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We can feed the hungry volcano! But what does it like to eat?


The Volcano Altar of Snackrifice is a naturally occurring structure found within the Volcano. It is active during the Dry Season, with the offering bowl shown as full of what appears to be lava. It accepts a variety of items as offerings, some of which provide "appeasement", while others provide "wrath". Items that anger it will deal 6 fire damage to the player on being offered. After being appeased by 66 segments (a little over 4 days of delay), it will stop accepting offerings.

The Altar is dormant all other seasons, only giving off a faint light, enough to keep Charlie away during the night.

Volcano Appeasement Edit

Each item that can be offered has a different appeasement value. When offered, it adds its value in day segments (segments on the clock; there are 16 per day) to the time until the next eruption happens. Negative appeasement is wrath; these items will make the next eruption happen sooner. So, for example, offering a Doydoy Feather delays the next eruption by two days, while offering obsidian makes the next eruption happen a day sooner. Once the player has placed their item of offering, the lava in the bowl turns blue and closes.

One can see how close the volcano is to the next eruption by studying the cracks on the altar. The higher up on the altar the cracks are glowing, the closer the volcano is to the next eruption. Sacrificing something to the altar will make the lava move higher or lower depending on the amount of appeasement the sacrifice gives. This can be used to judge what should be sacrificed to the altar, if anything at all.

Item Appeasement
One True Earring 64
Doydoy Doydoy Feather Mandrake Shark Gills Eye of the Tiger Shark Orange Soda Voodoo Doll Ukulele License Plate Ancient Vase Brain Cloud Pill Toy Boat Sextant 32
Toucan Seagull Parrot Parrot Pirate Crabbit Doydoy Egg Tallbird Egg Wobster 16
Blubber Butterfly Eel Egg Fireflies Dead Dogfish Raw Fish Fish Morsel Frog Legs Ham Bat Cooked Jellyfish Dried Jellyfish Mussel Nightmare Fuel Shark Fin Trinkets Queen Malfalfa Post Card of the Royal Palace Can of Silly String 8
Beard Hair Bone Shards Dubloons Jet Feather Crimson Feather Azure Feather Fish Jellyfish Dead Jellyfish Limpets Meats Snakeskin Snakeskin (Hamlet) Snake Bone Oinc Tenpiece Oinc

Centapiece Oinc

Grass Suit Log Suit Straw Roll Beefalo Wool Boards Charcoal Cut Grass Cut Reeds Rotten Egg Cloth Foliage Guano Bamboo Vine Jungle Tree Seed Lichen Living Log Log Fleshy Bulb Mushrooms Bile-Covered Slop Palm Leaf Papyrus Petals Dark Petals Pine Cone Berry Bush Item Sapling Item Grass Tuft Item Spiky Bush Item Bamboo Patch Dug Viney Bush Root Coffee Plant Dug Elephant Cactus Dug Manure Rope Spider Eggs Rot Tentacle Spots Forest Turf Twigs Pretty Parasol Tropical Parasol Hay Wall Wood Wall Nettle Clippings Cork Jungle Burr Magic Water -8
Coconade Obsidian Coconade Gunpowder Nitre Obsidian -16

Players should be warned that the pre-eruption warning tremors do not reset if the volcano is appeased below the level that triggered the warning. For example, if the first warning tremor occurs and the player then offers enough appeasement to bring down the level of "charge" to below the level that triggered the first tremor, then the first tremor will not occur again once the volcano "charges" back up to that level. Only the second and third tremors will occur (if the volcano charges to the second and third level, of course). This means that if all three warning tremors occur and the player then appeases the volcano, no warning tremors will occur before the eruption.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • The One True Earring is a reference to The Lord of the Rings. In it, the evil is conquered when the "One Ring" is cast into Mount Doom.
  • Snackrifice is a combination of words "Snack" and "Sacrifice", possibly referencing the ability to sacrifice food items to the altar.
  • A debug spawned altar will be fully functional even outside of the Volcano. However any offering will be forgotten when entering or exiting the Volcano.

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • Any eruption delays gained by appeasing the Altar within the Volcano may be forgotten outside of the Volcano. For example, one can offer a Doydoy Feather to delay the next eruption by 2 days, but leave the Volcano immediately to have the eruption occur within a day or less. However, any appeasement will be remembered as long as the player stays in the Volcano, ironically making it one of the safest places to be in if one fears volcanic eruptions.
  • if the player generates the volcano during dry season, no eruption will happen for the rest of the season. [Verification Needed]

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