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For the non-event, seasonal mechanic posterior to Autumn, see Winter.
Happy Winter's Feast!


Winter's Feast is a Christmas-themed event in Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign that first took place during the Winter Holiday Season 2016.

Winter's Feast Dates
Year Starting Date End Date
2016 December 15, 2016 January 5, 2017
2017 December 18, 2017 January 8, 2018
2018 December 6, 2018 January 24, 2019
2019 December 12, 2019[1] January 23, 2020[2]
2020 December 3, 2020[3] January 6, 2021
2021 December 16, 2021 January 27, 2022

During the event, many exclusive features are available for players to enjoy, such as Winter Holiday-themed Skins, Winter Foods, craftable Gifts and Gift Wraps, Festive Tree Planters, Winter's Feast Trees, and a variety of Winter Ornaments.

In 2018 and 2020, the Winter's Feast Lantern Skin was given upon opening the game during this event.

In 2019, the Ice Fishing Rod Skin was given upon opening the game during this event.

Players can revisit this event by setting Events to Winter's Feast in the world creation menu. However, event-only skins will be disabled when revisiting the event.

Candy Cane.png Winter Foods

Wilson Portrait.png
I'm going to eat forty. For science.

Wilson, when examining a Sugar Cookie.

Winter Foods are exclusive Food items for the event. They have a 20% chance to be dropped randomly by killed Animals and Monsters. Much like Halloween Candies, they do not perish over time, and restore up to 2 Health, 2 Sanity and 3 Hunger. As an exception, the Eternal Fruitcake will be rejected by any character upon attempting to eat it, making it only useful for feeding other creatures (e.g. Pigs, to obtain Manure). All Winter Foods stack up to 40. Gingerbread Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Candy Canes, Eternal Fruitcakes and Chocolate Log Cakes can also be used to decorate Winter's Feast Trees.

The following Winter Foods are available:

Food Name Able to be put on Winter's Feast Tree Health Hunger Sanity Temperature Food type Spawn Code
Gingerbread Cookie.png Gingerbread Cookie Yes 0 3 1 Goodies "winter_food1"
Sugar Cookie.png Sugar Cookie Yes 0 2 2 Goodies "winter_food2"
Candy Cane.png Candy Cane Yes 2 0 2 Goodies "winter_food3"
Eternal Fruitcake.png Eternal Fruitcake Yes -2 6 -2 Veggie "winter_food4"
Chocolate Log Cake.png Chocolate Log Cake Yes 1 2 1 Goodies "winter_food5"
Plum Pudding.png Plum Pudding No 0 4 0 Veggie "winter_food6"
Apple Cider.png Apple Cider No 2 0 1 +15 Veggie "winter_food7"
Hot Cocoa.png Hot Cocoa No 1 0 2 +15 Goodies "winter_food8"
Heavenly Eggnog.png Heavenly Eggnog No 0 3 0 -15 Meat "winter_food9"

GiftLargeA.png Gifts

Woodie Portrait.png
They're just as fun to give as they are to receive.


Gifts work exactly like Bundled Supplies, containing up to 4 stacks of items. They can be created by players using Gift Wraps and vary in sizes and colors. Unlike Bundling Wraps, Gifts do not return the Gift Wrap's crafting materials when opened. Also, upon successfully opening a Loot Stash, 6 Gifts will drop containing items like Electric Milk, Gold Nuggets, Charcoal, Winter Food, and Boss loot, except for the Guardian's Horn.

Gift Wrap

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Wolfgang needs help tying little bow.


Gift Wraps work exactly like Bundling Wraps, except their crafting recipe is much cheaper and it gives 4 Gift Wraps per craft. Gift Wraps are found in the Survival Tab and crafted from 1 Papyrus and 1 Petals. They do not require prototyping. Perishable items stop spoiling when wrapped into a Gift Wrap. Some items are not allowed to be put in a Gift Wrap, for example Chester's Eye Bone, Star-Sky or the Stag Antler.

Festive Tree Icon.png Winter's Feast Tree

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Lovely job on the tree, dears.


Winter's Feast Trees can be grown by planting a Pine Cone, a Birchnut or a Twiggy Tree Cone in a Festive Tree Planter. Like regular Evergreens, Birchnut Trees and Twiggy Trees, they take four stages to grow, however, once they are fully grown, they will stop their life cycle.

When fully grown, the trees can be decorated with Winter Ornaments and Winter Food. To do this, players have to access the tree's inventory. Like Backpacks, Winter's Feast Trees have eight item slots, allowing for eight different ornaments to be placed on them. Each slot corresponds to a specific spot on the tree. The trees can also serve as light sources, if they are decorated with Festive Lights.

Winter's Feast Trees can be chopped with an Axe, dropping the same resources a tree of the same type and of equal size drops, as well as any Ornaments placed on them. The Festive Tree Planter will also be destroyed and drop its crafting materials.

If a player sleeps within two pitchfork tiles of a Winter's Feast Tree, a Gift will appear under the tree. In order to receive the Gift, the player must sleep in darkness, without light. The player can also sleep with a weak Thermal Stone inventory light, or sleep with between 1 and 5 Festive Lights on the Winter's Feast Tree.

A soft ringing of a bell will be heard shortly after the player goes to sleep (or when darkness sufficiently engulfs the player), and waking up any time afterwards will allow the player to see the Gift next to the tree.

This feature has a cooldown of four days for a Gift of rare items, or the player will get Charcoal and a Winter's Feast treat from the Gift instead. The following table lists the items that can be obtained from the Gift. Trinkets, Festive Baubles, and Festive Lights can also be obtained from these Gifts (not listed in table).

Days since last gift Tree Decorations Possible Gift Contents
Less than 4 Any One Charcoal.png and one of Gingerbread Cookie.pngSugar Cookie.pngCandy Cane.pngEternal Fruitcake.pngChocolate Log Cake.pngPlum Pudding.pngApple Cider.pngHot Cocoa.pngHeavenly Eggnog.png
4 or more Partially Decorated Moon Rock.png (30%) Gears.png (15%) Beefalo Hat.png Winter Hat.png Rabbit Earmuffs.png Cat Cap.png Moggles.png (7.5%)

Compass.png (4.5%) Sewing Kit.png Red Gem.png Blue Gem.png (3%) Green Gem.png Orange Gem.png Yellow Gem.png (1.5%)

Fully Decorated Gears.png Moon Rock.png Tam o' Shanter.png Walking Cane.png (14%) Red Gem.png Blue Gem.png Green Gem.png Orange Gem.png Yellow Gem.png Pan Flute.png (7%)

Like regular trees, Winter's Feast Trees are able to provide protection from Rain and Overheating for the players.

Festive Tree Planter

Wendy Portrait.png
We can plant a Winter's Feast tree.


The Festive Tree Planter is a craftable Structure located in the Structures Tab and requires 2 Manure and 1 Board to craft. It is always available to craft and does not require prototyping.

Festive Tree Planters can be Hammered like other craftable Structures, as long as they are empty or the planted Winter's Feast Tree is still a sapling. Destroying a Festive Tree Planter will return 1 Boards and 1 Manure, as well as a Pine Cone, Birchnut or Twiggy Tree Cone, if a sapling was growing in the planter.

Festive Bauble Fancy 8.png Ornaments

Festive Baubles

Webber Portrait.png
Can we get a boost? We can't reach the treetop.


Festive Baubles are decorative items meant to be placed on a Winter's Feast Tree. Mobs drop them randomly with a 0.5% chance, with the exclusion of Tentacles, Frogs, Reanimated Skeletons, and Killer Bees. They are also found in at least one of the gifts dropped by the Loot Stash, and by fishing in the Oasis Lake during Summer. When fishing up a Crumpled Package that was supposed to contain a Trinket, there is a 1/6 chance for it to be replaced with a plain ornament, and a 1/6 chance for a fancy ornament.

Festive Baubles stack up to 40, their spawn codes are "winter_ornament_plain1...8" and "winter_ornament_fancy1...4".

In 2017, eight more Festive Baubles were added to the game. Their spawn codes are "winter_ornament_plain9...12" and "winter_ornament_fancy5...8".

Magnificent Adornments

Wigfrid Portrait.png
Tis nöt a celebratiön withöut a gööd battle!


Magnificent Adornments are Boss Monsters related Winter Ornaments. They are dropped when players kill the respective Mobs and stack up to 40. Their spawn codes are "winter_ornament_boss_..." with the adjuncts "bearger", "deerclops", "moose", "dragonfly", "beequeen" and "toadstool".

In 2017, six more Magnificent Adornments were added to the game. Their spawn codes are "winter_ornament_boss_..." with the adjuncts "antlion", "fuelweaver", "klaus", "krampus", "noeyered" and "noeyeblue".

In 2019, one more Magnificent Adornment was added to the game.

In 2020, four more Magnificent Adornments were added to the game. Their spawn codes are "winter_ornament_boss_..." with the adjuncts "crabkingpearl", "crabking", "minotaur" and "toadstool_misery".

The Crab King Magnificent Adornment with a Pearl is obtained by killing the Crab King with the Pearl's Pearl or with three Iridescent Gems if the Hermit crab has already given her pearl.

In 2021, seven more Magnificent Adornments were added to the game. Their spawn codes are "winter_ornament_boss_..." with the adjuncts "celestialchampion1", "celestialchampion2", "celestialchampion3", "celestialchampion4", "wagstaff", "eyeofterror1" and "eyeofterror2".

The Astroggles Magnificent Adornment will drop upon Celestial Champion death.

Sentimental Adornment

In 2020, Sentimental Adornment were added to the game. Their spawn codes are "winter_ornament_boss_pearl" and "winter_ornament_boss_hermithouse".

Sentimental Adornment with a pearl is obtained in exchange of 12 Empty Bottle after Crabby Hermit gives the Pearl's Pearl. Sentimental Adornment of hermit home is obtained in exchange of 8 Empty Bottle after her house is fully upgraded.

Champion Adornments

Waxwell Portrait.png
A volatile decoration.


Champion Adornments are The Forge related Winter Ornaments added in 2018. TThey are dropped when sleeping under the fully decorated Winter's Feast Tree, either in the form of a present, and stack up to 40. Their spawn codes are "winter_ornament_festivalevents1...3".

Appeasing Adornments

Willow Portrait.png
So cute I don't even wanna burn it.


Appeasing Adornments are The Gorge related Winter Ornaments added in 2018. They are dropped when sleeping under the Winter's Feast Tree, either in the form of a present, and stack up to 40. Their spawn codes are "winter_ornament_festivalevents4...5".

Festive Lights

Winona Portrait.png
Finally, something with wiring.


Festive Lights have an additional light radius in four different colors. They will twinkle constantly if used to decorate a tree or dropped on the ground, but have a limited duration lasting 160 days. However, their durability only depletes while in use. They currently only drop from Klaus and Deerclops, and can also be found by fishing in the Oasis Lake during Summer. When fishing up a Crumpled Package that was supposed to contain a Trinket, there is a 1/6 chance for it to be replaced with a Festive Light. Similar to Light Bulbs, they can also be used to refuel light sources such as Miner Hats, Hutch or Mushroom Lights, however they will not cause them to twinkle. Festive Lights are able to tint the Glowcap's light color.

Festive Lights do not stack, their spawn codes are "winter_ornament_light1...4".

In 2017, four more Festive Lights were added to the game. Their spawncodes are "winter_ornament_light5...8".

Gingerbread Pig

Wortox Portrait.png
Here little piggy!


Gingerbread Pigs are Mobs that were introduced in 2019. When player approach, they escape leaving a trace of Cookie Crumbles. In a similar way to Suspicious Dirt Piles, the player can follow the lead of a Gingerbread Pig until the end is reached. There will be an 80% chance to find 3 to 5 Gingerbread Pig Houses and a 20% chance to find a Gingerbread Varg.

Gingerbread Pigs can be killed for 3 Cookie Crumbles and one Holiday Cheer.

Gingerbread Pig House

Willow Portrait.png
I almost don't want to burn this one.


The Gingerbread Pig House was introduced in 2019. They have an 80% chance to appear after following a Gingerbread Pig. They can be hammered for five Cookie Crumbles and 1-2 Holiday Cheer.

Upon destruction, a cowering Gingerbread Pig can appear, but it dies quickly without dropping anything. They can be spawned in with the code "gingerdeadpig".

Cookie Crumbles

Woodie Portrait.png
I think we're supposed to follow these.


Cookie Crumbles were introduced in 2019. They appear when following a Gingerbread Pig and are dropped by Gingerbread Pigs, Gingerbread Pig Houses and Gingerbread Vargs. They can be eaten to restore 1 Hunger Meter.png and spoil in 1 Day. Unlike most foods, Cookie Crumbles do not leave behind rot after spoiling.

Holiday Cheer

Wendy Portrait.png
Makes me think of holidays with Abigail.


Holiday Cheer was introduced in 2019. It is dropped by Gingerbread Pigs, Gingerbread Pig Houses and Gingerbread Vargs. They can also be dropped by players if they died while still having 25 seconds of stat buffs left after eating from the Winter's Feast Table. They do not spoil, and they can be eaten for no restored value. Holiday Cheer is a required ingredient for all dishes made at the Masonry Oven.

Gingerbread Varg

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Wolfgang will defeat it. Then, dessert!


The Gingerbread Varg is a Mob introduced in 2019. It has a 20% chance to appear after following a Gingerbread Pig.

It can spit glaze in a close radius around it that immobilizes players, similar to Ewecus Mucus. Upon death, it drops 2 to 4 Cookie Crumbles, 5 to 7 Holiday Cheers plus, and 1 to 3 Hound's Teeth. Like the Ewecus Mucus, players can also be freed from the glaze by allied Pigs.

Masonry Oven

Wilson Portrait.png
A festive furnace for flame-grilled foodstuffs!

Wilson, examining an empty Masonry Oven

The Masonry Oven is a Structure introduced in 2019. It requires 1 Cut Stone, 1 Marble and 1 Log to craft. When standing close to a Masonry Oven, players are able to access the Feast Tab.

Winter's Feast Cooking

Filter Icon

The Winter's Feast Cooking filter was introduced in 2019. It is accessible by standing close to a Masonry Oven.

Each recipe requires 1 Holiday Cheer and two other ingredients to craft. Their only purpose is to be used with a Winter's Feast Table.

Feast Tab Recipes
Feast Name Recipe Cook time (sec) Spawn code
Merry Berrysauce.png Merry Berrysauce Holiday Cheer.png Mosquito Sack.png×2 16 "berrysauce"
Bibingka.png Bibingka Holiday Cheer.png Foliage.png×2 20 "bibingka"
Cabbage Rolls.png Cabbage Rolls Holiday Cheer.png Cut Reeds.png×2 16 "cabbagerolls"
Festive Fish Dish.png Festive Fish Dish Holiday Cheer.png Spoiled Fish Morsel.png Petals.png 20 "festivefish"
Good Gravy.png Good Gravy Holiday Cheer.png Rot.png Bone Shards.png 20 "gravy"
Latkes.png Latkes Holiday Cheer.png Twigs.png Cut Grass.png 16 "latkes"
Lutefisk.png Lutefisk Holiday Cheer.png Spoiled Fish (DST).png Driftwood Piece.png 28 "lutefisk"
Mulled Punch.png Mulled Punch Holiday Cheer.png Dark Petals.png Ice.png 20 "mulleddrink"
Panettone.png Panettone Holiday Cheer.png Stone Fruit.png×2 20 "panettone"
Pavlova.png Pavlova Holiday Cheer.png Lune Tree Blossom.png×2 20 "pavlova"
Pickled Herring.png Pickled Herring Holiday Cheer.png Flint.png Salt Crystals.png 24 "pickledherring"
Polish Cookies.png Polish Cookies Holiday Cheer.png Butterfly Wings.png×2 20 "polishcookie"
Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie Holiday Cheer.png Ash.png Phlegm.png 20 "pumpkinpie"
Roasted Turkey.png Roasted Turkey Holiday Cheer.png Log.png Charcoal.png 24 "roastturkey"
Stuffing.png Stuffing Holiday Cheer.png Beard Hair.png×2 20 "stuffing"
Sweet Potato Casserole.png Sweet Potato Casserole Holiday Cheer.png Rocks.png×2 20 "sweetpotato"
Tamales.png Tamales Holiday Cheer.png Stinger.png×2 20 "tamales"
Tourtiere.png Tourtiere Holiday Cheer.png Birchnut.png Pine Cone.png 20 "tourtiere"

Winter's Feast Table

Warly Portrait.png
Ah yes! A proper feasting table!

Warly, when examining an empty Winter's Feast Table.

The Winter's Feast Table is a Structure introduced in 2019. It requires 1 Board and 1 Beefalo Wool to craft. Only Winter's Feast dishes made from the Feast Tab can be placed on the table; any other food will be rejected. Multiple tables can be connected to each other to increase the amount of dishes.

When players feast at a Winter's Feast Table, they gain a buff that regenerates 0.5 Health Meter.png per second, 10 Sanity Meter.png per minute, 75 Hunger Meter.png per day and stop the normal hunger drain over the duration of the buff.

The dishes of all connected tables are eaten slowly during the feast, they are fully consumed after 1 minute of the feast. The duration of the buff is extended according to the number of dishes consumed. When several players feast on connected tables, they all benefit from the buff and the duration of the buff is extended for all players. Players dying with more than 25 seconds of buff will drop a Holiday Cheer.

The table below gives the additional buff time for each dish consumed and the corresponding health, sanity and hunger gain (taking into account the stopped hunger drain).

Restauration per dish
Dish Number of
player feasting
Duration Health Meter.png Sanity Meter.png Hunger Meter.png
Duplicated dish Independant 48s 24 8 15
New type 1 player 72s 36 12 22
2 players 88s 44 14 27
3 players 100s 50 16 31
4 players 109s 54 18 34
5 players 116s 58 19 36
6 players 123s 61 20 38
7 players 129s 64 21 40
8 players 134s 67 22 41

Detailed formula

The total duration of the buff starting from the beginning of the feast is given by (in sec):

7 + time × [1.2 × (#type) × (#player)^0.3 + 0.8 × (#dish - #type)]

where time the duration of the feasting (in sec), #type is the number of different dishes on all connected tables, #player the number of players feasting, and #dish the total number of dishes.

Cosmetic Changes

During the Winter's Feast there are also certain cosmetic changes that occur which reskin aspects of the game but do not affect gameplay functionality at all.

Boss skins

Bearger, Moose/Goose, Moslings, and Dragonfly all gain special skins for the duration of Winter's Feast. Deerclops also gains a unique skin, but unlike the other bosses, Deerclops also obtains a new attack during the event.

Loading screens

Exclusive loading screens are added to the game for the duration of the Winter's Feast event. For the years 2016 - 2020, each of the loading screens were unique to that year. In 2021, the 2016 Winter's Feast loading screens were used.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • According to the characters, Winter's Feast is referred to as a holiday similar to Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah.
  • This event was first released as a sneak preview in the A New Reign beta branch, and other key features were added later on.
  • The Festive Tree Planter used to be found in the Food Tab before it was moved to the Structures Tab.
  • Klaus and his Gem Deer were added with the Winter's Feast event.
  • This is the second Event added to Don't Starve Together, the first one being Hallowed Nights.
  • During the time of the event, the theme in the main menu of Don't Starve Together is replaced by an instrumental version of the "Starver's Carol".
  • The Winter's Feast Cooking filter was originally a crafting tab called "Feast". It was changed to a filter after the March 2022 QoL update.

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Gramophone.png Sounds

The Winter's Feast main menu theme.