Don't Starve 中文維基
Don't Starve 中文維基

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This guide is about how to not starve in Reign of Giants (RoG) This is my first time making a guide, or even a page. I normally only ever comment on things, so I'm probably going to make a ton of mistakes. Please edit it if I did something wrong or if you have any ideas that would work in here. Also, this guide will have RoG things included, but some of the ways to survive might be able to be converted/used in normal Don't Starve. I'm also not great at Don't Starve (My longest run, still going, without setting a bunch of stuff to none, is a little over 160 days so far, although I know I'm going to live longer) Also, I can't take screenshots because I play on the PS4, but feel free to add your own (I do, however, play on the PC sometimes so I might be able to add one or two.)

The Characters of Don't Starve[ | ]

There are eleven total characters in Reign of Giants. I will go through each of them and point out their advantages, disadvantages, and good tricks you can use while they're in your world.

Additional information for Maxwell and Wes is especially welcome, though any characters could use some more details I'm sure.

Wilson[ | ]

Wilson is not my favorite character, to be honest. He's the first character, and he is there as soon as you come.

One of his perks is that he grows a beard. This is useful for a couple reasons. There are three stages of beardhood: In four days, you can grow a short beard. In 7 days, you have a long beard. In 15, you have a magnificent beard.

His beard helps keep him warm in Winter. A short beard keeps him warm for 15 seconds, A long beard gives you 45 extra seconds, and a magnificent beard is 135 seconds.

When you shave it with a Razor, it yields Beard Hair. A short beard gives you 1 beard hair, a long beard gives you 3, and a magnificent beard gives you 9.

I don't usually use him, because of his few perks.

Health: 150

Hunger: 150

Sanity: 200

Willow[ | ]

Willow is one of my favored characters. She is the second character you can have, and you unlock her from gaining experience. You can get experience from dying as previous characters. The longer you survive, the more experience you get.

Her starting item is her lighter. It can be used as a light source when turned on and it can start fires. It cannot cook items, which makes sense. In the night it can be used like a Torch, but you automatically have it, it takes no resources and it has no durability so it can be used as much as you want it to be used. If you can't find the materials to make a torch or campfire you can use the lighter to avoid Charlie.

Her main perk is that she's good with fire. She does not take damage from burning stuff, which is very useful when dealing with Hound or other hostile creatures. You can light a forest on fire and run through it, while the monsters in pursuit are injured by the fire. I found this a useful tactic when fighting the Deerclops.

She also gains Sanity standing near a fire, which is useful because she has low sanity. Standing close enough to a Campfire during the night negates the sanity loss.

One of her disadvantages is that when she has 60 or less sanity, she may start fires at her feet. She will say "Tee hee", "I made a fire" or "Oops." They are small fires, but near flammable objects it does spread. You must be careful with that, though it can be useful when running from the pursuit of hostile monsters.

Health: 150

Hunger: 150

Sanity: 120

Wolfgang[ | ]

Wolfgang is a pretty cool character, but I don't play him often. The poor tough guy is also afraid of the dark, but everyone has their fears and his just happened to be the dark and monsters. He is unlocked by experience, like most characters. More is said about experience above.

He has three stages: Wimpy. normal and mighty.

When he has 100 or less hunger, he will be in wimpy form. He will look sad and pathetic because of lack of food. His max health is 150. His damage will change to be between 0.75x and 0.5x depending on hunger. His speed will decrease to 90%. His hunger will go down between 1.5X and 1X the normal rate.

When he has 100-225 hunger, he will be in normal form. He will look normal. His max health is 200. His damage will be ordinary,and the same is with speed. His hunger goes down 1.5x faster than normal.

When Wolfgang's hunger is above 225, he will be in mighty form. He will be stronger for a period of time. He will look much bigger and stronger than ever. His max health will shoot up to 300, though the exact amount depends on hunger. He will receive a damage bonus between 1.25x and 2x and he will also receive up to a 25% speed boost. However, Wolfgang's Hunger decreases between 1.5x and 3x faster than normal in this form.

His disadvantage is his fear of the dark and monsters. During the night or in caves, he will lose 10% more sanity. This also happens around monsters. This makes sanity management harder, so try to make sure that you have a good way to boost sanity.

Health: 150-300 (Depending on stage)

Hunger: 300

Sanity: 200

Wendy[ | ]

Wendy is the third playable character unlocked with experience. She's a neat character, and though I haven't played with her often.

She starts with an item called Abigail's Flower. This can be used to summon Abigail. Abigail is her dead twin sister. In order to summon her, the flower has to have bloomed. It will do so in 2-4 full days. Place the flower on the ground when it is fully bloomed. A blood sacrifice then has to be made. This sacrifice can be as small as a butterfly or bee. When the mob dies, Abigail is summoned. Wendy takes a loss of 50 sanity.

Abigail will follow Wendy around. She will attack any mobs that attack Wendy or that Wendy attacks. She will only attack allies such as Glommer if Wendy attacks them first. Abigail will always move away when Wendy comes too close.

Wendy also takes 25% less sanity drain from the darkness and monsters.

To balance out her abilities, she also deals 25% less damage to mobs. It is unadvised to attack larger mobs, such as treeguards or the deerclops.

I don't personally have much experience with Wendy. However, it seems as if she would be the best character to head into the caves with, as she takes less sanity drain both from the darkness and the monsters that lurk within it.

Health: 150

Hunger: 150

Sanity: 200

More characters coming to this guide soon.

The Other Basics of Don't Starve[ | ]

If you've never played Don't Starve before, you may be very confused. In fact, you are very confused if this is the case. You almost certainly have lots of questions. I suggest you look around the wiki a bit, poke at the different pages and look at other guides. There are several different things to playing Don't Starve, so I suggest you look at other guides as well. Here are some basic things to don't starve, and I hope that this helps you in the future.

Hunger[ | ]

The most important thing in Don't Starve is staying well fed. After all, that's where the name comes from! Of course, in Don't Starve, you have to not starve!


The hunger meter

Hunger will go down as the day progresses, and if you're not careful, you'll starve in a couple days. There are several ways to stay fed. Food gets easier and easier to manage as you get farther into the game. The hunger meter is displayed at the top right corner of your screen. The yellow displays how full your are. You will start taking damage when you're hungry enough, and you'll have to find food, fast!

There are a few food sources. Berry Bushes, Carrots, and more. There are manual sources as well. I suggest you take a look at different foods. Bee Boxes, Farms, Drying Racks, Crock Pot, and Ice Box are all pages you should check out.

Health[ | ]

In Don't Starve, there is, of course, health. Things can hit you for damage, which is different depending on the mob. There are items you can heal with. The meter is the heart located in the top right corner, next to the hunger. If you don't heal, then you will die pretty soon, because things will keep dealing damage to you. You can also protect yourself with armor to absorb some of the damage. There is a more extensive health section below, where there are methods of healing.

File:Day, night dusk DS.png

The meter of day, night and dusk. The pointer tells you where you are in the day. The current time here is day.

The Day, Dusk and Night cycle[ | ]

In Don't Starve, there are three different times of day: Day, dusk and night. Each is different from the other. For instance, the day is bright, as you might expect it to be, while at dusk, it gets a little darker, and at night, it is pitch black. See that circle in the right hand corner of your game? That's the meter of it. Day is yellow, dusk is red and night is blue.

File:Day in DS.png

A Don't Starve day.

As stated above, the day is bright. This is the time you want to do most of your exploring in. In the day time, butterflies will spawn from flowers and fly around. It's the peaceful time. Bees also fly around, Rabbits are only out during the day. Batilisks spawned from sinkholes will go to the sinkhole that spawned them. Day tends to be shorter in the winter, while longer in the summer.

File:Dusk in DS.png

What dusk looks like in Don't Starve

Dusk, as already stated, is darker then day. Batilisks will spawn from unplugged sinkholes. Rabbits will retreat to their holes, and Butterflies will go back to their flower homes. Bees go back to their hives. If you're a long way away from your camp, you may want to start heading back, maybe even before it starts depending on how far you are and how short your dusk is. Dusk tends to be longer in the winter, and shorter in the summer. Remember, you can always spend the night away from your camp. You will also loose sanity when it's dusk at a 5 per min rate.

Night is pitch black, unless there is a light source. Light sources include: Campfire, Firepit, Torch, Light Bulb, Pumpkin Lantern and more. If the character is not in light, they will be attacked by Charlie. This not only applies at night. It applies when in the caves and ruins as well.

File:Night in DS.png

What night looks like in Don't Starve. Note the firepit on the right, and the darkness on the left.

When it's night, several mobs go to sleep: Rabbits, pigs, birds, bunnymen, glommer, and more. You will continue to lose sanity during the night. You will loose even more sanity in complete darkness. (When in light, you will loose 5 per min. In darkness, it will be 50 per min.) Night can be a huge problem for an unprepared player, even if the sanity loss isn't much, it adds up overtime. Make sure to manage your sanity!

Spawn[ | ]

Your spawn point is not always important late game, but in the beginning it is very much so. Collect any and all Berries you find, but leave some if you have enough (20 is a good number). Yes, carrots are food too, but don't pick them. In winter/summer, you'll have them to eat. Rabbits can be a good alternative, due to the large benefits of Jerky, but catching them can be time and resource consuming. Carrots are great during the winter/summer for hunger issues, considering berry bushes and farms grow much more slowly or not at all. Carrots also do not rot while planted, but this changes when they are picked, so it's better to leave them in the ground until you need them. Keep exploring until you feel that you need to prepare for winter/summer. These two harsh seasons are a major challenge for you if you are unprepared, and start on day 21, depending on which season you started in (spring > summer, autumn > winter).

You will find saplings, grass, trees, flint, boulders, berry bushes, rabbit holes, and possibly more. You might find a chess biome, containing marble objects and possibly some clockwork monsters. Leave these alone until you need them for gears and/or marble. The most important thing in the start is to gather grass, twigs, and flint to make an axe and chop trees for logs. If you don't get the flint before night, torches are a viable alternative. Be sure to have a backup torch, though. Charlie will attack if there isn't any light around you. Keep gathering resources and exploring. If you're tired of having a full inventory, you can make a permanent or temporary science machine (or go find chester). A backpack, found in the survival tab, is a great item, giving you 8 more slots to hold items.

Settling Down[ | ]

When looking for a base, consider the best place for protection from hostile mobs (beefalo and pigs do this), farming mobs (such as mactusk, pigs, and beefalo), and a place surrounded by resources (nearby rocky biome, savanna, etc.). After exploring for a couple days, you'll probably want to settle in a savanna, near the pig village or the center of the map. (Werepigs come out during the full moon, and although they go home at dusk, sometimes they don't make it because they're fighting with something, for they don't go home in combat) All of these places hold advantages over others. The pig village will always spawn in a deciduous forest, where green, blue, and red mushrooms are plentiful. The pigs provide protection against hounds and spiders, and can produce manure if needed. Killing them results in meat and Pig Skin, which helps for protection, health, hunger, and sanity (football hat and jerky). The savanna contains rabbits and beefalo, which can help in terms of food, protection against other mobs, and warmth. However, you may not want to settle in them, because in mating season they will attack anything, even rabbits and butterflies, so make sure your base is 2 to 3 screens away from them. Grass is everywhere, so you won't have a shortage. However, you will have to move some resources over to your base, such as saplings and trees. Rabbits also provide beard hair and nightmare fuel when the player is at 40% sanity, which can be very useful. The center of the map is usually the center of all roads, as well as resources. Many roads will lead to your base, making travelling much easier. You can move many things over to your base, and the roads will help you do so. Once you find a good place, go collect rocks, gold, and some wood, along with anything you may need for an organized base.

File:Ideal map spot.png

A nice place to set up, in a desert near a small strip of savanna, however not near any other good places.

If you can find a nice savanna, possibly a large one with beefalo nearby but not to close, (Due to mating season, as stated above) a rocky area, maybe a graveyard (However, the player may not want to be to close because on a full moon, ghosts spawn from graves), a desert and a swamp nearby would be a perfect place. However, such a perfect place is rare so don't keep looking until you find an area like that. Your world may not even have that, and then you would have looked for something that never existed in the first place (AKA a waste of time. That could result in death if you don't settle down!). All worlds have those places somewhere, just not together. All of these places are useful, although not the best places. The swamp is useful to have nearby, due to the tentacles, merms and spiders. The tentacles will attack anything, merms will, and spiders will too. This provides protection, however everything is a danger to you as well (Unless the player is playing as the character Webber, then the spiders don't attack the player unless he/she attacks first, although everything else does) make sure to be careful, or death may be the ending result. Rocky places provide lots of rocks, along with tallbirds who will provide meat on death and some protection. However, they will attack the player as well. You may also get their eggs, which are great for food, or you can hatch if you desire to get a baby smallbird. Be careful, however, they require your food and protection, are hard to raise, and what for? Only to betray you when they become an adult. You might get meat or you might bolt and not kill it, but raising one is pretty much useless. Deserts? They provide cactus, a great food when you cook them. You take a bit of damage from picking them, but if you have armor on you take one damage and if you don't you take six. You can negate the damage taken by having armor on and cooking it, because cooked cactus gives you 1 health back. These are all good places to be in and/or near.

Considering the best place to settle down can be hard. If your world has a lot of good places you can settle down, consider the area with the most food and protection. If you can, try to have nearby beefalo and/or pigs. Sometimes those aren't in good places to settle. You don't need to be to picky with where you settle down. Remember: You can always move food if the right places don't have enough. For example: If you find a rocky land that has great things, but not enough food, you can always move some berry bushes there! They will need poop sometimes, but if you have beefalo near then that shouldn't be a problem. Or if you find a clear place in a swamp with tentacles and stuff near but not much food, move some bushes. It's not a big deal. You can also kill merms, or get tentacles to attack them.

Each of these places has advantages, and each has disadvantages. What you're really looking for is something you can deal with, something that you like. If you don't like the swamp, don't settle in the swamp. All I've done is tell you places to consider. I'm not telling you where you need to be, just good places. If you want to settle in the middle of a pig village, go for it, I'm not stopping you, even if it isn't the greatest place to settle. If you want to be next to hound mounds, go next to hound mounds.

What Do You Put in Your Camp?[ | ]

What you you put in your camp? Well, first things first. Make sure you've found the right spot. If you find a better one, then you can't move your stuff over, instead you would have to hammer them and not even get all everything back. Not worth it.

Once you do have a good location, place a Firepit and Science Machine. These are very easy to get, so you should have no problem getting it down once you have a location.Why a firepit? Because sometimes the player is not carrying enough grass or they don't have the logs to spare and spend two making it. And it doesn't burn items around it. And the science machine? It's used to prototype things.

You'll want to make an Alchemy Engine as well. This is used to prototype better things, such as an Ice Box. You also will want to make something for food, such as Drying Racks, a Crock Pot, etc. You will want a Tent, and a Siesta Lean-to to raise your sanity at both day and night for the cost of Hunger. Make sure to have high hunger before resting, as you can starve if your hunger is low enough for you to die right after resting! Apparently sleeping is a lot of work!

File:Base Camp.png

A nice base setup. A tent, icebox, science machine and alchemy engine, ice flingomatic, chests, birds crockpot, lightning rod and drying racks.

You want a couple Birds in Birdcages in your camp. Although you only need one, one of each type is awesome! :D These are used for feeding Monster Meat (Or any type of meat, but monster meat is the most effective because unless you're the character Webber, it can harm you!) To produce Eggs. These can be used as food or to rot and make Gunpowder.

Chests are a must. You cannot survive without them. If you drop all your stuff on the ground, they can connect two things and set things on fire if one thing catches fire, and there it all goes! And Moleworms will steal Rocks, Gears, Ice, etc. Pigs and Bunnymen will eat perishable items.

Pigs and Bunnymen are optional to add near your base. if you put the in your base, you risk pigs becoming werepigs and bunnymen attacking you when you have meat in your inventory. It is not advised to put them in your base. Don't place bunnymen if you're Wigfrig, as she only eats meat, or if you're Webber, as they attack him on sight (Pigs will also exhibit the same behavior against Webber), unless you're prepared to kill them.

If and when you find Chester, do not put him in your base. Hounds will attack him when they come and will eat any meat inside of him. Red hounds will burst into flames upon death, making it possible for it to burn any flammable items inside. Then when you get Glommer, put him in or near chester as the hounds will attack him too (Poor Glommer and Chester D:). It also makes it easier to find them both if they're next to each other.

Drying Racks can help you with food, as you can dry several things with it. You can put them at your base or away from your base, it doesn't matter too much. Just make sure to space them from the others. Dried food is great, because it gives you more Hunger, Sanity and Health.

Organization[ | ]

Do not, I repeat, do NOT put your things right next to each other! Why? Well, in summer, things can randomly smolder and will catch fire if not extinguished. If you don't manage to make an Ice Flingomatic in time, your entire base will go up in flames! Along with this, fire is still a constant threat throughout autumn. In fall and summer, red hounds come and, upon death, explode into flames. If you don't get away from your base in time, or they come at night, or they die from something near your base, your camp will go up in flames. So, I repeat once again, do NOT put your stuff too close! This saved my base from being destroyed three times before, and will again I'm sure.

File:Set up camp.png

A nice early game set up. You may not be able to get this day 4. I put the days on long for the purpose of getting pictures for this guide.

Also, make sure that everything you will need is near your firepit. This includes anything. Anything. Okay, not everything, but anything you might need during the night or while your warming up or cooling down. No, not next to each other. I know what you're thinking. Put anything used to prototype near, any Chests, Crock Pots, etc.

Farms may not need to be next to your base. Make sure to harvest them before night and you'll be fine, or put a firepit with them. Your Drying Racks can be with them to, and maybe bee boxes. However, keep in mind all these can smolder so don't put them right next to each other!

Your base is not the only thing that needs organizing. Make sure your weapons, armor, tools, etc. are organized. This is not crucial for survival, but you may find that it helpful when something attacks you by surprise, such as a giant (the moose/goose the most so, as it only takes one honk for it to spawn!), or hounds farther in the game, as their warnings become short.

Health and Methods of Healing[ | ]

As I promised above, here is a section that's dedicated to methods of healing. (There is a previous health section that describes the mechanism of health in Don't Starve.)

There are several items that give you health. This includes but is not excluded to:

  • Spider Glands. You can obtain this from fighting spiders. They will sometimes drop spider glands (25% chance). Spider glands heal 8 health on their own and can be made into healing salves using the glands, rocks and ashes. Healing salves heal 20 health.
  • Tents. Tents are made using silk, rope and twigs. They have 6 uses. For every use, it gives the player 60 health, 50 sanity and takes away 75 hunger. Just beware when using it, as you could starve if you wake up with little food and low hunger. However, Wickerbottom can not use it due to her insomnia.
  • Honey, which is obtained from bees. It will give you 3 health per honey, which isn't great. However, much like spider glands, it can be turned into honey poultice, which is made using the honey and papyrus. It is a great healing item, healing 30 health. Using the two honey and the one papyrus it requires is worth it when low on health.
  • Butterfly wings. They are easy to obtain and heal 8 health, which is great, considering how common they are. Unfortunately, this method of healing does not work when playing Wigfrid.
  • Butter. Butter is a rare drop from Butterflies, only having a 2% chance of dropping. However, eating them will heal 40 health, making it better then honey poultices. Again, Wigfrid cannot eat them.

Grave Digging[ | ]

No, it is not as bad as it sounds. Grave digging lowers your sanity by 15 points, so be careful. Make sure you have combat gear ready in case you get a Ghost. They don't drop loot, but will chase you a long way. Be careful, bring weapons, and be safe.

The best thing you can probably get from graves is a Life Giving Amulet. This gives you an extra life. Make sure to have it in your chest slot when you die or are about to die, as when equipped, the player will resurrect upon death. Grave digging usually results in trinkets, which can be traded to the Pig King for Gold.

Pig King[ | ]

The Pig King is a very, very, very fat pig. He takes no damage and is not killed. He is found in every world, unless there is a world generation problem that causes him to glitch and not spawn. Gold is a renewable resource without going into the Caves because of him.

File:Lot o' gold in the rain.png

Here is the pig king giving lots o' gold to the player.

You can give him grave digging trinkets (See above) and most Meats. In return, you will be gifted gold. Since meat is a renewable resource, gold becomes renewable on the surface. If you want to see what you can give the pig king and how much you will receive, see his page (Linked above. His name is a link the first time he is mentioned in this section). To give him stuff, drag items over to him and it should show up with "Give." or something along those lines. If it doesn't, it is untradable to the Pig King. Click the mouse button specified and he will give you gold from his huge supply.

The Pig King is especially useful as Wigfrid. Since her Battle Spear and Helm require gold and she tends to go through her armor and weapons very quickly, the Pig King is useful since it is not hard to get some spare meat and/or gravedigger trinkets for some gold. He is a very good find when it comes to her, and therefore it is good to search him out when you're playing this character.

With Webber, it may be a good idea to wait until dusk, or remove the pigs entirely before trading with the pig king.

He is always found in pig villages,and is often in or near Deciduous Forest. It is a good idea to check these areas first. Finding the Pig King is also useful because the pig village he is in can offer protection against Hounds and other hostile monsters.

Hound Attacks, Yikes![ | ]

Every few days, hounds will come for you. The farther you are in the game, the more will come. They can be red hounds in the fall and summer, while they can be blue hounds in the winter and spring. Red hounds burst into flames upon death, so you DON'T want them to die at your camp. Make sure that if you're playing as Webber, you do not plant your spiders too close. The spider queens usually spread out far away from the nest they spawned from, but if one happens to sit next to you, take the time to break it. The red hounds may attack a spider, and when one spider gets attacked, it's comrades rush to aid it in the fight. The spiders, if there are enough, will kill it, and when the hound dies within a small radius of anything flammable, you may have a big fire to deal with afterwards. This is why you place everything a safe distance away from everything else.

How do you deal with them? Well, here are some good ways to survive an attack!

  • Beefalo. Run through the herd until the hounds attack them. The beefalo will easily kill them. A large herd? Those hounds can say goodbye! Mostly, the only thing at risk of being burned is grass, unless you put something else there.
  • Pigs. Pigs will attack hounds on sight, so you don't have to keep running around. Pigs can easily destroy them, however, anything in a village can be burned from red hounds.
  • Spiders (Only as Webber) Run around spiders, as long as they aren't to close to your base. The hounds will attack the spiders sometime, and then all the spiders attack the hound that attacked them. Continue running until all the spiders get bit. However, anything near will be burned from red hounds, possibly including the nest.
  • Swamps. Run around in a swamp, until the hounds get attacked from tentacles or merms or spiders. This can result in tentacles spots, tentacle spike, fish, frog legs, and more
  • Panic Room. This is more effective after a few hounds attacks, as it requires tooth traps, which require hound's teeth. Put down a firepit, then make a small room out of stone walls. Next, construct a long corridor (with stone walls) and line it with tooth traps. This is an efficient way to use the tooth traps, but you may lose some rocks in the process. Moleworms can help fix this issue, as their burrows provide rocks when dug up. These can be used to make a safe, renewable rock farm. The rocks page goes into detail about this. Anyways, once the hallway is lined with traps, it's ready to go! Simply wait for an attack and enter the room when you hear the growling. This is the most efficient and easiest way to make a panic room. On the other hand, you could make a panic field, which is a simple field of tooth traps with a pair of campfires in the center. This is great for fighting bosses (excluding the dragonfly, due to it not taking damage from tooth traps).
  • Forest Fires (Only as Willow) Grab something to light a forest, (Or something) on fire! Make sure you have more trees/whatever your burning somewhere nearby before doing this. Have some fun, lead the hounds right in, and dance like the flames! Wait until the hounds are dead. I believe red hounds do take fire damage, (As long as it is not dealt directly) So even they can die like this! (Don't do this in summer, as you will overheat, even as Willow!)
  • Frogs. If there are nearby ponds or frogs happen to rain right as they attack, bam. Some great defense.
  • Lureplants. Yes, they will eat the loot, but if you're not looking for it, it's great. Eyeplants, however, can burn.

Have fun while they attack you! I enjoy the forest fire, but others like other methods. Hound attacks can be more good then bad, due to the loot they can drop! However, they can also kill you! Hound attacks can be exciting, but the dying part not so much.

Seasons[ | ]

There are four seasons. Autumn, winter, spring and summer. Autumn is by far the easiest to survive in. I recommend you start in autumn.

Spring, Summer and Winter can be hard to survive in. Honestly, although it is tough, I think spring is the easiest out of these. Every season has their own boss.

Although you can overheat/freeze in winter and summer, in spring is rains a lot, which lowers your sanity, which isn't helpful, but with the right stuff it isn't too hard.

Here are some methods of surviving, as well as information on, the seasons.

Autumn[ | ]

Autumn is the easiest by far out of the four seasons. There isn't too much rain, you don't overheat or freeze, and overall it's pretty easy. I recommend you start in this season. In spring it gets hard to stay sane if you don't have the right things. Winter and summer are hard to start in due to freezing and overheating.

The ice is building up as it's getting colder, so if you can get gears for an icebox/ice flingomatic you can get ready for summer. You have the autumn and winter to collect ice and gears, and the start of spring, so this can make summer a lot easier to survive in.

In autumn, red hounds have a chance to attack instead of the normal ones.

You can tell when it's autumn though birchnut trees, which turn red, orange and yellow. Autumn is the best time to explore in. Make the most of autumn and make sure to be as productive as possible; make farms and bee boxes, gather as much food as possible and explore your map.

Winter[ | ]

In winter, you can freeze to death if you don't have ways of warming yourself up. (That's why you can't start in winter very easily...) Ice glaciers take full shape. Pengulls come. White hounds can come. It snows, as you can probably imagine. Angry birchnuts don't spawn.

Winter is pretty tough without the right things. Here are the things you may want to do before winter begins.

  • Shave beefalo for their wool. I'll say why later. To shave them, make a fire next to them. (Not when their in mating season) Get a razor and shave them when they sleep. They produce a bit of wool each and will regrow it after a few days.
  • Gather lots of food! You will need this, as farms don't grow in winter and bushes don't grow as fast, and bee boxes don't produce honey, and when you go out for other sources you freeze. So collect as much food as you can!
  • Make a thermal stone! If you sit next to a fire, it will warm up, and you won't freeze when you go out!
  • If you're Webber or Wilson, let your beard grow for resistance!

Those aren't the only ways to prepare, however. You can also wear things in your head and chest spots. However, unless you really need it, wear a backpack instead of warm cloths, unless you don't want the extra slots, however,the extra slots are very useful. You can always carry something in your inventory in case you need it and get your backpack later if you do. (Since it cannot be held in your inventory without dropping it or having it in your chest slot.)

Here are the things you can use to stay warm.

  • A winter hat! That's what you'll need the beefalo wool for!
  • The puffy vest is pretty good, if you don't mind loosing the slots for it. I highly recommend that you carry it in case you start taking damage while going to your fire pit.
  • The dapper vest helps a little. Not much, though, so the puffy vest is much better.
  • Hibearnation vest. This requires a bearger kill, which occurs during autumn after at least one season has passed. Bearger is a difficult giant to kill, so be careful when fighting it. However, this is a very good thing, so when you kill the bearger, you should make this. It's great for winter!
  • The beefalo hat can be used to stay warm, although I would recommend only wearing it when desperate. Beefalo horns can be hard to get sometimes, and it prevents beefalo in mating season from attacking you. (Unless, of course, you attack them.)
  • The cat cap. It will keep you warm for a bit, but catcoons can die out on a map, and the winter hat is better, so the player should use a winter hat instead.
  • The Tam o' Shanter is great, due to its tier 2 insulation factor and 6.6 sanity/min gain, but it can be hard to get.

In winter, you'll probably want to stay near your camp. This is also what leaving carrots does! You can collect them when exploring in winter, and you can eat them, since food can be very scarce in winter. Rabbits are also a good way to get food, as they spawn normally and can even be made into small jerky, restoring health, hunger, and sanity.

Ice is abundant during Winter. So collect them as much as you can to prepare for Summer, since they will never melt when put in Ice Box. It is also one of the best Crock Pot fillers, 3 Ice and any type of Meats, Fruit (except Dragon Fruit) or Mushrooms will result Meatballs, Fist Full of Jam or Ratatouille respectively.

You can't fish in winter either, since ponds freeze winter. Winter can be pretty brutal. Make sure you prepare or you may find yourself dead!

Also, if you have a touchstone, make sure to have some winter things in it so you don't freeze if you die. Even if it doesn't seem too far, you freeze pretty fast with nothing. And you don't have full health after using one.

Spring[ | ]

In spring, it rains a lot. A lot. This can take a big hit on sanity for an unprepared player. Make sure you can gain sanity! Beefalo are also in mating season during spring. Rabbit holes are also collapsed, so you can't eat rabbits. However, things grow faster because of the rain in spring. Making small jerky from morsels for sanity is not as easy. They can still be farmed. Here are methods of farming meat to stay sane with!

  • Moleworms! Place down a rock and when they come up, hit them a couple times. This results in a morsel and any other minerals they where carrying with them.
  • Pigs give you meat, which gives you normal jerky, which is better than small jerky. However, it can be difficult to find them alone. You can, however, hammer down pig heads found in swamps and near touchstones. You can make pig houses with the pigskins. and kill the pigs. This can be useful if put near spiders, or beefalo in mating season. Beware, however, as they have a chance of dropping pigskins as well. This can also be used for more pig houses, though, so this can be both good and bad, depending on your situation.
  • Birds! You can make a bird trap and bait them with seeds. However, they can give you feathers instead of a morsel, so be wary of that.
  • Beefalo are a possibility, though that can be tough. They are in mating season during the spring, so that could make it tough to get meat from that.
  • Frog rain comes in spring. See "Frog Rain" for more information. You can use them to kill beefalo and pigs.

You will want to stay dry to, however. Here are some ways of staying dry:

  • Umbrellas! Make sure to make one, they are super useful.
  • I will finish this later. :P

Summer[ | ]

Summer is nasty. It's the time when you can overheat, and things smolder. You can make an ice flingomatic, but sometimes that doesn't work because you don't notice until it's to late. Things do only smolder when on screen, however, so if you put your things for cooling down away from your camp, you can solve it. You will still have to go back to your camp, however, so make sure to be careful.

Frog Rain[ | ]

Oh no, frogs are falling from the sky! This happens sometimes. When this happens, go "YES, FOOD AND LOOT" because beefalo, tentacles, panic rooms, pretty much any way to deal with the hounds will work! If you want free frog legs safely, just make a ton of traps! Frogs get trapped in them, so you get (almost) free food!

Frog rain is good!

After you try placing traps or anything similar, it'll be good to have an ice box, because it's raining food! Hound mounds can take care of the frogs for you, but will eat any meat left over, and can become dangerous. However, enough frogs could destroy a few hounds, making it possible to use them to deal with hound mounds. They won't attack the mound itself, but you can do that, right? Lureplants can also take care of them, but same story, they will eat any loot.

I got over 80 frog legs from a beefalo herd in mating season. It rains food sometimes.

Combat[ | ]

Combat can be a fun thing in Don't Starve, but it can result in death. How do you prepare? Well, here's how!

  • Make a Log Suit and Football Helmet. Get the Pig Skin by killing a pig somehow, or hammering pig heads found in swamps and at touchstones.
  • Make sure you have a weapon, like a Spear. This is easiest, but a Tentacle Spike is much better. Even better, a Dark Sword if you really want to be awesome.
  • Find something easy, like a tier 1 spider nest, to practice on, or maybe if there isn't much living around then a wall or something. Anything that isn't too tough and takes damage, really.
  • With your log suit and football helmet, fight some clockworks by hitting and running. After you've done that, mine the marble statues.
  • If you need a tentacle spike, find a way to get some tentacles killed, by hounds or frogs or something. If you find a merm village, tentacles are bound to be near. Find them and lead the merms to them, then watch the battle explode into chaos.

However, sometimes you can't win by tanking. You'll need plans sometimes. Kiting is one option, and there's also tanking. Sometimes you can't fight and have to do other things to get rid of your enemies. You can use a number of things. Lureplants, beefalo, panic rooms, tentacles, pigs, merms, spiders, frogs, etc.

Explore the way you like. If you like tanking, then tank if you want to. Beware, however, because this can kill you. If you like kiting (Hitting and running), then kite! I think that's the best way, but that's just me.

Sanity[ | ]

Sanity causes a huge problem in Don't Starve. When it gets to low, shadow creatures will attack, night hands will take your light and eyes will appear! Your brain slowly cripples and your character will show effects. When shadow creatures attack, the screen will have changes. Tentacle like things will creep out of the corners and the edges of the screen will turn red. If this happens, find flowers. Do it. They help your sanity and aren't rare what-so-ever. Although they give you 5 and 5 only each, every penny counts. I mean sanity point. Yea. Whatever.

There are other, much better ways, to keep your sanity high and the shadows away. How? Here's how!

  • Make a Top Hat. It restores 3.3 sanity per min. very useful, only requires a bit of silk.
  • Get a Garland if you can't make a Top Hat. It is very very cheap, 12 flowers to make and restores your sanity by 1.33. Picking the flowers also gives you sanity!
  • Glommer. He comes out during the full moon from his statue. Pick his flower and he really helps your sanity. he follows his flower. He'll follow it in your inventory, a chest and even chester! He boosts your sanity by 6.25. That even boosts your sanity at night!
  • COOKED green caps. Cooked green caps give you 15 sanity each, which is sweet. Don't mix them with the uncooked, however! Uncooked will eat 50 of your sanity instead!
  • Taffy and pumpkin cookies are crock pot foods that help your sanity. Taffy gives you 25 sanity, while pumpkin cookies give you 15.
  • Prototyping gives you 15 sanity every time you prototype something.

Sometimes you may also want to farm Beardlings or Shadow Creatures for nightmare fuel, beard hair and monster meat. How do you deplete your sanity? Try these ways:

  • Evil flowers. Sit with them for a bit, for their aura is -25 sanity per min. Want nightare fuel? Pick them and lose 5 sanity instead!
  • Glommer's goop/raw green cap. They both drain 50 sanity when eaten. Hello, insanity.
  • Drag out boss fight for a long time. They have a huge insanity aura, although this can become dangerous.
  • Cooked redcap takes 15 sanity
  • Raw bluecap takes 15 sanity as well

Not sure what else, but there is more, certainly! Fortunately, low sanity is not always something to fear, as it is a good source of nightmare fuel. Just make sure that you have the equipment to battle shadow monsters.

Low sanity characters[ | ]

Characters have different sanity. Some have high sanity, some have low sanity!

Playing a character like Webber can be difficult. His low sanity make it easier to go insane, which can also be useful when farming beard hair and nightmare fuel. However, it can be tough to stay sane. Make sure to pick flowers, which yes they don't give much but if you pick a flower whenever you see one, then you'll probably be good! Make sure to have a tent for nights when your sanity is low. The night will drain it, so watch out! Prototyping helps as well!

Monsters drain your sanity, however, so don't go around looking for fights as Webber or Willow! This can become a problem with hounds, considering they attack every few days. Make sure not to stay to close to them when playing a character with low sanity. Hit and run! Tanking them can drain your sanity. In the later days they come in greater numbers and their attacks come closer together, so make sure you have a way of dealing with them!

Dusk and night both drain your sanity! They become longer in winter, which can be a problem. A tent is the best way to counter it, but yes, it does cost hunger, and food can be scarce in winter, and the dusk and night are longest in winter. You have to be careful when going out during the winter because you can freeze, so it's not to easy to stay sane in winter.

Food[ | ]

Don't Starve, Don't Starve, Don't Starve, Don't Starve! That's what you're supposed to do, not starve! How? By doing a few different things!

First of all, get some traps. These can trap spiders, frogs and rabbits. You will get loot from the spiders and frogs, but you will get live rabbits instead of morsels. The rabbits can starve in the trap (Turning into morsels) and anything perishable will rot in the trap if not taken.

Make some farms. This is great for survival. They can make Crock Pot recipes and serve as fillers. Pumpkins are great when cooked and can make Pumpkin Cookies. Dragon Fruit is wonderful as well, and it can make Dragon Pie, which restores a colossal amount of Hunger and Health, as well as a Sanity boost, and these can be all be made by a simply planting a Seed in a farm. Farms aren't expensive what-so-ever, and seeds are everywhere. However, they grow very slowly if at all in winter, so it might be a good idea to leave them in the farms until you need them for winter since they do not spoil in the farm. You can speed their growth by giving the plants 2 manure, or by making an improved farm instead. They are much faster then normal farms. If trouble is had when getting Manure, one should feed Petals to a pig for cheap and fast Manure.

Make a Crock Pot. This way you can use Monster Foods as fillers (Excluding Monster Lasagna) You can also use Mushrooms as fillers! You can make Taffy and Pumpkin Cookies to restore your sanity, and there are probably other crock pot recipes that restore your sanity. Meatballs restore quite a bit of hunger, while Fishsticks restore a lot of health.

Be sure to create an Icebox. This slows food spoilage and can be useful when hoarding food before winter begins. This can make farms even more useful, or you could choose to hoard carrots right before winter. And when collecting those berries from berry bushes, then you have a place to put them! An Icebox is very helpful, and much needed!

You may need Drying Racks as well. These allow you to dry morsels, meat, etc. to make jerky! Normal jerky gives you 15 sanity, 25 hunger and 20 health! Only normal meat will make normal jerky, morsels will make Small Jerky and monster meat will make Monster Jerky. There may be more, I'm not sure. Get some Bee Boxes! They will give you honey every now and then (not in winter). When you harvest honey, however, your bees will emerge to chase you a bit for stealing. I don't blame them, I would too! Also, keep in mind they become angry in the spring, and will attack you if you get too close. They will still produce honey (they will all attack if you fight back).

Make a birdcage and get a bird in it! This way you can feed it any type of meat to get an egg, including monster meat (except if it's raw)! Durians result in durian seeds, which you can eat without losing anything. You can also let eggs rot to make gunpowder. Feeding a bird any type of plant from a farm will give you 1-2 of that plant's seeds, which can be helpful for making a dragonpie!

Ponds are also a good way of obtaining food, as frogs spawn from them and you can fish from them using a fishing rod. I don't personally go for this method often, but it is an option. Also note that ponds found in the swamp spawn mosquitoes during the dusk and night instead of frogs during the day.

Pigs and bunnymen are a great way to get food. More information on that below.

Farming Things Easily[ | ]

Have trouble farming food and stuff? Or want to have fun doing it? Well, these are some methods! Feel free to add how you like to farm things.

Tallbirds[ | ]

Guess what I farm? I farm tallbirds. How? Well, I found a tallfort next to a spider den. I got a lureplant next to it that will trap the tallbirds if I need them to not chase me because I'm low on health, and the spider den is tier 3, which easily deals with a tallbird. I lead the tallbirds away from the rest and tank it with a log suit and football helmet. I watch the tallbirds and the spiders fight, then pick up the meat fast enough so the spiders can't eat it. They don't attack me because I'm Webber, another character could do this with pigs. It's so much fun! Although it's dangerous Don't Starve is full of risks, if you didn't take risks, what fun would it be?

Rabbits[ | ]

Rabbits are good to farm to! Place a carrot and wait until they come, then come and kill them! They won't run away when eating it! Careful, though, they will consume it if not dealt with!

Another way to farm rabbits is put traps on the holes. They have to go into their hole, so they'll run into it! Sometimes those little pests can somehow go into their holes without triggering it, which can get annoying but this is the most efficient way to make use of the traps when you want rabbits.

Frogs[ | ]

You can also farm frogs! Put a trap down in a place full of ponds, not in a swamp, those don't produce frogs, and bam, you'll have frog legs in no time!

Pigs and Bunnymen[ | ]

You can farm pigs. How? First of all, get some pig skins. You can do this by hammering pig heads found in marshes and next to touch stones. You can also kill pigs that have already spawned and hammer their houses. This will not only yield pig skin, but also cut stone and boards, which you will also need.

The next step? Make some pig houses. Put them near Spiders or Beefalo. In mating season, the Beefalo will attack the Pigs. If you put the houses in the spider webbing, then when they come out Spiders will come out and they will fight, resulting in loot. If the nest gets to tier 2 or 3, then they can easily deal with a couple pigs. However, planting a house on the webbing will result in spiders coming out unless you're Webber, so beware of that! Additionally, the spiders will actually eat the Pig Skin, Meat and Monster Meat on the ground as soon as they see it, an so will Pigs, although slower.

For Bunnymen, you'll have to go underground. You'll have to kill some bunnymen first, to get the bunny puffs. Then get 4 boards and 10 carrots.You can then make a Rabbit Hutch. Once you have a few Rabbit Hutches, befriend a Bunnymen and order it to attack another one, without you attacking it, and all Bunnymen will attack that one. After a while, when almost no more Bunnymen remain, kill them yourself. By placing a Spider Den near Rabbit Hutches, you can easily farm Silk, Spider Glands, and, if you're quick, Meat and Carrots as well.

Befriending[ | ]

Befriending pigs is very useful. However, they are not the only thing you can befriend! Bunnymen and rock lobsters you can befriend as well. Webber cannot befriend Bunnymen or pigs, but he can befriend spiders. It is advised not to befriend bunnymen when you're wigfrid, due to the fact she only eats meat and bunnymen attack the character if their carrying meat.

Pigs[ | ]

The player (if any character but Webber) can befriend pigs by feeding them meat! Do not feed them monster meat (Or any monster food) because if they eat 4 monster meat, they will turn into werepigs. They have randomized names (One of my favorites is "Moon Pie". "Bacon" is a possibility to, and another of my favorites.). They can be very useful!

Pigs can:

  • Chop down forests
  • Fight
  • Say awesome things like "NOM NOM NOM" or "I LOVE FRIEND"
  • Wear hats. They cannot take them off unless you replace it with another hat.
  • Be healed with healing items

This is what pigs can do! They're awesome! Need wood? Befriend a few and chop down a forest, then replant them and do it all again! Need some spider glands and/or silk? Befriend pigs and kill some spiders! Need meat? Befriend pigs and kill pengulls in the winter! (Haven't tested this so make sure to bring a few because pengulls may be able to kill them.)

Pigs can be very useful. If you befriend them they follow you for a little while, then leave unless they're fed again.

Pigs are pretty tough, but that doesn't mean they can defeat everything. A few pigs can't defeat a herd of beefalo, it would take a lot to defeat those beasts. Use their strength to your advantage, but don't overestimate them.

Honestly, I think pigs are adorable. When they rub their belly it means they will leave soon if not fed more meat! I don't have a picture but if anyone does that would be useful.

Bunnymen[ | ]

Bunnymen are also befriendable. They can be given carrots to befriend. they will follow you for a while then leave if not fed again. Even a befriended bunnyman will be hostile if the player picks up meat. They will not attack you for carrying a ham bat or tallbird egg. They do not attack Chester for having meat, so do not worry about that. You can store all your meat in Chester!

I'm not sure what Bunnymen can do, as I do not often venture into the caves. They might not be able to chop trees, but they can wear hats just like pigs.

Rock Lobsters[ | ]

Rock Lobsters are befriendable as well! Give them a mineral to befriend them. They are very tough, having over 1000 health and dealing a lot of damage.They are immune to fire items such as the fire staff and fire dart, but they are not immune to gunpowder. They can take out giants without much of problem. Since they are immune to both fire and ice, they can defeat even the Deerclops, though the Dragonfly can kill them in a few hits. She is much too powerful. They are useful companions. As soon as they stop being an ally, if above ground, they will go to the nearest rocky biome and stay there.

Again, I do not know the full abilities of the Rock Lobster because I don't go into caves too often.

Spiders (As Webber)[ | ]

Spiders can be amazing allies! Although they can only be allied as Webber, they are amazing companions! You can even befriend the warriors and stuff. (As a side note, you cannot befriend the Spider Queen.)

Spiders cannot chop down trees like pigs, but they are useful. The warriors are very strong. Befriending them also gives you an advantage in the caves, where they are plentiful.

If you attack another spider any befriended spiders will as well.

You can also ally spiders with the Spiderhat, obtained from killing the Spider Queen. 10 spiders will follow you. The Spider Queen and spiders spawned by her will still be hostile.

Giants[ | ]

Giants are bosses. The Deerclops, Moose/Goose, Dragonfly and Bearger are the giants. They can be very powerful.

Each giant comes in a different season. There are other bosses as well, and the ones other then the four I mentioned can come anytime under certain conditions, like a treeguard can show up after you chop down enough trees.

Most bosses have a large insanity aura and some can be a major threat to the world.

Here are a few methods for defeating the giants as well as some information on them. The seasonal bosses despawn when their season ends as well.

The Deerclops, the Giant of Winter[ | ]

The Deerclops comes in the winter. In RoG, he can freeze his foes. Be wary of him. I honestly think he's one of the weaker ones, however. He can destroy structures and trees. He will target structures near his target instead of his target.

The Deerclops has 2000 health. He does 75 damage to the player and 150 to mobs. His loot is 8 meat, and of course, his special drop, his eyeball. His insanity aura is -400 per min.

It will destroy any structures it falls on when it dies.

There are a few good ways of dealing with him. Here are some good methods:

  • Beefalo. Make sure you have a large herd before using this method, he can easily demolish them if the herd isn't big enough. Due to his freezing abilities, this may not be as effective in RoG. (However, if you do not have RoG, then it is very useful!)
  • Pengulls works as well, although can't completely kill him. If you happen to get a lot, they can take a bit of health but he is too powerful to be to effected by them.
  • Tooth traps work well! It takes 34 sprung traps to kill him, but the player can kite (Hit and dodge) in the process.
  • Kiting! It may take a while and will have a hit on your sanity, but you can hit him 2 times and run, dodging his attack. You can do three if you have some sort of speed boost.
  • Gunpowder will work as well. It takes 10 to kill him, although I believe if you finish him off with gunpowder his eyeball burns, so you may want to finish him off some other way after using 9 gunpowder.
  • Just lead him somewhere where he will get distracted and run. If he's far enough from your base he will not come back, so if you do this you may be able to not fight him at all. Although if he despawns you will not get his loot, so if you don't need his drops, then just drop him off somewhere!

The deerclops special drop is his eyeball. This has a few uses, it doesn't rot and you can eat it. It gives you 60 health, 75 hunger and -15 sanity. It's a pretty useful item.

  • For 1 eyeball, 15 twigs and 4 boneshards you can make the Eyebrella. It provides great overheating protection and complete protection from rain and lightning.
  • For the eyeball, a Guardian's Horn and 5 Thulecite, you can make the Houndius Shootius. It's a structure that can attack mobs and is pretty useful. Beware, you can only make 3 in a world because the ancient guardian, which drops the horn, doesn't respawn, so if you manage to get it, make sure to make good use of it! It is great against hounds, so putting it in a panic room or somewhere like that is useful. It can also be used for farming materials dropped from mobs!

He will try to destroy your base, be warned! He may not do this if you leave him somewhere faraway, but he does try to destroy structures so make sure to be wary of him.

The Bearger, the Giant of Autumn[ | ]

The Bearger is the giant that comes in autumn. If you leave him alone he's not too much of a danger. He will eat food on the ground and in chests, bee boxes, berry bushes, etc. He will not attack the player unless they get too close, or they are carrying food when there are none on the ground near him. Attacking the player requires them to be near him.

The Bearger has 3000 health, and does 100 damage to players and 200 damage to mobs. His loot is 8 meat and his special drop, the Thick Fur. His insanity aura is -400 per min when fighting and -100 otherwise.

The Bearger doesn't really target the player unless provoked. It will of course spawn near you. He attacks nearby mobs. He can slam the ground with his front paws, destroying structures and trees. He will also stand on his hind legs and swipe at you.

It's probably best to just leave him alone if you don't care for his drop. Yea, his drop can be pretty useful though, I'll get to that later. For now, here are methods to kill him:

  • You can "Poison" the Bearger using certain foods, due to the fact he will eat anything he sees on the ground. Foods like Monster meat, Red Caps, etc. can weaken him, and if you have a lot, maybe even kill him.
  • Gunpowder/Blow Dart/Pan Flute (Or Sleep Darts) works well. Put him to sleep and use 14 gunpowder, then kill him with 2 blow darts and get his loot! You can also use the old bell 3 times to kill him, however that can be expensive.
  • Treegaurd! You can have him destroy trees until a Treeguard spawns. This is also a good way to get logs.
  • Beefalo, though that may or may not be effective, due to the fact his attacks can effect several mobs and he has a wide attack range, so unless you have a lot of Beefalo or don't want them, then don't do this.

His special drop, thick fur, has a couple uses. These are its uses:

  • The Insulated Pack can be made from the fur, 3 gears and 3 electric doodads. It adds 6 slots to your inventory, and slows the rate perishable food items rot.
  • You can also make the Hibearnation Vest from the fur, along with a dapper vest and 2 rope. It takes your chest slot and restores sanity, 4.5 per min. It provides warmth, which delays freezing in winter. It also slows hunger loss. It has enough sanity gain to make you lose no sanity during the night and dusk, and in caves and the ruins. It also has a pun, HiBEARnation.

The Moose/Goose, the Giant of Spring[ | ]

The Moose/Goose comes in the spring. It will leave you alone if you just leave it. She can knock the player's weapon out of their hand by honking.

The Moose/goose has 3,000 health, deals 75 damage to the player and 150 to mobs and drops 6 meat, 1 drumsticks, and 3-5 of her special drop, Down Feathers. She does not have an insanity aura.

If she's left alone, after a while she'll lay an egg. It will hatch into Moslings, which will spawn another moose/goose if they're attacked. She doesn't target the player, as long as you leave her alone. She really just comes to lay and protect her egg and Moslings.

She will attack Walls but not other Structures.

Here are some methods of dealing with the giant of spring:

  • Beefalo. One time she came when I was near my beefalo. I heard my beefalo dying so I thought that they where all going to die, because I didn't have many of them left. Well, next time I went over there, I found the moose/goose drops. Since she can only hit one at a time, enough beefalo can easily kill her.
  • Kiting. You can run and hit until she's dead. You should have some kind of armor if you do this.
  • Put her to sleep and kill her with 14 gunpowder and finish her with 2 blowdarts for her loot.
  • Kill her by hitting her tree times with the old bell, although the old bell may be tricky to obtain.

Her special drop, the down feather, will drop in quantities from 3-5 from her. Here are some uses for them.

  • If you use 5 feathers, 2 reeds and 2 rope you can make the Luxury Fan. It cools the player down and puts out fires. It has 15 uses.
  • For 10 feathers, 1 Volt goat horn, and 1 gear, you can make the Weather Pain. It makes a tornado whirlwind and destroys objects, as well as dealing damage to mobs.

The Dragonfly, the Giant of Summer[ | ]

She is by far the strongest boss.. She burns everything and eats the ashes. If you have ashes with you she will act as normal, but follow the path of the character. This can be used to lead her from your base. She will burn anything flammable.

She has 2750 health, goes on fire if attacked, and has an insanity aura of -400 per min. She does 75 damage with her swipe. She drops Scales as her special drop, along with 8 Meat. If you can't kill her, make her sleep by feeding her 20 ashes. After it falls asleep, you can kill her with Gunpowder or let her despawn.

There are ways to kill it. She is immune to fire damage, but that doesn't mean gunpowder!

  • The best way to kill it is putting her to sleep and using 14 gunpowder to kill her.
  • Make her despawn with 20 ashes. She despawns after eating that many and will despawn herself from burning a lot of things and eating the ashes. She will fall asleep before despawning, so this can also be used to kill her with gunpowder.
  • You CAN kite, it's just dangerous and it's a lot easier when using two Structures to stop her from moving. If timed correctly, the player can hit her 2 times and not take damage from burning. Use at least 2 log suits and 2 football helmets, because they will probably break, and you should use something better than a spear because it would take 81 hits to kill her with a spear. Also make sure to bring something to heal yourself with, and possibly an ice staff because she will turn into her calm state after being frozen, so you can get away if you need to.

If you can manage to kill her, then the scales can be quite useful.

  • Scalemail can be made for the scales, a log suit and 3 pig skins. It gives you fire immunity, sets other mobs on fire, and gives you a sanity boost over time. (+3.3 per min) It can make the second encounter with the dragonfly much easier. Do not use it near anything important and flammable, as mobs that are ignited can run and spread the flames.
  • For the scales, 4 boards and 10 gold, the scaled chest can be made. It a fireproof chest. Put valuable, flammable things thing in it. Don't make this before the Scalemail, as the Scalemail makes the next encounter with the dragonfly a lot easier.
  • Scaled Flooring can be made if you use the scales and 2 cut stone. You receive 6, and it slows the spread of fire. This can only be made in Don't Starve Together.
  • In DST The Scaled Furnace acts as a Magma Pools found near the Dragonfly Set Piece, however it doesn't cause burn damage.

Blueprint 畫廊[ | ]

基本 遊戲開始整體概況關於夜晚
DLC 巨人王朝巨人王朝的終極指南船難
露營 Base CampFrog Pond CampSelf-sustaining SettlementMarsh CampCamping UndergroundSummer Cave Base
農場 Gold Nugget FarmRenewable FarmingFarmingNightmare Fuel FarmingFarming the CavesSlurtle SlimeKrampiiFire Farm
生存 冒險模式狩獵生物如何不挨餓如何生存Hound Wave Survival蘑菇Boss Drops探索洞穴冬天烹飪鍋料理Panic Room GuideJust Spawned進階的世界世界與洞穴永遠生存的終極指南
技術性 Physical Damage AbsorptionConsole Commands(Automatically Start Dedicated Server (Linux)Simple Dedicated Server SetupDon’t Starve Together Dedicated Servers Don't Starve Together icon)
角色 薇洛沃爾夫岡溫蒂薇克柏頓的書伍迪的詛咒麥斯威爾