• Zirman

    Mod Complications

    August 2, 2013 by Zirman

    As of the new update "Hungry for Hunger" mods that I have attmepted to install have failed on every attempt.

    I have followed the instructions, made sure the mods were up to date, but when I attempt to enable them in the mod area it doesn't work. They activate but nothing in the game actaully changes. Am I missing something? Am I still doing something wrong? Do I have to reset the game? Point is I need some answers on this, as I haven't found much useful help anywhere else.

    So if someone could help me with my situation that would be great! Thanks!

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  • Zirman

    Time of day idea. Dawn

    July 9, 2013 by Zirman

    This is my idea for a new time of day in Don't Starve.

    This time would be called Dawn and it would occur after every night. It would last roughly 2-4 parts of the day timer. It would last longer in the Summer and be shorter in the Winter. The light level would be lower than it would be in Day but colours would seem to be in a higher contrast (lighter colours).

    The player would not lose any sanity during Dawn.

    During Dawn most animals and creatures would still be asleep with each having a 10% chance of waking up when Dawn starts. It would basically be like night but with visability.

    Players would not be able to sleep during Dawn because the day has basically already begun. When players go to sleep at night they will wake up at the very last par…

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  • Zirman

    User: 50Z (Page link here )

    This person has be MASSIVELY griefing multiple pages on the wiki with lyrics from a jusitn beiber song. Admins have been contacted but more help is required to apprehend this greifer.

    If anyone can help spread the word about this it would be much appreciated.


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