Wilson Portrait
"Baaaah" yourself!

Wilson, when examining a Volt Goat.

Willow Portrait
Bouncy goat.

Willow, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wolfgang Portrait
Hello, goat.

Wolfgang, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wendy Portrait
Look at those hooves.

Wendy, when examining a Volt Goat.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wickerbottom Portrait
A variant of Capra aegagrus, keen on electricity.

Wickerbottom, when examining a Volt Goat.

Woodie Portrait
That's a nice pair of horns you've got there.

Woodie, when examining a Volt Goat.

Waxwell Portrait
What's it always chewing on?

Maxwell, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wagstaff Portrait
Those horns look like insulated wire. Curious...

Wagstaff, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wigfrid Portrait
May I call yöu Unicörn?

Wigfrid, when examining a Volt Goat.

Webber Portrait
My father kept goats.

Webber, when examining a Volt Goat.

Walani Portrait
Do you think it would let me snuggle it?

Walani, when examining a Volt Goat.

Warly Portrait
I had a goat once.

Warly, when examining a Volt Goat.

Woodlegs Portrait
Them arr some mean lookin'orns.

Woodlegs, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wormwood Portrait
Lovely head branches

Wormwood, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wheeler Portrait
Seems friendly enough.

Wheeler, when examining a Volt Goat.

Winona Portrait
You and I are gonna get along.

Winona, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wortox Portrait
Your horns aren't so great.

Wortox, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wurt Portrait

Wurt, when examining a Volt Goat.

Walter Portrait
That's a weird looking mountain goat.

Walter, when examining a Volt Goat.

Wilson Portrait
I don't think it liked being struck by lightning.

Wilson, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Willow Portrait
You're crazy!

Willow, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Wolfgang Portrait
Is flash before eyes.

Wolfgang, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Wendy Portrait

Wendy, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Quite keen.

Wickerbottom, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Woodie Portrait
Nice goat, nice goat!

Woodie, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Waxwell Portrait

Maxwell, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Wagstaff Portrait
Fascinating... The electrostatic discharge has infused it with rage.

Wagstaff, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Wigfrid Portrait
The lightning has made yöu a unicörn warriör!

Wigfrid, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Webber Portrait
It's all glowy.

Webber, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Walani Portrait

Walani, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Warly Portrait
Goat milkshake!

Warly, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Woodlegs Portrait
Me better keep me distance.

Woodlegs, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Wormwood Portrait

Wormwood, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Wheeler Portrait
My hair gets like that in a thunderstorm too.

Wheeler, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Winona Portrait
Electrifying! Ha!

Winona, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Wortox Portrait
That one got zapped recently.

Wortox, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Wurt Portrait
Should run now!

Wurt, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

Walter Portrait
Did that goat just get struck by lightning?!

Walter, when examining a Charged Volt Goat.

The Volt Goat is an animal found in the Reign of Giants DLC and is indigenous to the Desert biome. It's essentially a living Lightning Rod; any Lightning that strikes in the vicinity will seek out and charge the Volt Goat, causing it to radiate electricity and glow for 3 days. Unlike most other creatures found in groups, attacking one Volt Goat will not cause the rest of the herd to become hostile to the attacker.

Normally a neutral creature, a charged Volt Goat becomes highly aggressive. While charged, any melee attacks made on a Volt Goat will cause an electric shock to its attacker. This shock deals 25 damage and stuns the victim. Any attacks made by a charged Volt Goat to a Player will also cause an electric shock, but without extra damage. The effects of the electric shock cannot be reduced by use of Armor (but can be reduced by Wigfrid's natural damage absorption), however it can be prevented by wearing insulated clothing. Therefore to fight the charged goat, it's advisable to wear any piece of insulated clothing. An EyebrellaRain Coat, and Rain Hat are examples of insulated items available. A charged Volt Goat deals electrical damage to Mobs. That means it gains a 1.5x multiplier to a dry target and 2.5x multiplier to wet target. A charged Volt Goat also emits light.

Upon death, a Volt Goat will drop 3 Meat and has a 25% chance to also drop a Volt Goat Horn. If killed while it is charged, it will also drop Electric Milk.

Similar to Beefalo and Rock Lobsters, Volt Goats roam in herds and reproduce every 1.5 to 2 days as long as at least one remains. Due to this, a player can relocate a herd by killing off all but one, and then pushing (having it chase oneself while aggressive will not work) the last goat to the desired location. It's recommended to have them a fair distance away from any other mobs, walls, or general locations frequently visited during Spring.

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve TogetherEdit

In Don't Starve Together, Volt Goats only drop 2 meat when killed, have 700 health (double their health in RoG), and will flee from the player similar to a Koalefant. This makes it difficult to engage in battle without cornering it or using ranged weapons.

When tracking Suspicious Dirt Piles in the Oasis Desert during a Spring Rain, there is a chance to find a Volt Goat.

Spear Fighting Strategy Edit

Below is the number of hits it takes with each weapon to kill Volt Goats when playing with characters with a default damage modifier in single-player. The Weather Pain is not included due to the random nature of its projectile.

Weapon Fishing RodBug Net Lucy the Axe Shovel Pitchfork

Hammer Torch Umbrella

Walking Cane Willow's Lighter

Axe Pickaxe

Luxury Axe Opulent Pickaxe


PickSlashAxe Spear Bat Bat Ham Bat Morning Star Slurtle Slime Tentacle Spike

Battle Spear Fire Dart

Fire Staff

Thulecite Club Tooth Trap Dark Sword Blow Dart Gunpowder Old Bell
No. of hits for
Volt Goat
83 26 21 13 12 11 9 6-11 5 or 9 7 6 4 2 1

A Volt Goat takes 2 blasts from the Ice Staff to be frozen and 4 Sleep Darts to be put to sleep.

PrototypeTips Edit

  • Wearing a Rain Hat, Rain Coat or Eyebrella will insulate the player against the electricity of a charged Volt Goat.
  • Using a Morning Star or an Electric Dart on an uncharged Volt Goat will charge it, so using it is ill-advised unless the player is after Electric Milk.
  • Setting up Honey production close to Volt Goats will allow for more efficient production of Ice Cream.
  • Attacking a charged Volt Goat or being attacked by a charged Volt Goat won't overcharge WX-78.
  • Chasing a Volt Goat large distances will not make it change the herd location. It must be moved slowly in order for that to happen. Teleporting them via the Telelocator Staff won't work either.
    • After moving a herd into an enclosure, using the Staff on only one Volt Goat makes all the other ones able to be killed so that they will not destroy the walls when charged, and they will eventually respawn.


  • Volt Goats were planned to be exclusive to their own biome filled with Tesla Trees, but the idea was later scrapped.
  • Wickerbottom refers to it as a subspecies of Capra aegagrus. In real life, Capra aegagrus is the scientific name of the Wild Goat.
  • The death animation of the Volt Goat is reminiscent to how fainting goats pass out when startled.
  • The moment they're struck by lightning, it can be seen that Volt Goats have bones in their ears and beards. Even their horns seem to have smaller bones inside them.
  • If the player is killed by an electric shock from attacking a charged Volt Goat, the Morgue will show the cause of death as "Shenanigans".

Mosquito Bugs Edit

  • While trying to unfreeze itself after being frozen, a Volt Goat will sometimes move around in an odd manner while maintaining its frozen position.

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