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Wanda is a Character exclusive to Don't Starve Together, who was released on September 9, 2021.[1][2] She needs to be unlocked, either by weaving for 2700 Spools or purchasing Wanda Chest for $5.99 or the Wanda Deluxe Chest for $9.99, or the Starter Pack 2021 for $7.99

Minimap Maxwell's Door.png Origin[]

Wanda has been trying to outrun her future for longer than she can remember - but after a split-second decision left her tangled up in the Constant's timestream, it might be her past that's finally catching up to her...

–From the description for Long Shadows


Don't Starve Together- Long Shadows -Wanda Animated Short-

Wanda's backstory is revealed in the animated short Long Shadows, the details of which are summarized in her biography from the Compendium:

An enigmatic woman of... well, fluctuating age, Wanda was torn from the world she knew after accidentally creating a fracture in time and space, pulling her from her own timeline into the land of the Constant. Though she avoids divulging many details of her past with the other Survivors, she seems to have an odd familiarity with them, as though she's run into them before... or perhaps, later?

Icon Clocksmithy.png Special Power[]

Wanda's special power is a Crafting Tab called "Clocksmithy". This allows her to craft 7 different character exclusive watches and tools with Time Pieces and other ingredients. Wanda will also gain a power buff in shadow equipment with old age, however gets weaker with normal weapons

Clock Effect
Clockmaker's Tools Allows Wanda to take apart any of her watches that are not on cooldown, yielding 100% of the ingredients that went into making them
Time Pieces Crafting ingredient required to craft all watches, requiring 8 thulecite fragments, 2 nightmare fuel and Clockmaker's tools (not consumed)
Ageless Watch Restores 8 age (cooldown 2 minutes)
Second Chance Watch When used on a dead player they will revive at the spot in which they died, If haunted by a ghost Wanda she will be revived, however the watch breaks, returning half of the materials required to make it and a Time Pieces (cooldown 4 minutes)
Backstep Watch Wanda will teleport back a number of steps depending on her age, granting her a short window of invulnerability much like soul hopping (cooldown 2 seconds)
Backtrek Watch Allows you to 'Set time in space' to return to anytime by using the clock again, subsequent uses will always teleport Wanda back to the same destination. (Cooldown 8 minutes, cooldown only applies after teleportation)
Rift Watch Socketing a purple gem into the Backtrek Watch transforms it into the Rift Watch with the same destination (If a destination was set) which can be used to create a wormhole able to transport other players, the wormhole closes after 10 seconds and functions identically to the Backtrek, it costs non-Wanda players 20 sanity to jump through and only works one way. After it's used, the Rift Watch transforms back into the Backtrek watch, consuming the purple gem (Cooldown 8 minutes)
Alarming Clock Functions as a weapon and has increased range, while fueled it has a base damage of 81.6 and counts as a shadow weapon, meaning Wanda can deal more damage as she ages. A middle aged Wanda deals 97.92 damage, while an old Wanda deals 142.8, the Watch will not break and can be refueled with Nightmare Fuel to restore 25% of it's charge

Age Meter.png Age[]

Wanda does not have a health meter. Instead, she has an age meter, which ranges from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 80 (at which age she dies). The age badge is separated with small notches every 5 years. Wanda's three stages are also marked as sections on the badge - young with very light color, middle aged with purple color and elderly with dark purple color. She starts a game at an age of 38. This automatically counts down at a rate of 1 year every 40 seconds. She cannot receive any healing from any source other than the Ageless Watch, which rewinds her age by 8 years. Attemping to heal via any source except the Ageless Watch will merely cause Wanda to remark. "That won't help, what I need is time!".

Instead of taking damage, Wanda ages by a number of years equal to 0.4× the incoming damage. (As such, she has an effective health of 150 as far as external damage calculations are concerned.) In addition, all changes to her health are applied gradually, meaning that she can take damage that would be fatal to her, but survive by quickly using an Ageless Watch to heal herself before all of the damage has been applied.

Wanda is considered young between the ages of 20 and 35, middle aged from 36 to 64, and elderly from 65 to 79; this affects several aspects of her gameplay.

When using the Backstep Watch, Wanda's teleport distance is 8 when young, 4 when middle aged, and 2 when elderly.

Wanda has a unique dying animation where her body is claimed by shadows, similar to the initial part of the animation for changing skins using a Wardrobe. As a result of being taken by nightmares, Wanda does not leave a Skeleton behind when she dies.

Icon Magic.png Shadow Magic[]

When attacking with Shadow Weapons (e.g Alarming Clock or Dark Sword), she gains a damage modifier of 1.2× if middle aged , or 1.75× if Elderly.

When using a staff item, middle aged Wanda will take only half the sanity drain of casting it, and elderly Wanda will take only a quarter (e.g a Star Caller's Staff drains 20 sanity from young Wanda, 10 from middle aged Wanda and 5 from elderly Wanda).

As she ages, Wanda's mind becomes resistent to the deteriorating effects of equippable shadow items. Middle aged Wanda loses only a third of the normal sanity drain over time, and elderly Wanda none at all, caused by equipping the Night Armor or Dark Sword. Note that this does not extend to the insanity of structures like the Night Light or Nightmare Ramparts, or that of the One-man Band.


In old age, Wanda's frailty reduces her effectiveness at physical labour.

Old Wanda deals half damage when attacking using anything that isn't a shadow weapon. This includes a depleted Alarming Clock.

Her reduced strength in her old phase also causes her to take more swings to break anything with a Hammer; the efficiency is reduced to 0.75, so any item will take roughly four-thirds as many swings as usual (e.g. 4 instead of 3 for a Hay Wall, 3 instead of 2 for a Chest, and 33 instead of 25 for a Moonrock Wall).

During old age, she can not carry heavy objects such as Chess Pieces.

Wanda also requires more time to craft items in old age. Her crafting time increases from the usual 50 frames (about 0.86 seconds) to 80 frames (approximately 1.2 seconds) when old.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • By using Moon Rock Idols on a Celestial Portal you can somewhat neglect the expensive cost of Time Pieces as when respawning you get 3 and an Ageless Watch which you could also use the Clockmaker's Tools on to obtain an extra Time Piece
  • Using the Backstep Watch gives a generous amount of invincibility upon use making it an amazing combat tool to dodge the enemy's attacks without much effort
  • Wanda can be used to generate sanity for other players very quickly by dying, and then being revived by another player using a Telltale Heart. Doing so will give the player who revived her 80 sanity, and Wanda will not receive any maximum health penalty, as she has an age meter instead of the normal health bar.

Gramophone.png Quotes[]

Wanda's quotes can be found here.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]


  • Wanda is voiced by grandfather clock chimes.
    • When Wanda is in old age, her voice becomes distorted and has a vibrato effect.
  • Klei Ambassadors got early access to Wanda before the rest of the players. They were able to stream and release videos about her starting September 7, 2021.
  • Using the Grim Galette as Wanda gives the player the standard stats of eating it, but does not actually swap age and sanity upon consumption.
  • Wanda does not suffer a max health penalty from drowning or items such as Telltale Heart or using Florid Postern to revive. As such, Wanda has no use for the Booster Shot.
  • Wanda may be ethnically South Asian or Middle Eastern, judging from her skin tone, and her use of the word 'baba', a term found in said cultures, when examining Taffy.


  • Her quotes constantly refer to the fact that she's in a hurry somewhere, despite some abilities associated with time.
  • Judging by her quote, she saw a young Willam Carter,[3] Wigfrid,[4] Wormwood,[5] and maybe even Warly.[6]
  • She's somehow worried about Wagstaff picking up the Lunar Essence Extractor with lunar energy.[7]
  • Apparently, she made some kind of deal with a "mysterious entity" which gave her the knowledge of using shadow magic for time travel. Also, Wanda states how she wasn't told about the green gems before. She also says: "There's no need to be afraid of curses if you're clever enough to outsmart them."
  • Some of her quotes explain that it was Charlie who tried to take Wanda away in the short film. [8] [9]

Don't Starve Together icon.png Skin Sets[]

Glommer.png See also: Skins

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