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Year of the Catcoon is an event in Don't Starve Together that began on January 27, 2022[1][2] and ended on March 24, 2022.[3] It is inspired by the Chinese Year of the Tiger, which starts on February 1, 2022 and ends on January 21, 2023. In the Chinese zodiac, each year is related to an animal in a 12-year cycle.

It is similar to the Year of the Gobbler, Year of the Varg, Year of the Pig King, Year of the Carrat, and Year of the Beefalo events, which came in the years before, and shares mechanics with them, such as the Offerings crafting tab, and most crafted items from those events. However, there are several additions and differences to be implemented into this event. Players can revisit this event by setting Events to Year of the Catcoon in the World Customization menu.

Catcoon Shrine[]

Waxwell Portrait.png
I suppose even a thief has its admirers.

Maxwell, when examining a Catcoon Shrine.

The Catcoon Shrine is a crafted Structure located in the Structures Tab, and requires 4 Gold Nuggets and 2 Boards to craft. It is always available to craft and does not require prototyping.

Offering a Feather (including Down Feathers and Malbatross Feathers) to the Catcoon Shrine will grant players access to the Offerings Tab where they are able to acquire event-specific items using Lucky Gold Nuggets. Once a single feather has been added, the Offerings Tab is opened permenantly and will never need to be replenished unless the Shrine is destroyed.

Gold Nugget.png


Interface arrow right.png
Catcoon Shrine.png


Wanda Portrait.png
Botheration, they're so distractingly cute!

Wanda, when examining Festive Kitcoon

Kitcoons are a passive mob that will be hidden around the Constant for players to find and befriend. Once found, players can left-click a kitcoon to pet them, or right-click a kitcoon to abandon it. Kitcoons will walk around the shelter, play with other kitcoons, and activate various toys that the player can create. Their name is a portmanteau of Kitty and Catcoon, latter of which itself is a portmanteau of Cat and Racoon.

Finding Kitcoons[]

Kitcoons are hidden in different Biomes across the Constant, they can be found in the Grasslands, Savanna, Deciduous Forest, Desert, forest, Marsh, Mosaic and on the Lunar Island. They will be hidden behind objects such as trees, saplings, rocks, etc. and their tail will be sticking out from behind whatever they are hiding behind.

The easiest way to locate Kitcoons is to summon and follow a Ticoon.

Kitcoon Locations
Kitcoon Biomes Objects
Kitcoon.png Deciduous Forest Birchnut Tree.pngSapling.pngBerry Bush.png
Forest Kitcoon.png Forest Evergreen.pngA Lumpy Evergreen.png
Savanna Kitcoon.png Savanna Grass Tuft.png
Swamp Kitcoon.png Swamp SpikeBush.png
Plains Kitcoon.png Grasslands Flower.pngEvil Flower.png
Rock Kitcoon.png Mosaic Boulder.pngGold Vein.pngBoulder Flintless.pngMarble Shrub Tall Round.pngMoonrock boulder.png
Desert Kitcoon.png Desert Bones.pngOasis Cactus.pngSpikeBush.png
Moon Kitcoon.png Lunar Mine Boulder.pngGold Vein.pngMoonrock boulder.pngMoon Glass all.png
YOT Kitcoon.png Any Kitcoon Nursery.png

Lucky Gold Nugget.pngLucky Gold Nugget[]

Wilson Portrait.png
What a lucky find!

Wilson, when examining a Lucky Gold Nugget.

Glommer.png Main article: Lucky Gold Nugget

Lucky Gold Nuggets are used to acquire items from the Offerings Tab and can be obtained from Red Pouches, which can be obtained in these ways:

  • A Catcoon coughing up an item, whether it's befriended or not, will drop a Red Pouch in addition to the normal item drop.
  • Whenever the player finds a Kitcoon in the world, it will drop a Large Red Pouch.
  • When the player uses a Kitcoon Nursery to play Hide and Seek, they get a red pouch each time they find a kitcoon and a possible large pouch from the Kitcoon Nursery as a reward.

Small Red Pouches contain 1 Lucky Gold Nugget, while Large Red Pouches contain 4.

Icon Offerings.png Offerings Tab[]

A variety of different items can be obtained from the Offerings Tab when standing next to an activated Catcoon Shrine. These items cannot be prototyped; in order to craft an item under this tab, the player must always be near a Catcoon Shrine.

The following items can be crafted only at the Catcoon Shrine:

The following items were introduced in previous New Year events and can be crafted both at the Catcoon Shrine and all other Lunar New Year shrines:


Wigfrid Portrait.png
A mighty beast wörthy öf his cröwn. He will lead us tö victöry!


Ticoons can be used to help find Kitcoons and can be summoned from an active Catcoon Shrine for 1 Lucky Gold Nugget. After they are summoned, they will start walking towards the nearest undiscovered Kitcoon and periodically stop and wait for the player to follow before continuing on. If the player goes in another direction the Ticoon will follow, but when the player stops moving they will hiss and turn back towards the direction of the Kitcoon, waiting for the player to continue following.

Once the Ticoon is close to the hidden Kitcoon they will stop and stay around the area where it is located. An "Investigate" option will appear when hovering over the object it is hidden behind, and the Kitcoon will come out when found by the player, dropping a Large Red Pouch as well. After a few seconds the Ticoon will disappear and another Ticoon will need to be summoned to locate another Kitcoon.

There are 9 Kitcoons in total, 8 of which can be found in the biomes listed below. Once all of the Kitcoons are found and sent to the Kitcoon Nursery, the final Kitcoon will appear next to the player.

Kitcoon Nursery[]

Webber Portrait.png
A nice safe place for kitcoons to rest after playing.


The Kitcoon Nursery Kit can be placed to create the Kitcoon Nursery structure. The Kitcoon Nursery is where Kitcoons can be returned after the player has found them. When standing near the Nursery, a "Send Home" option will appear while hovering the mouse over any Kitcoons currently following the player. Sending a Kitcoon home will cause them to be attached to that Nursery, and they will stay wandering within a certain short range of that Nursery. A player can hover over a Kitcoon which is at home and select the option to "Pet" it, which will cause the Kitcoon to begin following that specific player.

Players can click Kitcoon Nursery to play hide and seek mini game with Kitcoons.

Kit Collar[]

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Ah, it does bring back memories of my dear old cat...

Wickerbottom, when examining a Kit Collar

The Kit Collar can be crafted and used on a Kitcoon to give the Kitcoon a name. Similar to the Beefalo Bell, left clicking on a Kitcoon while holding the Kit Collar will cause an interface to appear that allows the player to enter a name for the Kitcoon, or select a pre-generated name by clicking the "Random" button. Named Kitcoons will display their given name when hovering over them instead of the word "Kitcoon".

The interface to type in a name for player's Kitcoon

Wind-up Mouse Toy[]

Wortox Portrait.png
Wind the bobbin up, pull, pull!

Wortox, when examining a Wind-up Mouse Toy

The Wind-up Mouse Toy can be crafted and placed on the ground for Kitcoons and Catcoons to play with. Kitcoons and Catcoons will occasionally walk up to the toy and interact with it, causing it to wheel back and forth for two seconds. Kitcoons will chase the toy while adult Catcoons will not. Wind-up Mouse Toys do not appear to have any other function besides allowing the player to watch Kitcoons and Catcoons play with them.

Gobbler Wobbler[]

Webber Portrait.png
We hope the kitcoons like it!

Webber, when examining a Gobbler Wobbler

The Gobbler Wobbler can be crafted and placed on the ground for Kitcoons and Catcoons to play with. Kitcoons and Catcoons will occasionally walk up to the toy and interact with it, causing it to wobble in place. Gobbler Wobblers do not appear to have any other function besides allowing the player to watch Kitcoons and Catcoons play with them.

Kit Teaser[]

Winona Portrait.png
The kits sure seem to like it.

Winona, when examining a Kit Teaser

The Kit Teaser can be crafted and placed on the ground for Kitcoons and Catcoons to play with. Kitcoons and Catcoons will occasionally walk up to the toy and interact with it, causing it to spin dangling arm around in one rotation. Kit Teasers do not appear to have any other function besides allowing the player to watch Kitcoons and Catcoons play with them.

Figure Sketches[]

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Picture will help Wolfgang carve nice rocks!


Kitcoon Figure Sketches and Catcoon Figure Sketches can be acquired at the Catcoon Shrine in exchange for 8 Lucky Gold Nuggets. They can then be given to a Potter's Wheel to sculpt Kitcoon and Catcoon Figures.

Potter's Wheel.png Figures[]

Winona Portrait.png
I can't tell if this a great feat of engineering or a very stupid one. Either way, it sure is cute.

Winona, examining a Kitcoon Figure

Warly Portrait.png
At least this one won't try to sneak off with my lunch.

Warly, examining a Catcoon Figure

Trade Inn Kitcoon Minigame[]

Glommer.png Main article: Trade Inn#Collar Me Impressed

During the Year of the Catcoon event, a new minigame was added to the Trade Inn in which the player can raise a baby Kitcoon.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • Ticoon may lead the player to potentially dangerous mobs or locations, be aware of the surroundings when following them. Ticoon may also be lightly nudged in another direction, by walking into them, to avoid walking directly into danger when hunting for Kitcoons.
  • Ticoon and Catcoons do not get along, be cautious when around Catcoons or they may end up fighting and dying.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • Kitcoons found will follow the player until they are either abandoned or sent home to a Kitcoon Nursery, though they seem similar to Critters in the fact that they avoid any combat and do not take damage. They are slightly smaller than Critters in appearance, and can follow the player in addition to a Critter.



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