Here is a list of images showing how Wheeler looks wearing various in-game items equipped in the chest or head slot. Click the images to view them in full size.

Dress Items

Beefalo Hat

Beefalo Hat Wheeler

Belt of Hunger

Belt of Hunger Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Blubber Suit

Blubber Suit Wheeler

Breezy Vest

Breezy Vest Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Cat Cap

Cat Cap Wheeler

Dapper Vest

Dapper Vest Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Dumbrella

Dumbrella Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Eyebrella

Eyebrella Wheeler

Feather Hat

Feather Hat Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Floral Shirt

Floral Shirt Wheeler


Garland Wheeler

Hamlet icon Gas Mask

Gas Mask Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Hibearnation Vest

Hibearnation Vest Wheeler

Hamlet icon Pith Hat

Pith Hat Wheeler

Puffy Vest

Puffy Vest Wheeler

Rabbit Earmuffs

Rabbit Earmuffs Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Rain Coat

Rain Coat Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Rain Hat

Rain Hat Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Shark Tooth Crown

Shark Tooth Crown Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Sleek Hat

Sleek Hat Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Snakeskin Hat

Snakeskin Hat Wheeler

Hamlet icon Snakeskin Hat

Snakeskin Hat Hamlet Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Snakeskin Jacket

Snakeskin Jacket Wheeler

Hamlet icon Snakeskin Jacket

Snakeskin Jacket Hamlet Wheeler

Straw Hat

Straw Hat Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Summer Frest

Summer Frest Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Tar Suit

Tar Suit Wheeler

Hamlet icon Thunderhat

Thunderhat Wheeler

Top Hat

Top Hat Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Windbreaker

Windbreaker Wheeler

Winter Hat

Winter Hat Wheeler



Backpack Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Booty Bag

Booty Bag Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Insulated Pack

Insulated Pack Wheeler

Krampus Sack

Krampus Sack Wheeler


Piggyback Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Sea Sack

Sea Sack Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Thatch Pack

Thatch Pack Wheeler


Chilled Amulet

Chilled Amulet Wheeler

Construction Amulet

Construction Amulet Wheeler

Life Giving Amulet

Life Giving Amulet Wheeler


Magiluminescence Wheeler

Nightmare Amulet

Nightmare Amulet Wheeler

The Lazy Forager

Lazy Forager Wheeler

Armor Items

Shipwrecked icon Cactus Armor

Cactus Armor Wheeler

Hamlet icon Fancy Helmet

Fancy Helmet Wheeler

Football Helmet

Football Helmet Wheeler

Grass Suit

Grass Suit Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Horned Helmet

Horned Helmet Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Limestone Suit

Limestone Suit Wheeler

Log Suit

Log Suit Wheeler

Hamlet icon Mant Mask

Mant Mask Wheeler

Hamlet icon Mant Suit

Mant Suit Wheeler

Marble Suit

Marble Suit Wheeler

Night Armor

Night Armor Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Obsidian Armor

Obsidian Armor Wheeler

Reign of Giants iconScalemail

Scalemail Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Seashell Suit

Seashell Suit Wheeler


Shelmet Wheeler

Snurtle Shell Armor

Snurtle Shell Armor Wheeler

Thulecite Crown

Thulecite Crown Wheeler

Thulecite Suit

Thulecite Suit Wheeler

Hamlet icon Tin Suit

Tin Suit Wheeler

Hamlet icon Weevole Mantle

Weevole Mantle Wheeler

Other Items

Beekeeper Hat

Beekeeper Hat Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Brain of Thought

Brain of Thought Wheeler

Bush Hat

Bush Hat Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Captain Hat

Captain Hat Wheeler

Hamlet icon Cork Candle Hat

Cork Candle Hat Wheeler

Hamlet icon Cowl

Cowl Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Fashion Melon

Fashion Melon Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Ice Cube

Ice Cube Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Life Jacket

Life Jacket Wheeler

Miner Hat

Miner Hat Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Moggles

Moggles Wheeler

One-man Band

One-man Band Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Particulate Purifier

Particulate Purifier Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Pirate Hat

Pirate Hat Wheeler

Hamlet icon Royal Crown

Royal Crown Wheeler


Slurper Wheeler


Spiderhat Wheeler

Hamlet icon Swashy Hat

Swashy Hat Wheeler

Tam o' Shanter

Tam o' Shanter Wheeler

Hamlet icon Vortex Cloak

Vortex Cloak Wheeler


Ancient Set

Ancient Set Wheeler

Armored Set

Armored Set Wheeler

Dapper Set

Dapper Set Wheeler

Hamlet icon Mant Set

Mant Set Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Rainfall Set

Rainfall Set Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Seashell Set

Seashell Set Wheeler

Shell Set

Shell Set Wheeler

Slurper Set

Slurper Set Wheeler

Shipwrecked icon Snakeskin Set

Snakeskin Set Wheeler

Hamlet icon Snakeskin Set

Snakeskin Set Hamlet Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Summer Set

Summer Set Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Heatwave Set

Summer Heavy Set Wheeler

Hamlet icon Tin Armor Set

Tin Armor Set Wheeler

Winter Set

Winter Set Wheeler

Blizzard Set

Winter Heavy Set Wheeler

Reign of Giants icon Hibearnation Set

Winter Heavy Set 2 Wheeler

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