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{{Hamlet Exclusive}}
{{Incomplete|it lacks pic of Wilba in her Werepig form}}
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{{Character Infobox
|name = Wilba
|image = Wilba.png
|nick = The Royal Adventurer
|perk = Is royalty<br>Carries her father's legacy<br>Is afraid of the dark
|item = {{Pic32|Silver Necklace}}
|start item = {{Pic32|Silver Necklace}}
|health = 150 (normal) <br> 350 (werepig form)
|hunger = 200
|sanity = 100
|damage = 1x (normal) <br> 5.95x (werepig form)
|speed = 1x (normal) <br> 1.5x (werepig form)
|hunger mult = -1x (normal) <br> -5x (werepig form)
|sanity mult = -1.5x in Darkness (normal) <br> 0 in Darkness (werepig form)
|spawnCode = "wilba"
|links = [[Wilba quotes|Quotes]]<br/>[[Wilba clothes|Clothes]]
{{Mob Infobox
|name = Wilba
|image = Wilba Mob.png
|imagewidth = 150
|health = 250
|damage = 0
|drops = '''{{pic24|Pig Skin}}, {{pic24|Meat}}'''
|spawnCode = "grounded_wilba"
|specialAbility = Can become playable when the [[Pig Queen]] is given the [[Royal Crown]].
</div>{{Quote|ADVENTURE LIE'ETH YONDER!|Wilba}}
'''Wilba''' is a playable [[Characters|Character]] exclusive to the ''[[Don't Starve: Hamlet|Hamlet]]'' DLC. She is the daughter of [[Pig Queen|Queen Malfalfa]], making her the Princess of the Pig kingdom. She has also inherited the curse of being a [[Werepig]] from her father. Wilba is the only ''Hamlet'' character that cannot be unlocked via Experience.
== {{Pic|32|Lock}} Unlocking ==
|wilson =
|willow =
|wolfgang =
|wendy =
|wx78 =
|wickerbottom =
|woodie =
|maxwell =
|wigfrid =
|webber =
|walani =
|warly =
|woodlegs =
|warbucks =
|wilba =
|choose = }}-->
Wilba starts as a passive, non-attacking [[Mob]] in the Souvenir Shop located two rooms to the left in the [[Palace]]. She tells the player that she lost the [[Royal Crown]] and is therefore grounded. The player must kill the [[Queen Womant]] and return the [[Royal Crown]] to the Pig Queen. Once the player does this, Wilba will be unlocked as a playable character and disappear from her room.
== {{Pic|32|Royal Crown}} Special Power ==
<nowiki> </nowiki>Wilba starts with the [[Silver Necklace]], which will prevent Wilba from turning into a Werepig when wearing, but will drain Sanity instead. However, after Wilba is already in Werepig form, she is unable to put on the necklace, so it cannot reverse the form once it has begun.
As Wilba is a pig princess, pigs will not panic or attack her for stealing, such as picking [[Grass]] or [[Flowers]] from farms. In addition, pigs will occasionally gift her basic resources ([[Twigs]], [[Flint]], [[Rocks]], Grass, Logs and [[Seeds]]). She can do whatever she pleases in Pig Towns. However, [[Royal Guard]]s will still retaliate if she attacks them or a [[Pig Traders|Pig Trader]] near them. [[Pig]]s in the base game will also give Wilba basic resources. In the ''[[Don't Starve: Shipwrecked|Shipwrecked]]'' DLC, [[Wildbore]]s will never attack Wilba if she is near them multiple times, hammering [[Wildbore House|their house]] makes them attempt to attack her, however.
Like [[Webber]], she can eat monster meats ([[Monster Meat]], [[Bean Bugs]] and [[Gummy Slug]]s, including cooked and dried variations) without receiving negative effects on health and sanity.
Wilba is able to turn into a [[Pig/Werepig|Werepig]] during a [[Moon Cycle|Full Moon]], [[Aporkalypse Calendar|Aporkalypse]], or after eating two monster food items within half a day.
Wilba reverts back to her normal pig form after the Full Moon or Aporkalypse ends. If the transformation was induced by eating monster food, she will turn back after 1 [[Day-Night Cycle|Day]]. Each monster food eaten will extend the duration of the transformation by half a Day. Note that [[Gummy Slug]]s and [[Bean Bugs]] count as monster food and will turn Wilba into a Werepig. Eating [[Jellyfish]] (raw or cooked) won't turn Wilba into a Werepig. Upon returning to her normal form, Wilba will drop 2 [[Beard Hair]]s.
Her Werepig form has some special powers:
* Offers Night vision, which means she is immune to Charlie.
* Is immune to [[Freezing]], [[Overheating]] and [[Fog]].
* Runs 50% faster.
* No loss of Sanity in darkness.
* Her attack does 59.5 damage.
* Has more Health (350) 
* Heals herself by 0.5 {{Hp}} per second as long as she is not starving.
* Is able to mine, chop, dig, hammer and hack objects.
In contrast to [[Woodie]]'s [[Werebeaver]] form:
* She is still able to pick up, use, and craft items, while the Werebeaver cannot.
* The Werebeaver is immune to [[Poison]], [[Rain]] and [[Hay Fever]], while she is not.
* The Werebeaver is able to absorb 75% of incoming damage, while she cannot.
* The [[Map]] is still available to her.
Wilba is afraid of the dark, and will lose Sanity at 1.5 times the normal rate in darkness. Coupled with her low maximum Sanity of 100, this makes it possible to quickly switch between sane and insane states.
In her Werepig form, she also has some disadvantages:
* Her hand, body and head slots become furs, which make her unable to equip items.
* Cannot ride [[Beefalo]] or [[Boats]].
* Her Hunger drains 5 times as fast as in her pig form.
* She is a [[Monster]], causing Pigs and other friendly mobs to attack her on sight.
* Cannot use structures like [[Campfire|Campfires]], [[Crock Pot|Crock Pots]], or [[Chests]], hammering them instead.
* Cannot choose action when multiple apply, and prioritizes destructive actions. For example, grown [[Bamboo]] can only be dug, not hacked, and [[Wall|Walls]] can only be hammered after being attacked and damaged to 0 health.
* Dying as werepig counts as proper player [[death]], ending the game or consuming a resurrection item. The player always resurrects into Wilba's normal form.
== {{Pic|32|Prototype}} Tips ==
* In the early days, collecting [[Flower|(Exotic) Flower]]s and [[Seashell]]<nowiki/>s{{pic|24|Shipwrecked icon}} will restore the Sanity lost from darkness.
* Wilba in her werepig form isn't immune to [[Rain]]. She still get [[wetness]] in [[Rain]] or [[Fog]] and her fur can be wet, causing her to drain sanity over time.
* One should take notice that [[Slurper]] can still equips itside as an item in Wilba's Werepig form's fur, draining Hunger about 50 times faster than normal.
* Although Wilba's werepig form can get poisoned, her healing speed is faster than speed of health loss cause by poison. Poison makes her drain hunger a little slower, but also make her drain sanity over time.
* Wilba's werepig form can be insane, which means she can farm [[Nightmare Fuel]]s. Her high attack, fast speed and the ability to heal herself allows her to easily fight [[Crawling Horror]] and [[Terrorbeak]].
* Wilba's werepig form can chop down trees faster, including [[Tree/Birchnut|Poison Birchnut Trees]].
* It is advised to prepare as much food as one can before one paly as Wilba's werepig form. Wilba's werepig form can neither open [[Chester]], [[Chest]], [[Ice Box]] or any other containers, nor cook food in fire sources or [[Crock Pot]]. Eating some raw food still loses sanity.
== {{Pic|32|Gramophone}} Quotes ==
'''Given Royal Crown'''
== {{pic|32|Placeholder}} Trivia ==
* Wilba was added in the Early Access of ''Hamlet''.
* Wilba's voice is played by an Ocarina<ref></ref>
* In the forum post introducing her as a playable character, she is described as follows: "Daughter to Queen Malfalfa, Princess Wilba has the love of her people. If only she wanted the job. She would much rather be out in the world exploring and soaking up life, even if she still requires a nightlight when she gets tucked in."<ref></ref>
* In the forum post introducing her Werepig condition, the following is said: "Wilba has inherited one of her father's more colourful characteristics, namely, she now carries the same curse that inflicts all of her father's family with dreaded werepigism."<ref></ref>
* Wilba's style of speech is a parody of Shakespearean English. Other ''[[Don't Starve: Hamlet|Hamlet]]'' Pigs also speak this way.
* The player is able to kill Wilba before unlocking her in the Palace. She will drop one [[Pig Skin]] and one [[Meat]]. Once she has been killed, she will never respawn, forcing the player to create another world to unlock her.
* Wilba's Werepig form was added in the [[Don't Starve: Hamlet#February 7th, 2019|February 7th, 2019]] update, also known as the Character Update.
* Before the Character Update, her perks read as follows: "Is a pig. Is royalty. Is afraid of the dark."
* Wilba and [[Wormwood]] may be the first survivors to originate from [[The Constant]] and not the real world like the others.
* Her hair and bow have bones, as shown when struck by lightning.
* Wilba may be a reference to the protagonist of 'Charlotte's Web' due to the fact she is also a pig, and similarly named 'Wilbur'
* [[Spider]]s won't attack Wilba in her Werepig form on sight. It is unclear whether it is a bug or not.
== {{Pic32|Mosquito}} Bugs ==
* The text that follows completing [[Adventure Mode]] as Wilba will use masculine pronouns.
* When she is on a Boat, she will not turn into a Werepig. She will turn once she exits the Boat and a new phase of the Day begins.
=={{Pic|32|Blueprint}} Gallery==
{{Scroll box|content=
<gallery captionalign="center" hideaddbutton="true">
Wilba Portrait.png|Wilba's portrait.
Wilba silho.png|Wilba's Silhouette.
Wilba ingame.png|Wilba in-game.
WereWilba ingame.png|Wilba's Werepig form in-game.
Wilba Map Icon.png|Wilba's icon on the [[Map]].
Wilba lightning strike.png|Wilba struck by [[Lightning]].
Wilba frozen.png|Wilba frozen.
Wilba put to sleep by a mandrake.png|Wilba put to sleep by a Mandrake.
3003b318972bd4073018999e76899e510eb30998.gif|Animated gif of Wilba's old sprite in-game.
Mqdefault.jpg|Wilba in an image for the Early Access launch trailer.
Wilba EA Hamlet Trailer.jpg|Wilba as seen in both the ''Hamlet'' Early Access trailer and the final launch trailer for ''Hamlet''.
Wilba Fighting Snaptooth Seedling EA Hamlet Trailer.jpg|Wilba fighting a [[Snaptooth Seedling]] with a [[Cork Bat]] as seen in the ''Hamlet'' Early Access trailer.
Hamlet Character Update Promo.png|Wilba's Werepig form from a promotional image for the Character Update.
Hamlet Final Launch Trailer Werewilba.png|Wilba as a Werepig in the ''Hamlet'' Release trailer.
Art Stream 47 Wilba.png|Wilba with a [[Royal Guard]] as seen in a drawing from Art Stream # 47.
=={{pic|32|Gramophone}} Sounds==
{| class="wikitable"
! colspan="2" | Wilba's Sounds
|Wilba's voice.
|[[File:Wilba Voice.ogg]]
|Wilba getting hurt.
|[[File:Wilba Hurt Voice.ogg]]
|Wilba dying.
|[[File:Wilba Death Voice.ogg]]
! colspan="2" | Wilba's Werepig Sounds
|Wilba's Werepig voice.
|[[File:WereWilba Voice.ogg]]
|Wilba's howl.
|[[File:WereWilba Howl.ogg]]
|Wilba breathing as a Werepig.
|[[File:WereWilba Breath.ogg]]
|Wilba barking as a Werepig.
|[[File:WereWilba Bark.ogg]]
<references />

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