You've probably encountered some pretty crazy scenarios when you've played DS, DLC, or DST. For me, here's one of my crazy experiences.

I decided to play as Wickerbottom, because I was trying to experiment with base building and some "factories", so I got myself a backpack and shovel and got to work. I was off to a good start, got some tuffs of grass, some bushes, saplings, and an abundance of resources, as well as picking every flower I saw for rot later. I had made it about a week until it hit me. This whole time while I was getting resouces and scouting for a base location, I had forgotten to collect any food. I did have some food from the berries I dug up, but that was quickly dwindling. And to make it worse, as soon as I realized this, it started to rain. I didn't use mods, so I would later find out that I had started in spring when I spawned. Swell. This whole time I thought I was doing well in Autumn, and now I've got no protection against the elements. Eventually, I did find a good base location, and started setting up shop. The rain was still pouring hard, but I had made a straw hat as well as a parasol, so I thought I was good. But for some absolutly stupid reason, I thought "Hey, I'm doing pretty good now, let's go nightmare fuel farming!", when I literally was living off scraps, and, get this, used up all my grass. So I ate some raw green caps, got a spear, and went all out looking for shadow creatures. My stupitity stil carried on, and I managed to get hit a few times. With no armor. Ugh. And the final tip of the iceberg? Hounds started chasing me. So, let's have a recap. I am darngerously low on health, and being chased by two terrorbeaks and hounds. I have no food in my inventory, and I have less thatn 50 hunger left. I have 0 sanity, I was at about 70 wetness, and there were no flowers in sight. And I still have no armor. I figured then would be a good time to take a break for awhile.

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