It is quite telling that the only things that make hamlet society interesting are its economy and its stores, thus I have created a somewhat simplistic hierarchy with each of its members having different roles and responsibilities. I've based this one on the classic horror videogame The rule of rose.   So if the titles are not of your liking you can always just take other ones. I'm just proposing it as a mechanic. Something that cloud be added to hamlet to make the whole experience more interesting.

With that said:


(Royal status)

If Manfalfa dies, Wilba is either dead or disappeared'by unlocking her. and you are on a high status already, you'll get the royal status.


Guards will be automatically befriended with a single oinc and all the pigs will pay taxes to you once every 10 days. even the ones from shipwrecked and vanilla in the forms of doubloons and gold nuggets respectively.


you are expected to be a role model, picking up poop and going out at night are not appropriate things for a queen or king to do in public if a pig sees you doing any of that your sanity will drain by 50 points every time. If more than three guards see you behaving this way, a revolution will occur.


(Princess status):

A status that is only available for Wilba. She'll start the game with it.


while in this status pigs would hand you gifts and if the queen dies you gain the queen status automatically. On top of that, you are expected to be quite well behaved so guards have less line of sight and are less "brutal".


You are a publicly known personality, everyone in the kingdom knows your face and expects a lot of things from you, especially mom. Bandits will attack you more than the other survivors. If they get to hit you, your reputation as a capable heir to the throne is reduced.

When you are on you curse you are unrecognizable, meaning that pigs would not attack Wilba for the things she did while in her wild form. However, if they ever uncover your true nature, you will automatically get the monster status.


(Duchess status)

A title gained when three of the existing royal relics have been given to Manfalfa


You become friends with the crown and are given a room within the castle which increases 2x the sanity. The town folks admire you, thus, they'll defend you against any threat, even if it means risking life. On top of that, you'll be able to use the executive hammer in any building without alerting the guards.


Now getting too far away from the castle will damage your sanity and hunger as you become dependent on its comfort, the only way to escape this is by going to another DLC like shipwrecked. But if you come back to hamlet, the curse will come back.


(Countess status)

Gained after building more than 3 shops, 4 houses and a city hall on top of their specífic turf 5 kilometers away from any existing city.


You now rule your town, these pigs will lend you taxes every 10 days and queen will lend you a 100piece Oinc yearly, all the shops have discounts and you can't get the status of monster if the one discovering you is one of your town folks.


Different to the original towns, the ones constructed by you won't be simply repaired by a pig, you must provide the materials needed or at least pay 50 Oincs to re-do the building. if not, the pig won't pay its taxes and if there are more than 5 homeless pigs, a revolt will occur.


(Baroness status)

If you've killed a bandit with an executive hammer and you own a 100 piece Oinc​​​​​ you'll get this status.


Now you are thought to be an important part of the society and are respected as such, you can pick up crops like Wilba and if you are starving pigs will gift you food, tho this doesn't occur every time. also, you are respected as a law figure, thus if you attack a pig, he´ll be instantly targeted by the guards.


 The bandits now hate you and will attack you will anger rather than with greed, using powerful long-distance weapons and ​​​​​​disguising themselves as town folks. 


(Warrior status)

If you give five 10 piece Oincs directly to a guard, he'll move its influences.


The tin armor will not slow you down, and the halberd will do twice the damage, you become trusted to look over a field, so the guards defending it will leave the area once you are there.


Money got you in but your lack of honor can kick you out if more than 5 folks saw you stealing or attacking the innocent then you'll gain the monster status.

                                           (Folk status)

                     When you own a home and more than five 10piece Oincs.

Wendy put to sleep by a mandrake


You are allowed the entry in Manfalfa's palace and are greeted by the other society members.


You are no longer allowed to sleep in the shops at night time. And I lacked a portrait for this one.



(Poor status)

When you own a home but less than five 10piece Oincs.


people will take pity on you and they'll occasionally give small things to you like rot, seeds, and twigs.


You are not considered worthy of seeing the queen, so the entry is strictly prohibited for you.


(Beggar status)

You will always start with this status unless you are Wilba.


You can spend the night in the stores at night.


You are considered an untrustworthy outsider which means guards have a 3X time response to your misbehave and shop keepers increase the prices on you occasionally.


(Bandit status)

When you kill more than 5 guards, you become untrusted and hated... but feared aswell.


Now, if you hit a pig with your bare hands you'll get them to drop between 10 to 20 coins at once, guards will now react slower to you and the bandit will open an exclusive shop which has products such as Theulecite and gems that are contraband from other worlds.


You are not allowed in the castle and the guards are hostile towards you.


(Monster status)

The sad result of being uncovered as a monster, the only thing left is to be a social outcast.


Wendy would put it like this "at least your death will be quick."


Guards will be hostile, pigs would not trade nor sell you anything, anything you build in the town will be either burned down or crushed with a hammer, that includes your home and your crops. bandits will attack you even outside hamlet determined to kill you rather than steal your money.

(Sorry If my English is a disaster Is not my primary language, If something is not clear, please, allow me to clarify)  ((¡This ain't a RP proposal!)) (((This is a Mechanic proposal, I'm not good at modding, but I think this would make for a good mod)))

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