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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.pngHamlet.

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We should wish for world peace.


The Wishing Well is a naturally-spawning structure exclusive to the Hamlet DLC that can be found in some rooms of the Ancient Pig Ruins.

Players can give treasures to the Wishing Well, in exchange for a chance for getting healed and curing Poison. The amount of health healed is equal to 125% of its percentage chance for successfully triggering the healing. For example, a Gold Nugget has an 80% chance to trigger healing, and will heal 100 Health Meter.png when the effect occurs.

Acceptable Treasures[]

Item Chance Health Meter.png restored if working Average Health Meter.png restored / item
Oinc.png 4% 5 0.2
Dubloons.png 20% 25 5
Tenpiece Oinc.png 40% 50 20
Gold Nugget.png 80% 100 80
Centapiece Oinc.png 100% 500 500

End's Well[]

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Finally a chance to get something I wish for.


The End's Well can be found in a room of the Ancient Pig Ruins containing the Aporkalypse Calendar on the 5th island. While in its room, a deep, ambient humming sound can be heard. It appears to contain a whirlpool of Nightmare Fuel.

The End's Well accepts a larger variety of items than a regular Wishing Well does, although its limitations have not been documented. When an item is given to the End's Well, it has a chance to throw out at least one Purple Gem. If the End's Well does not give Purple Gems, either a Crawling Nightmare or a Nightmarebeak will appear and begin to attack the player. The chance for Purple Gems is based on the item given, although the details of the chances is also not well documented.

  • 1-3 Purple Gems have a 100% chance to be given back if Nightmare Fuel is given.
  • Other Gems appear to have a greater chance at returning a Purple Gem than most other items.
  • Most items given to the End's Well have an extremely low chance of giving Purple Gems.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • Rather than throwing in Tenpiece Oincs, it is much more efficient to throw in Gold if not in emergency, since Gold can be purchased with Tenpiece Oincs at Swinesbury Mineral Exchange.
  • Players can turn basic items into Purple Gems at the End's Well by giving them to the well, killing the Shadow Creatures that spawn, and then giving the Nightmare Fuel received back to the Well.

Mosquito.png Bugs[]

  • Dubloons cannot be thrown.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • The End's Well may be a reference to All's Well That Ends Well, a play by William Shakespeare. ("All's Well That Ends Well" was also the reference for the All's Well That's Maxwell Update.)

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