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The Vortex Cloak is a wearable Armor and Inventory extension, exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. In order to craft it, the player must obtain a Blueprint from the Ancient Herald or found in treasure chests on X marks the spot in Shipwrecked. It requires 5 Dark Tatters and a Night Armor to craft.

The Vortex Cloak has 8 inventory slots like the Backpack and, while it has durability, blocks all incoming damage from creatures other than Shadow Creatures and the Ancient Herald. Each hit removes Sanity from the player equal to 30% of the absorbed damage. The Vortex Cloak does not break when it reaches 0% durability, but will not continue absorbing damage and will simply function as a Backpack. The Vortex Cloak grants stun immunity like the Thulecite Crown's force field, even after reaching 0% durability.

The Vortex Cloak can be repaired by using Nightmare Fuel on it. Each Nightmare Fuel used drains the player's Sanity by 5 and restores the Vortex Cloak's durability by 5% (or 22.5 HP).

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • It should be noted that while the Vortex Cloak still prevents stunlocking at 0% durability, this can also be a death trap as the player can be frozen by monsters such as Deerclops and rendered completely vulnerable to attacks that would otherwise unfreeze them.
    • One can unequip the Vortex Cloak in order to be unfrozen by the next hit in such a situation, although this may result in its own problems.
  • Unlike other armors, if the Vortex Cloak is equipped while another hat is already worn (Making it the primary armor as it was equipped last), the Vortex Cloak will continue to remain the primary armor even if the hat is unequipped and re-equipped, or if it is swapped out for another. If one wishes to use the Vortex Cloak as secondary armor (for instance, to reduce durability/sanity loss by equipping a Football Helmet to cover most of the damage), one must not be wearing a hat when it is first equipped.
  • Large quantities of Nightmare Fuel can be acquired for repairing a Vortex Cloak by sacrificing items to the End's Well and killing the Shadow Creatures that spawn.

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