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X Marks the Spot is an object in the Shipwrecked DLC that appears only after its location has been revealed by reading a Message In A Bottle. It appears as two X-crossed bones over disturbed soil. It can be dug up with a Shovel to reveal Bone Shards and a Chest, which contains several pieces of treasure.

Possible Treasure:

The game has fixed presets of the treasure chest loot, mixed with some random loot plus some chance loot.

Random Loot:

One of these items is always added to the treasure chest, based on a weight list (the higher the number, the higher the chance of appearance).

Chance Loot:

Each item in this loot table has its own chance of appearing, or not. So it is possible to get every item or none .

Standard Random Loot:
As of now, nearly all outcomes have the same Loot Table for Random Loot:
Red GemBlue GemPurple GemPapyrusTuna CanBlueprintGold NuggetGearsRope
all equally weighted (1)

Standard Chance Loot:
As of now, most outcomes have the same Loot Table for Chance Loot:
Red Gem(25%)Blue Gem(25%)Purple Gem(10%)

Loot Preset Random Loot Chance Loot
Snakex3,Dubloonsx3 Blue Gem,Red Gem(weight 5) / Purple Gem,Green Gem,Orange Gem,Yellow Gem(weight 1)
Gold Nuggetx3 Standard Purple Gem(50%)Orange Gem(25%)Yellow Gem(25%)Green Gem(25%)
Dubloonsx5 Red GemBlue Gem(weight 5) / Purple Gem(weight 1)

Loot Preset Random Loot Chance Loot
Dubloonsx5,Super Spyglass,Boat Lantern,Poison Spear Standard
Dubloonsx5, Miner Hat, Obsidian Axe Standard
Dubloonsx5, Spyglass, Life Jacket, Captain Hat Standard
Dubloonsx5,Tuna Canx5 Standard Standard
One True Earring (Trinket) Standard Standard
Dubloonsx2, Peg Leg Standard Standard
Dubloonsx6, Volcano Staff Standard Standard
Dubloonsx2, Football Helmet, Spear, Seashell Suit Standard
Dubloons, Luxury Axe, Regal Shovel, Opulent Pickaxe Standard Standard
Dubloonsx4, Boat Lantern, Sea Trap Standard Standard
Dubloonsx3, Compass, Bone Shardsx2, Empty Bottle, Sand Standard
Dubloonsx3, Electrical Doodad, Gunpowderx3, Thermal Stone Standard Standard
Dubloons, Dark Sword, Life Giving Amulet Standard Standard
Dubloonsx2, Obsidian Axe, Gunpowderx2 Standard Standard
Dubloonsx4, Cloth Sail, Boat Repair Kit, Boat Lantern Standard Standard

Loot Preset Random Loot Chance Loot
Dubloonsx3, Coconadex3, Boat Cannon Standard Standard
Dubloons, Snakeskin Hat, Snakeskin Jacket, Speargunx6 Standard Standard
Dubloonsx5, Gold Nuggetx5, Purple Gemx2, Red Gemx4, Blue Gemx2 Standard
Dubloonsx5, Thulecite Club, Thulecite Crown, Thulecite Suit, Blue Gemx2 Standard
Dubloons, Spyglass, Pirate Hat, Boat Cannon Standard Standard
Dubloons3, Boomerang, Snakeskinx3, Straw Hat Standard Standard
Dubloons, Gas Mask, Venom Glandx3, Poison Spear Standard Standard
Dubloons2, Coconadex2, Obsidian Coconade, Gunpowderx2 Standard Standard
Dubloonsx4, Luxury Machete, Top Hat, Ropex3, Spyglass Standard
Dubloonsx6, Speargunx4, Blubber Suit Standard Standard
Dubloonsx4, Bone Shardsx3, Nightmare Fuelx4, Purple Gemx2, Gold Nuggetx3 Standard
Dubloons, Gearsx4, Electrical Doodadx2, Spyglass, Gold Nuggetx2 Standard
Dubloonsx4, Pirate Hat, Boat Cannon Standard Standard
Dubloons, Captain Hat, Life Jacket, Tuna Can, Trawl Net Standard
Dubloonsx4, Windbreaker, Obsidian Machete Standard Standard
Dubloonsx4, Divining Rod Standard Standard
Dubloonsx3, Boomerang, Tooth Trapx2 Standard Standard
Dubloonsx6, Gold Nuggetx5 Standard Standard
Dubloonsx2, Obsidian Spear, Obsidian Armor Standard Standard

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