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You haven't heard the last of Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler!


Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler is a Character exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. She is unlocked after reaching 3200 XP. She is an adventure-seeking aeronaut who crashed her hot air balloon and became lost in The Constant.

Pew-matic Horn Special Power

She starts with the Pew-matic Horn, which is able to shoot certain items to damage mobs, and the Navigadget, which is able to direct the player to the nearest chosen item by placing the desired item into it. For example, if Twigs were placed within, it will guide the player to the nearest Sapling.

Wheeler's base movement speed is 5% higher compared to other characters, and increases by 1% for every empty inventory slot. Items inside of backpacks are ignored, allowing her to move faster as long as all of her items are in a backpack and not in her main inventory. Slots added by a backpack do not count towards increasing her speed when empty.

She is also able to perform an action called "Dodge", which allows her to move swiftly over a short distance. The ability needs to recharge (about 1.5 seconds) [1] before the player is able to do it again. During the dodge animation Wheeler is completely invulnerable from all forms of physical damage, although any armor equipped will still be affected. Correct use of this ability can enable Wheeler to be extremely proficient in close-quarters combat.


Whereas the other characters have 15 inventory slots with additional hand, body and head slots (18 total), Wheeler only has 12 slots to go with the three equipment slots (15 total). It should be noted that both of her exclusive items have one additional slot (17 total), allowing players to use them as additional storage.

Placeholder Trivia

  • Wheeler was officially added to the Hamlet Early Access beta branch on April 18, 2019, alongside Wagstaff.[2]
  • Wheeler is voiced by a ragtime piano.
  • In the roadmap forum post where she was first teased, she was described as "a globetrotting adventurer lost and alone". [3]
  • On the Steam page for Hamlet, she is described as "A gutsy aeronaut whose latest adventure has blown off course."[4]
  • Her middle name, Dorothea, may be a reference to Dorothy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  • In her original in-game design, she had a frown and neutral eyebrows. In the Early Access update 329526, it was changed to give her a smile and angled eyebrows similar to her character portrait.[5] Images depicting her previous design can be found in the gallery below.
  • She has a history playing stick ball.[6]
  • She actually loses a little less hunger per minute if you constantly spam dodge since she is immune to hunger effects during dodge frames.

Blueprint Gallery

Gramophone Sounds

Wheeler's Sounds
Wheeler's voice.
Wheeler Voice
Wheeler's hurt voice.
Wheeler Hurt Voice
Wheeler dying.
Wheeler Death Voice


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