New content, new lore, new speculations!

First of all, I'm sure I'm not the only person who thought of Zeklo's latest theory video upon seeing what the new content is all about. This theory helped expand my perspective on the possibilities of what They are, and introduced me to the eye imagery motif I somehow overlooked this whole time.

Considering this series of updates is title "Return of Them," I'm hoping for some confirmation that They are not the shadow creatures as many have assumed for years. If the shadow creatures are Them, why do they need to return? Also, this content is moon-themed so the obvious conclusion is that the moon has something to do with Them. It would be an interesting twist.

Wickerbottom has an interesting quote for the new "Moon" Figure, a sculpture of what looks like a crescent moon. She says "The missing chunk is a recent development." I think this refers to an as of yet unreleased lore explanation for the new content. What if a chunk of the "moon" falls into the ocean and creates the new Lunar Island? This would explain why the island exists, and perhaps why the ocean level is suddenly so high.

I also think that Wilson is the creator of the Think Tank based on his and Maxwell's quote for it.

  • Maxwell: "Now to see if Higgsbury's ideas hold water." - implying that this was Wilson's idea in the first place.
  • Wilson: "I think tanks are in order." - implying that he should be given thanks for coming up with the idea for the Think Tank.

To be continued as more discoveries are made...

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