Plains is a biome introduced in the Don't Starve: Hamlet DLC. The most common resource found here is Tall Grass, which spawns in great fields. Inside those fields spawns the Weevole, (but only at Dusk or Night) which will be agressive toward the player, and also hardly visible because of the grass. The other resources that can be found here are Claw Palm Trees, Saplings, and Stone Slabs to flip.

Apart from the Weevole, a friendlier Mob spawn in this biome, the Pog, with however a certain tendency to kleptomania.

As for the food, some Asparagus and Aloe are planted on the ground, and can be harvested by the player, though are not renewable.

Cave Clefts and Ruinous Entrances are to be found here.

Plains can be dug up with a Pitchfork but doing this won't yield any Turf.

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