WARNING: This blog post contains discussion of files found within the Hamlet Beta that may spoil the experience. Read at your own risk!!!

UPDATE: Mystery (sorta) solved! I asked about these textures on the forums, and Electroely identified them for me. They are from DeoWolf's Extended Character Template. Go figure!

Now the new question is: How the heck did fan made textures get into the game files? lol

- TheModster (talk) 00:06, October 18, 2018 (UTC)

I'm just starting to use the textool to view/save .TEX files, and looking at the Hamlet beta's anim folder I was shocked to find a zipped folder named "wepeatski". This is not a new name. It was actually one of the names found during Shipwrecked's development along with Walani, Woodlegs, Wastien (later Warly) and Watricia. The name Wepeatski is actually a reference to a character named Repeatski from the Capy made game Super Time Force. Here is an old forum post where I found this info. I've been meaning to add this as trivia eventually so it's been on my mind.

So imagine my surprise when this name showed up again in this way. Naturally, I extracted the zip folder and found two .TEX files: atlas-0 and atlas-1. Oddly, it seems to be a sprite sheet for a small anthropomorphic dog-like character. It has white fur, brown hair in two pigtails, and a yellow dress/skirt with a black heart on the front. The animation poses include the typical lightning strike skeleton, hand poses, facial expressions, the bonesaw and more. However, there are no paddle poses. Most of the Hamlet anim files I've seen so far have the paddle since there are sailing mechanics in the beta. Not sure if that means anything.

I showed this to my sister and she thought it was a mod, but there are none installed. She also found the same images when she repeated the process with her own copy of the beta. So is this a secret character? A weird easter egg? Or is this an old thing that I'm only just finding now?

If anyone has any more info, let me know!

- TheModster (talk) 02:35, October 16, 2018 (UTC)

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