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This page lists Quotes by Wes. When Wes examines something, he will perform random pantomime movements that provide no useful information to the player. There are no specific actions for any one mob or item. The player can alt-click items and objects to examine them.


Wes-Train-endless Wes-Hoop-endless

Wes-Rope-endless Wes-Hello-endless

Wes-Clap-endless Wes-Ball1

Wes-Bike2 Wes-Box1

Placeholder Trivia

  • Wes will still say "I can't do that" when attempting to do an impossible action.
  • Wes' pantomime movements were animated by Alex Savin.[1]
  • During the preview stream for A Little Rain Must Fall, developers said that Wes has an invisible bicycle, a likely reference to his cycling action.[2]


  1. Alex Savin on Tumblr: "Wes the Mime! Because he didn’t have any dialog strings in the game I animated these loop-able actions that he uses instead!" Posted on August 20, 2014.
  2. Archive of forum thread "What the Devs said during the live stream", March 11, 2013
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