Don't Starve 中文維基
Don't Starve 中文維基
Wilbur talking


This page explains quotes "said" by Wilbur. Wilbur cannot speak in a meaningful language, instead he makes random monkey-like noises (expressed as words on the screen as opposed to sound) when he announces or inspects something. These quotes give no useful information. They are also completely random, the quote will change even when examining the same object.

The quotes are generated with 1 to 6 "words", each of which contain 2

to 5 characters.

  • The first character in each word is always an "O".
  • The next 1 to 3 characters consist of an "o" (70% chance) or an "a".
  • There is a 1/3 chance the word ends there, if not the last character will be either an "e" or an "h" with equal chance.

Between each word, there is a 60% chance that there will only be a space. Otherwise, with equal likelihood, a comma, a period, a question mark or an exclamation mark can be placed.

The only 'real' word Wilbur can say is when examining Cave Bananas. He will say "Nanas!"

After all the words, the "sentence" will end with a period, a question mark or an exclamation mark with equal chance for each.

Example Wilbur quotes:

  • Ooo!
  • Ooh? Ooae!
  • Ooae Oooh Oaoa! Ooooe.
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