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It opens. And closes sometimes, too.


Wood Gates are craftable Structures located in the Structures Tab. They require an Alchemy Engine to be crafted from 2 Boards and 1 Rope. Wood Gates can be opened and closed by the player, either by clicking on them or by pressing Space while standing next to them. Together with Wood Fences, they can be used to pen Mobs. Wood Gates are flammable and can be destroyed with a Hammer, which will return all of their crafting ingredients. Wood Gates placed next to each other will always form a double gate and always open and close together.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

Old Wood Gate texture.

  • The Wood Gate was introduced to Don't Starve Together in the Cute Fuzzy Animals update during A New Reign. It was later added to Don't Starve in the Quality of Life update.
  • Wood Gates used to consist of two doors until their art was updated to support building double gates.
  • Wood Gates will always open in the same direction, no matter on which side the player is standing or how they were rotated when placed.

Mosquito.png Bugs[]

  • Placing Wood Gates to become a double gate can be difficult if they are placed in a gap between two fence ends. It is recommended to remove the fence on one side and place the gates beforehand.
  • Visually, Wood Gates do not work well with Walls of any kind. In certain angles they can look as if they were floating above them.

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