Don't Starve 中文維基
Don't Starve 中文維基

Me pirate sense be tinglin'.



Lock解锁[ | ]

Woodlegs cage

Woodlegs trapped inside a cage.

Wilson Portrait
That seems like an excessive amount of locks.

威爾森,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Willow Portrait
I guess he was bad to the bone.

薇洛,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Wolfgang Portrait
Is locked.

沃爾夫岡,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Wendy Portrait
At least his soul escaped.

溫蒂,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Wickerbottom Portrait
How did you get in there, scruffy sir?

薇克伯頓,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Woodie Portrait
Are you OK in there, buddy?

伍迪,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Maxwell Portrait
We are all trapped, in one way or another.

麥斯威爾,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Wagstaff Portrait
I would very much like to know how he got in there.

瓦格斯塔夫,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Wigfrid Portrait
A löcked cage!

薇格弗德,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Webber Portrait
Someone free him!

韋伯,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Walani Portrait
Whoever invented cages had a cruel heart.

瓦拉尼,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Warly Portrait
Bonjour garcon, can you tell me... oh... I see...

沃利,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Woodlegs Portrait
「'Tis a wretched thing.

木腿船長,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Wilba Portrait

薇爾芭,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Wormwood Portrait
Very locked

沃姆伍德,when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Wheeler Portrait
Someone needs rescuing!

薇勒爾,when examining Woodlegs's Cage



The 'Sea Legs' 特殊能力[ | ]

木腿船长在开始游戏时,距离他最近的四分之一的藏宝地会在地图上有标示,除此之外还有一个幸运帽、望远镜、船炮、4 个木板和 4 个金币。最后三样东西可以让他制作只有他能制作的船-‘海腿’号。‘海腿’号和装甲船有同样的耐久性及速度,且无限发射次数的船炮可以造成 50 点的伤害。

Woodlegs Special


他的幸运帽让伍德莱格可以嗅出宝藏. 那代表了在他戴着帽子时. 新的宝藏标记(每顶帽子最多六个) 会出现在邻近岛屿. 帽子有十天的耐久而且可以用三个布 四个骨片还有十个海盗金币做出来.幸运帽和海腿号都不需要用任何研究机器就能做出.

缺点[ | ]

伍德莱格在靠岸及上岸后会以每分钟 4.8 点的速度失去理智值。这使得只有 120 点理智值的他极容易在游戏初期陷入低理智的困境。

‘海腿’号没有装备栏,且它的加速只有普通船的 50%。除此之外,比起装甲船对于晕眩免疫的时间有 2 秒,它只有 1 秒,但还是高于其他种船。

Prototype 提示[ | ]

  • 在游戏前期,回复理智值的最好的办法是在探索的途中捡取花朵贝壳
  • 在藏宝地挖出的储物箱中是有可能会获得步行手杖或图勒棒的,让伍德莱格在没有航行的状况下也能有‘海腿’号的速度。
  • 被‘海腿’号加农炮射中的椰子炸弹可以在没有铲子的情况下用于挖开X标记下的宝箱,只要宝物在加农炮的射程范围内。
    • 相同的事情也可以应用于大多数的工具,比如说树木,巨石,竹子丛等等。 除了树木之外,易燃物品不会被摧毁它们的爆炸点燃,它们也不会掉落。
  • ‘海腿’号的加农炮可以用于轻易地杀死 鸟类,螃蟹,狗鱼和水母等。
    • 因为用它击中的敌人不会产生仇恨,所以这是一个轻松击杀鲸鱼的高效工具。击中刚用它杀死的鲸鱼,会让鲸鱼尸体进入膨胀的第二阶段。
      • 也可以用加农炮代替砍刀来收获完全膨胀的鲸鱼。
  • 每当大炮的炮弹降落在水面上时,将会产生大浪,它将从撞击点向外移动。海浪的方向编码方式是人们在炮弹射击时始终以伍德莱格的位置为目标,因此不建议在使用大炮时留在一个地方。
  • 给猿猴或野猪佩戴幸运帽的好处仍会触发,尽管只有66%的效果。可以利用通过给很多动物提供多个帽子来同时产生许多X标记点。
  • 在早期攻击海怪可能非常有益,因为它掉落的海盗背包的被动效果可以在很长一段时间内为木腿船长的特殊物品提供许多金币。 这在飓风季节中特别有用,因为海盗鹦鹉不会产生。

Gramophone 语录[ | ]


Placeholder 你知道吗?[ | ]

In-Game[ | ]

  • Woodlegs was added to Don't Starve: Shipwrecked in the Release the Quacken update on February 25, 2016.
    • Woodlegs was the first character to be revealed for Shipwrecked, but was the last to be added.
  • Since Woodlegs is a pirate, he seems to speak Pirate Lingo; his old motto was "Yarrr".
  • Woodlegs used to have an additional perk: When sinking, he would not drown, but would instead be spawned on the closest island and provided with materials needed to craft a Log Raft. However, this ability was removed in the Seas the Day update.
  • Woodlegs' voice is played by a concertina, an instrument commonly associated with pirates.
  • His peglegs give him unique sound effects when walking.
  • He can "bend" his legs as if he had knees, though this may be unintentional, since the legs do not bend in the animated trailers.
  • When struck by Lightning, it can be seen that Woodlegs has bones in his peg legs.
  • He is one of six characters that can't be unlocked via experience, alongside Wes, Maxwell, Webber, Wilbur, and Wilba.
  • When examined after freeing him, he has no defined name for this state, leaving the default phrase MISSINGNAME.
  • An early iteration of Woodlegs would have made him able to transform into a skeleton, but the developers had trouble implementing the mechanic. Game files of this skeleton form became known as the unimplemented character Wilton.[1]

博学[ | ]

  • According to his examination quotes, Woodlegs had a crew including shipmates,[2] a cook,[3] and a first mate named Wildeye Weston.[4] He also once had a parrot.[5]
  • He may have originated from the real world in the future compared to the other Survivors, based on his examination quote for Waffles, "Just like me mum opened from th'package."
  • Woodlegs' tongue is made out of wood, considering his examination quote for Spicy Chili.

Blueprint 画廊[ | ]

Gramophone 声音[ | ]

Woodlegs' voice. File:Woodlegs Voice.ogg
Woodlegs getting hurt. File:Woodlegs Hurt Voice.ogg
Woodlegs dying. File:Woodlegs Death Voice.ogg
Woodlegs drowning (Shipwrecked icon). File:Woodlegs Drowning Voice.ogg

引用[ | ]

  1. Screenshots of JoeW's Discord comments shared by Canis. "Woodlegs was originally gonna be Wilton - bit of trivia for you", "He was gonna turn into a skeleton - but some of the mechanics didn't work out". Posted on August 30, 2019.
  2. Woodlegs quotes: Accomplishment completed- "If only me shipmates could see me now!"
  3. Woodlegs quotes: Hot Pumpkin- "Me ships cook used to add a dash o' cinnamon."
  4. Woodlegs quotes: Eye of the Tiger Shark- "Reminds me o' me ol' first mate, Wildeye Weston."
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