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Wigfrid is one of the two playable Characters exclusive to the Reign of Giants DLC. She is the seventh Character to be unlocked via Experience, with 1920 XP. She is also one of the playable Characters in Don't Starve Together (DST). Although Wigfrid has the appearance of a valkyrie, she's just a stage actress.[1] She received a character refresh in DST on September 24, 2020.[2][3]

Minimap Maxwell's Door.png Origin

Wigfrid longs for her glory days on the stage, and the role that rocketed her to stardom. Unable to move on from the past, she finds herself retreating more and more into a world of fantasy…

–From the official Youtube description for The Curtain Calls


Don't Starve Together The Curtain Calls Wigfrid Animated Short

Wigfrid's backstory was revealed in the animated short The Curtain Calls. The short is officially summarized in DST's Compendium:

Wigfrid always knew she was meant for the stage. Her debut performance was an instant sensation, launching her from obscurity to overnight stardom. Fans delighted in her portrayal of a noble and fearsome Valkyrie warrior, and she in turn took great pains to fully embody the role. She was perfect for it... perhaps too perfect. Every part she played afterward seemed to fall flat, never again achieving that magical quality that had once drawn audiences to her performances like bees to honey. As Wigfrid’s stardom slowly began to fade, she retreated to the memories of her glory days, losing herself in her fantasies...

Until one day, she was lost entirely.

Icon Fight.png Special Power

Wigfrid wearing her Battle Helmet and holding her Battle Spear.

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Wigfrid starts the game with the Battle Spear and Battle Helm, two craftable items that are exclusive to her. The Helm protects for 80% of incoming damage and has nearly double the durability of a Football Helmet, while the Battle Spear deals 42.5 damage and has 200 uses. Both these items prove incredibly useful in the early days of the game, due to their cheap cost and high stats.

Wigfrid does 25% more damage (melee and ranged combat) and takes 25% less incoming damage.

When she kills an enemy, she gains Health and Sanity, allowing her to continue fighting enemy after enemy, Health & sanity gain = Mob's damage × 0.25. For example, if she kills a Spider, she gains 5 Health and Sanity (20 × 0.25 = 5)


Wigfrid has a Meat-only diet, limiting her choice of food greatly and requiring her to always be hunting for food in the early days instead of a more relaxed approach. Her maximum Hunger and Sanity are also comparatively low, each at a value of 120.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together

In DST, Wigfrid has all the abilities from Don't Starve alongside additional abilities exclusive to DST.

Wigfrid is now able to eat food items classified as "goodies", such as Taffy, Jellybeans, and Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, not counting special event food.

She gains Health and Sanity from attacking mobs based on the damage before the 25% bonus (instead of killing), Health & sanity gain = Mob's damage × 0.25 × (original damage ÷ Mob's Health). For example, if she attacks a Spider with the Battle Spear, she gains 2.125 Health and Sanity per hit (20 × 0.25 × (42.5 ÷ 100) = 2.125).

Full inspiration meter.

Wigfrid has a unique Inspiration meter, which allows her to perform her Battle Songs. Wigfrid's Inspiration level rises when fighting foes, giving up to 2.4 Inspiration points for every 100 damage inflicted. Fighting bosses grants triple that amount, up to 7.2 Inspiration for every 100 points of damage. The amount of gained Inspiration lowers depending on the current amount of Inspiration, scaling down the higher the current Inspiration percentage is.

Inspiration gain = damage × 0.024 × (1 - current percentage of inspiration) (×3 if Boss)

It is important to note that the damage variable in the above equation is the actual damage inflicted. This means that all damage modifiers such as her own 25% damage bonus, Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, spicy foods or even damage reduction from enemies will affect the amount of inspiration she gain.

Wigfrid also gains Inspiration when receiving damage from mobs

Inspiration gain = health loss × 0.024 × (1 - percentage of inspiration)

After 7.5 seconds without gaining Inspiration, Wigfrid loses 2 Inspiration every second.

Wigfrid has exclusive access to the Stagecraft Tab to craft the Battle Songs. She can sing up to 3 Battle Songs at a time (unlocked at 16.6, 50 and 83.3 Inspiration respectively) to apply various buffs to her and all surrounding players. Each battle song remains active until the Inspiration falls below the corresponding unlock threshold. There are five battle songs:

There are also two instant Battle Songs that apply a one-time effect at the cost of 16.6 Inspiration:

Neither of these effects impact bosses.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Wigfrid can eat all Meat type foods, even those that are not entirely meat, such as meatballs. Eggs are an animal product and thus count as meat.
  • Wigfrid's diet can be detrimental in a few ways:
    1. She is unable to fully take advantage of beneficial food, such as Berries, Carrots and Butterfly Wings during early exploration, Green Mushrooms and Cooked Cacti Flesh for Sanity management.
      • Once a Crock Pot is crafted she can use these foods as filler.
    2. Her options using a Crock Pot become limited, as she misses out on some useful recipes like Dragonpie, Butter Muffin and Taffy. Taffy is edible in DST.
    3. In the Shipwrecked DLC, she is unable to drink Coffee and thus misses out on the massive speed bonus.
  • Carrying Meat while exploring Caves can be dangerous, because it will automatically trigger Bunnymen to attack, though this can be avoided by storing Meat items in Chester, or its Don't Starve Together counterpart, Hutch.
  • As a temporary measure, eating Monster Meat can be used as a means of survival, especially since she can regain lost Health and Sanity from killing mobs.
  • Farms and some other structures can still be beneficial to Wigfrid. Crops from Farms can make good filler and are sometimes essential in some Meat-based recipes. Carrots can be used to befriend Bunnymen. Berry Bushes can be used to hunt Gobblers. Berries can be used as filler or turned into Manure/Rot for easy fire fuel. A Bird Cage can be used to turn rotting meat into Eggs. Honey from Bee Boxes can be used to make Honey Ham and Honey Nuggets or Honey Poultice. Seeds can be used to bait Bird Traps.
  • A base/camp near a Sinkhole allows Wigfrid to kill the Batilisks that spawn at Dusk for some easy Health and Sanity.
    • A base/camp near Spider Dens can be used in a similar way. This will also provide a lot of monster meat, which can be cooked and fed to an imprisoned bird in a Bird Cage to obtain eggs.
  • Meatballs may be the best Crock Pot dish for Wigfrid, as it's the most cost effective Hunger-wise.
  • Wigfrid's Battle Helm and Battle Spear are stronger (and cheaper to make) than the Spear and Football Helmet. Her items will be outclassed by Ham Bats, Shelmets and anything better though.
  • A Pig Village can be a good resource for Meat early in the game, and it's possible to kill the Pigs with little to no trouble. This can be further improved by feeding the pigs four (4) Monster Meats, which will transform them into Werepigs (resulting in more Meat and Pig Skin).
  • During the early days of the game, it can be a good idea to keep a pet Catcoon and use it to get the aggro of Koalefants for easy meat.
  • Pig Villages, Spider Dens and Ponds are some of the best food sources for Wigfrid.
  • Players should try to find the Pig King for infinite amounts of Gold Nuggets for Wigfrid’s gear.
  • In DST Wigfrid's favorite food is Turkey Dinner, meaning she gains 15 bonus Hunger Meter.png when eating it.
  • Wigfrid can attack Slurtles while they are in their shells using a hambat or walking cane to safely regenerate her health and sanity.

Gramophone.png Quotes

Wigfrid's quotes can be found here.

Placeholder.png Trivia


  • Wigfrid was added to Don't Starve: Reign of Giants in the A Feet of Strength update on March 12, 2014.
  • In Don't Starve, anytime Wigfrid uses the letter "O", she says it with umlauts ("Ö"), even if there are two in a row. In DST, only the first of consecutive "O"s will have an umlaut. Umlauts can be toggled in the settings, using the "Umlautify" option.
  • Wigfrid is voiced by very processed brass horns.[4]
  • Despite Butterfly Wings/butter muffins being made from an animal, she cannot eat them.
  • While being described as excellent in combat, Wigfrid's bonuses are outclassed by those of other characters; most also have higher Hunger and Sanity while lacking her inability to eat non-meat foods. On the other hand, Wigfrid is the only character to have combat bonuses in so many fields (attack power, damage resistance, starting equipment, and health/Sanity regeneration), and she also lacks the other characters' weaknesses; overall, she is a "Jack of all trades, master of none" type of character when it comes to fighting. When compared to three of the other "combat-focused" characters:
    • Wolfgang eclipses Wigfrid in Health and damage output when he enters his Mighty form. However, Wolfgang's advantages require him to keep up his Hunger meter, and he has no innate damage resistance no matter how full his belly is. Additionally, he has more difficulties managing his Sanity in combat, due to a lack of innate Sanity restoration and increased Sanity drain when near monsters.
    • Compared to Wigfrid, Woodie's Werebeaver form has superior damage resistance, its attacks are only slightly weaker than her Battle Spear (including Wigfrid's innate damage bonus), and it also has night vision to better operate in the dark. On the other hand, the Werebeaver is hampered by its inability to carry items and the need to maintain the Beaverness meter, leaving Woodie extremely vulnerable when he inevitably reverts to his human form.
    • Maxwell has better starting equipment than Wigfrid, and his innate Sanity regeneration is much more efficient than hers; it restores more Sanity per tick and isn't reliant on being in combat. That being said, Maxwell lacks innate combat bonuses, leaving him reliant on his equipment and summoned Shadows. He also has much more difficulty taking hits than Wigfrid, due to his low Health and lack of innate damage resistance.
    • Note that in Don't Starve Together, Wigfrid's Battle Songs spread buffs to other players as well as herself. These battle songs redefine her as character specialized in boosting the survivability and effectiveness of her teammates in combat situations, especially during boss battles.
  • Wigfrid has a similar design to an unimplemented character, Winnie.
  • Wigfrid was the first character to start with food in their inventory (the second being Webber) and one of two characters that start with a weapon and armor (the other being Maxwell).
  • When examining Spiders, she claims that they have eight legs, even though the Spiders in-game only have six.
  • When struck by Lightning, Wigfrid has bones in her hair (similar to most of the other Don't Starve characters).
  • When The Gorge event first began, Wigfrid's Culinarian skin was missing her blush. This was later fixed in an update.
  • In DST, she has a unique idle animation in which she takes a bow.
  • Wigfrid's skull was found in the DST files as of May 6, 2021.


  • Wigfrid dislikes Mushrooms, according to her examination quotes.
  • Wigfrid is able to break character, as shown by her quotes when entering/leaving light ("And the curtain falls."; "I step intö the light!") and when examining a Top Hat ("It döesn't match my cöstume.") or a Pirate Hat ("This hat cönfuses my character... I mean, my söul.").
  • Wigfrid's DST loading screen vignette is accompanied by text that reveals a bit about her acting skills: The valor and confidence of a Valkyrie didn't always come naturally to Wigfrid. She cultivated her strength and persona over many years through sheer force of will.
  • Wigfrid's birthday is listed as July 23 in the Compendium.
  • Since Wigfrid seems to be the name of the character she is playing, her real name is currently unknown.

    Her name is written on this page, but it is indecipherable because it is crossed out.

Cultural References

  • Wigfrid is referred to as Wathgrithr in the game files, which comes from the name of a Valkyrie, Ráðgríðr (Rathgrithr).
  • Wigfrid's role as an actress may be a reference to the famous opera cycle by Richard Wagner called The Ring of The Nibelung. Her name may be a reference to the same opera cycle's main character Siegfried, but the character is possibly based on the main female character, a valkyrie named Brynhilde.
  • Her motto for DST is a reference to a Shakespeare quote.
  • Toni from Rhymes with Play #201 said that Wigfrid's Victorian skin is based on an illustration by Alphonse Mucha, which depicts Sarah Bernhardt as Prince Hamlet from the titular Shakespeare play. [5]
  • Wigfrid's Contender skin set is called "The Ultimate Performer", which may be a reference to The Ultimate Warrior, a professional wrestler. Her mask even calls to mind The Ultimate Warrior's famous face paint.
    • Her Contender skin includes boxing gloves and pigtails that may be referencing Maggie from Million Dollar Baby.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Skin Sets

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Gramophone.png Sounds

Wigfrid's voice.
Wigfrid getting hurt.
Wigfrid dying.
The ghostly sounds of Wigfrid's fallen enemies.
Wigfrid drowning (Shipwrecked icon.png).
Wigfrid sinking (Don't Starve Together icon.png).
Wigfrid's ghost voice (Don't Starve Together icon.png).
Wigfrid voice as she performs the /pose emote (Don't Starve Together icon.png).
Wigfrid sighing, as part of the /sleepy emote (Don't Starve Together icon.png).
Wigfrid yawning, as part of the /yawn emote (Don't Starve Together icon.png).
Wigfrid singing the Starver's Carol, as part of the /carol emote (Don't Starve Together icon.png).
Wigfrid's singing when performing the Weaponized Warble, Heartrending Ballad, Clear Minded Cadenza, Bel Canto of Courage, or Fireproof Falsetto (Don't Starve Together icon.png).
Wigfrid's singing when performing the Rude Interlude or Startling Soliloquy (Don't Starve Together icon.png).
The menu theme that played after Wigfrid's refresh update (Don't Starve Together icon.png).


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