冒險模式Don't Starve的一個模式. 在冒險模式中,玩家將進入一個與遊戲主宰者Maxwell的對抗戰役. 世界將劃分為幾個章節,每一章節將有其各自的主題(將會藉由Maxwell介紹).每章的主要的目標就是生存,拿到四個木製材料並組合起來,啟動它然後進入下一個章節. The objective of each chapter is to survive, gather all four pieces of the Wooden Thing, assemble it, and activate it in order to progress to the next chapter.

當進入下一個章節時可以選擇四個東西前往下一個章節(其他東西將會變成灰燼,Wilson的鬍子並不算物品.相等的WX-78吃掉的齒輪也可以帶走.)Players can take up to four items of their choice with them when teleporting between chapters. Wilson's Beard does not count as an item, so it is maintained. WX-78's stat increases from eating Gears also is carried over between chapters.任何章節特定的物品也會就此消滅.所以也不用特別蒐集物品;但已經消耗材料製作但沒放置的建築等還是可以帶走,然後在新世界放置. Any character-specific item will also be replaced, meaning you do not have to bring them with you. Also, any built but not yet placed structures will carry over with the player, ready to be deployed in the next world.

進入冒險模式Entering Adventure Mode

玩家將可以在沙盒模式(Sandbox Mode)裡Maxwell的門(Maxwell's Door.)來進入冒險模式.玩家可以帶走全部目前擁有的一切物品及製作提示.如果玩家在冒險模式中死亡,那將會在沙盒模式重生並回歸進入冒險模式之前的狀態.玩家還是可以馬上進去重新開始冒險模式.每次進去都會從第一章節開始但是地圖會不一樣. The player is not allowed to bring anything over from Sandbox Mode (including learned recipes). If the player dies in Adventure Mode, they will wake up in Sandbox mode in the same state as they left it; the player can then immediately try again if they wish. Visiting Adventure Mode always starts the player at the very first chapter and a newly generated map, irrespective of previous attempts.


At the start of each level and every time the player loads up an Adventure game the title of the level is displayed and the number of chapter. The length of Adventure Mode is 5 chapters plus an Epilogue. The order of appearance for most worlds is chosen at random. However, in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th world, the map will show some of the path indicating where the objectives are. A world only appears once in an Adventure play-through, but there are more worlds than chapters, which means that some worlds may not appear. There are 72 possible combinations of these 5 levels.

For more tips on every chapters, please check Guides/Adventure Guide.

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