃料紫寶石
Don't Starve Together icon月石坑大理石豆厚毛皮蜂蠟蠟紙
Shipwrecked icon布料石灰石金塊空瓶子珊瑚礁塊
Hamlet icon爪棕榈树幼苗毒腺
魔法 Dont Starve icon復活肖像靈子分解器暗影操縱者催眠排笛獨奏樂器暗影燈暗影護甲暗影劍蝙蝠棍生命護符寒冰護符夢魘護符火焰法杖冰凍法杖傳送法杖傳送點飢餓腰帶
Reign of Giants icon老鐘
Don't Starve Together icon偵查守衛阿比蓋爾的花映月池強征傳送塔
Shipwrecked icon魔法海盜帽降雨吹奏管神舟飛船
Hamlet icon石猪引擎天空之椅蛇怪骨杖树根箱子
服裝 Dont Starve icon針線包花冠小兔耳罩草帽野牛帽養蜂帽羽毛帽灌木帽冬帽紳士高帽步行手杖格紋背心涼爽背心鬆軟背心
Reign of Giants icon潮流西瓜帽冰塊帽夏季背心碎花襯衫貓帽雨衣冬熊背心雨帽眼球傘
Don't Starve Together icon時尚護目鏡沙漠護目鏡藍蘑菇帽綠蘑菇帽紅蘑菇帽
Shipwrecked icon思維風暴帽子鯊齒王冠蛇皮帽蛇皮外套雙層傘鯨脂大衣焦油大衣風衣防毒面具鯊魚帽
Hamlet icon防毒面具软木帽雷电帽莎姆雷特面具
書本 Dont Starve icon世界鳥類圖鑑實用園藝集睡前故事黑夜的終結在觸手之上
Shipwrecked icon火山學的樂趣
遠古 Dont Starve icon圖勒信物圖勒牆圖勒勳章圖勒皇冠圖勒護甲圖勒棒強征護符魔光護符建造護符探險法杖喚星法杖解構法杖斧鎬眼球雷射塔
Shipwrecked icon
寻宝 Hamlet icon 拆除工具圆头锤淘金盘放大镜
绿拇指Hamlet icon 活木毒药膏荆棘躯壳荆棘陷阱堆肥包
製圖Don't Starve Together icon 地圖卷軸
天体Don't Starve Together icon 月石神像传送门升级工具月光玻璃斧玻璃砍刀月面環形山地皮浴球月亮雕塑草圖月娥雕塑草圖
暗影Don't Starve Together icon 暗影法典暗影伐木工暗影礦工暗影挖掘者暗影決鬥者
工程Don't Starve Together icon 可靠的膠帶薇诺娜的投石器薇诺娜的聚光灯薇诺娜的发电机薇诺娜的宝石发电机
航行Don't Starve Together icon 船套裝船只补丁锚套件飛翼風帆舵轮套件錫魚罐夾夾絞盤甲板照明燈避雷導線消防泵設計圖
靈體草藥Don't Starve Together icon 亡者補藥靈魂萬靈藥不屈藥劑蒸餾復仇夜影萬精油強健體油
彈弓彈藥Don't Starve Together icon 卵石彈黃金彈大理石彈大便彈冰凍彈緩速彈詛咒彈