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I could have sworn they were bigger...


The Varglet is an aggressive mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together. Varglets could appear in Hound Waves after 20 days. They are capable of spawning 1 to 3 of their own Hounds. Similar to Hounds and unlike Vargs, they can swim in the ocean and jump in and out of land and on Boats.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • The Varglet was introduced in the March 2022 QoL update.
  • The Varglet is described as the "smaller cousin" to the Varg in the patch notes for its debut update.[1]


  1. Game Update - 499972: "Late hound waves replace 5 hounds onto a Varglet, the smaller cousin to the Varg." Posted on March 24, 2022.