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Wes is one of the two playable Characters that are not unlocked via Experience in Don't Starve and one of the 17 playable characters in Don't Starve Together (DST). He is a fragile French mime that uses pantomimes to communicate instead of speaking. Wes's purpose in the game is to provide a challenge to experienced players.

Minimap Maxwell's Door.png Origin

Some people just seem to attract more than their fair share of bad luck... and even those people are grateful they aren't Wes.

–Official description for C'est La Vie


Don't Starve Together- C'est La Vie -Wes Animated Short-

Wes's backstory was revealed in an animated short titled C'est La Vie. An official summary of the short was provided in DST's Compendium:

Despite a life plagued by terrible luck, Wes has never been one to utter so much as a word of complaint. Rather than dwell on his own troubles, he has instead dedicated his life to making others smile... even if it's at his own expense.

His journey to the Constant itself was nothing if not a tragic comedy of errors. After a series of snowballing missteps, Wes found himself accidentally taking the place of a stranger caught in the grip of a shadowy portal bound for the Constant. His unexpected arrival infuriated the Nightmare King, who quickly exacted his vengeance on the poor mime for interfering with his plans. Wes was banished to his own private prison, far from sight, where he would remain until he was rescued by the Constant's other Survivors (being the kind soul that he is, Wes holds no grudge against Maxwell... though he does continue to give him the silent treatment.)

Had Wes known what fate awaited him on his last day on Earth, he likely wouldn't have done anything differently. In truth, there is a part of him that is happy to be in the Constant with the other Survivors - for who could be in greater need of cheering up than those poor souls?

According to the passport on the table at the girl's house and the box marked with the name in the lower right corner, the stranger who was replaced by Wes was George T. Witherstone, the former creditor of William Carter. This also explains why Maxwell angrily imprisoned Wes after he failed to retaliate.

Lock.png Unlocking

Waxwell Portrait.png
He displeased me.

Maxwell, when examining Wes.

WX-78 in an effort to rescue Wes.

In the third chapter of Adventure Mode, a set piece may appear (if the map is not Two Worlds), which will have two chambers with a Maxwell Statue in each one, and a third one with Wes in the middle.

When players break one of the statues, it will release various non-damaged Clockwork Monsters. After breaking all the statues and defeating the Clockwork Monsters, go to the chamber where Wes is trapped. More Bishops, Knights and Rooks will spawn and the player will need to defeat them.

After all monsters are cleared, Wes will pass out, fall on the ground, and disappear. Wes will then be unlocked as a playable character.

In Don't Starve Together, Wes is available to play from the start, with no unlocking required.

Pile o' Balloons.png Special Power

Glommer.png Main article: Pile o' Balloons

Wes's special power is his Pile o' Balloons. It has unlimited uses, and it costs 5 Sanity Meter.png to inflate each Balloon.

When a Balloon is attacked, it explodes, dealing 5 damage to anything nearby (including Wes). Balloons can also trigger other Balloons to explode, allowing Wes to generate chain reactions. Balloons can also be used as decoys or to distract Mobs.


Wes's Hunger drains 25% faster than normal, he deals 25% less damage, and all of his stats are 25% lower than the average survivor.

Wes does not speak, so there are no actual words that show up on the screen, warning the player of incoming attacks or other pertinent information such as when night is approaching, low Hunger levels. The player will only be able to rely on audio cues in these situations.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together

In Don't Starve Together, Wes has lowest stats of any survivor across the board, all of them having the maximum of 75 points. Much like in the singleplayer version of the game, he is able to inflate Balloons that once popped can deal a little amount of damage to entities that are nearby. Each inflation costs 5 Sanity Meter.png, and there is no limit to how many balloons Wes can inflate. In addition, he can craft a variety of equipment in the Balloonomancy Tab.

Differently from Don't Starve, Wes's hunger drain rate is equal as that of other characters.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Disadvantages

Due to his misfortune, Wes suffers from more disadvantages when compared to the Don't Starve version. While retaining the damage output penalty, he is more susceptible to overheating and freezing, and takes more time to recover from grogginess (e.g. upon and after awakening or when being slowed down by attacks). Hounds will also prioritize attacks on Wes when there are other players in the server, and Wes is distinctly more likely to get targeted by them when other players are nearby. Lightning strikes are more likely to smite him.

Wes is less efficient while using tools when chopping, mining and hammering. Because of this, the tools used will not wear out as fast as with other characters. This also applies to weapons because of the damage output penalty.

Just like in Don't Starve, Wes does not speak, so there are no actual words that show up on the screen, warning the player of incoming attacks or other pertinent information (although he will still perform his usual miming animation should he be holding still). The player will usually only be able to rely on audio cues or other characters' quotes in these situations. This also means he is unable to speak to crops.

Prototype.png Tips

Wes surrounded by his balloons.

  • Balloons can be used to lure Mobs to traps or to other hostile Mobs.
  • Weapons that deal indirect damage, such as the Fire Dart or Gunpowder, are not affected by Wes's low damage multiplier, making them excellent choices for him.
  • A Belt of Hunger will nullify Wes's Hunger drain and also provide a boost to Sanity, although a Backpack can't be equipped while wearing it.
    • In the Reign of Giants DLC, the Hibearnation Vest also provides a Hunger drain reduction, as well as the highest insulation against Freezing and more than twice the Sanity regeneration of the Hunger Belt.
    • It's not efficient to eat food that restore more than 75 hunger (such as Meaty Stew), as the extra hunger points will be wasted.
  • In Don't Starve Together, Wes's favorite food is Fresh Fruit Crepes, meaning he gains 15 bonus Hunger Meter.png when consuming it.
    • However, Fresh Fruit Crepes already restores 150 Hunger Meter.png and Wes's maximum Hunger level is 75 Hunger Meter.png. Because of this, the player can't get any benefit from the bonus.
    • In addition, the dish can only be created using a Portable Crock Pot, which means that it is impossible for Wes to obtain without a Warly present.

Gramophone.png Quotes

Wes' quotes can be found here.

Placeholder.png Trivia



Don't Starve Together A 1st For Everything Wes Animated Short

  • Wes was added in the Insanity! update on February 12, 2013.
  • Wes was made unlockable through Adventure Mode, in The End of the Beginning update.
  • Wes used to be the sixth unlockable character via Experience.
  • The Pile o' Balloons was added in the Strange New Powers update.
  • In singleplayer version of Don't Starve, Wes has higher maximum Sanity than Willow, Wigfrid, Webber, and Woodlegs, and higher maximum Health than Maxwell and Wheeler. All his stats are higher than a non-upgraded WX-78.
  • When struck by Lightning, Wes is shown to have bones in his hair.
  • In RoG, the Pile o' Balloons can be given to a Catcoon to befriend them, but this is not advised as to get them back the Catcoon must die and similar results can be achieved with simple Twigs.
  • Instead of using an actual paddle, Wes pantomimes one to move Boats in the Shipwrecked DLC.
  • When The Gorge event first began, Wes's Culinarian skin was missing his red cheeks. This was later fixed in an update.
  • In Rhymes with Play #201, it was revealed that Wes's Victorian skin was to have a soot cloud effect when he walked. This was not implemented as it would have made the skin more complex and thus more valuable compared to the others.
  • For April Fools' Day 2020, Wes was given a fake character rework along with an animated short.[1]
  • Wes is the only character whose favorite food can only be cooked in Warly's Portable Crock Pot.
  • His idle animation is blowing a red balloon, which audibly pops, surprising him.
    • Ironically, despite being a silent character, he is the only character so far to have an audible idle animation.


  • Wes's birthday is listed as April 16 in the Compendium. This date is observed as World Voice Day. It is also the birthdate of silent film star Charlie Chaplin.
  • According to the description for Wes's Roseate skin, he feels "his rosy cheeks [are] his best feature.".
  • According to the description for his Verdant skin, Wes is an "avid landscape painter.".

Cultural References

  • In the Valentine's Day card for 2018, it appears that Wes is using the American sign language (ASL) sign for "love".
  • Wes's Guest of Honor skin may be based on a man's ballet outfit. This could be a reference to ballet mime.
  • Wes's Victorian skin may be based on Bert from the Disney film Mary Poppins. Bert was played by Dick Van Dyke, who performed a mime act early in his career. [2]
  • Wes's Pierrot skin is based on Pierrot, a stock character in the French pantomime and form of clown.
  • Wes's Magmatic skin is based on a bullfighter's uniform. In addition, the design takes inspiration from the titular character of The Scarlet Pimpernel, a novel by Baroness Orczy. The name of the individual skins call him the "Sulphur Pimpernel". Also, the skin's flavor text describes him as a dandy by day and a "swordsmime" by night, not unlike the Scarlet Pimpernel himself.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Skin Sets

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Blueprint.png Gallery

Gramophone.png Sounds

Music from Wes's refresh update in DST.


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  2. "In 1947, Van Dyke was persuaded by Phil Erickson to form a comedy duo with him called “Eric and Van—the Merry Mutes.” The team toured the West Coast nightclub circuit, performing a mime act and lip synching to old 78 records."
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