Hey errbody!

So ima just list a bunch of the super useful stuff I've figured out that I haven't really seen or are kind of hard to find listed in the wiki.

Tips for food!

INFINITE HONEY HAM. the easy way.

  • Bees! Bees are one of two things required for the best and maybe easiest indefinite source of food!
  • Spider! These are the other thing required for indefinite food supply of awesome!
  • So after you have survived 5 days, and hopefully made a decent camp with some chests and a Fire Pit, time to get to work!
  • DAY 6. This is the most important day in don't starve, i believe. Today is the day all the spider nests hit tier 3! SPIDER HUNTING TIME! grab a log suit if your not comfortable with taking on 3 packs of 4 spiders and not dieing!
  • Kill 1-3 t3 spider nests and snag the eggs and take all the meat and silk.
  • Now that you have silk, make a bee hat and a net and find some bee hives!
  • hit the hives with a spear/shovel/pickaxe/axe and catch all the bees for later use! by now there will be 6 in each hive so capture quick to save durability on your hat.
  • once youve collected 2-3 hive comb and 2-3 spider eggs go back to your camp and make up 3 bee hives a little bit aways from your camp, then find another spot a little further than that, and place all your spider nests.
  • once this is done you wait!
  • every 6 days your spider nests will be top tier and you can chop them down for lots of meat and silk!
  • Collect your honey at least once a week, I believe the bee boxes max out at 6 per box.
  • once you have Monster meat and honey you can start cooking!
  • I make two crockpots side by side then make a chest between them to store all my Monster meat and Honey!
  • put two monster meat and two honey in each crockpot and cook!
  • This takes a while.....
  • once its done you get honey ham!
  • Repeat and profit!
  • Honey Ham is also a great way to heal in tight spots. i keep my crockpots going constantly since it takes so long to cook, and i always keep 2 honey ham with me at all times when spelunking!

Tips for farming!

  • Build your main base between grasslands and beefalo biomes if possible! MANURE WINS YOU THE GAME!
  • Also if dogs come at you, you can run to your beefalo buddies and they kick those dogs in the teeth!
  • reasons manure wins:
  1. fertilizer for your grass farm!
  2. fertilizer for your berry farm!
  3. fertilizer for your Turbo seed farms!
  • Seed farming! this is a neat trick. so you can just go afk and do this for easy seeds to plant in your Turbo Farms. place some seeds in a semi circle around you, spread a certain distance apart (you will have to trial and error for the distance). now stand in the middle of the semi circle and when birds come down to get your seeds they will fly away cause your too close and leave more seeds! the distance from you to your seeds has to be perfect so the birds land all the way on the ground, then see you and go back into the air without you having to move. This way they drop seeds if they are carrying any! i went afk for 20m once just stopping by to fuel the fire.. and i got over 40 seeds! i do this during tv shows i like watching :3
  • Tree farming... This one can get dangerous because of those PESKY TREEGAURD! i hate when treegaurd pop up in my tree farms ): but theres a way to kill them without harm 100%!
  • Make sure your tree farm is built away from your camp or anything else in a little patch of empty space.
  • If a treegaurd spawns run a short distance away and make a normal fire! NOT A FIRE PIT!
  • once the fire is made throw pinecones at the fire! (or whatever fuel you like to use) once the fire is at t4 flames (wilson says "this fire is out of control" if you examine it) lure the tree gaurd into the fire... it will die from the out of control fire spreading onto the treegaurd! thats what he gets for spawning in your tree farm! HAH.

Tips for hounds!

  • So these hounds can get somewhat annoying but theres a couple easy ways to kill them!
  • First! if you built your camp near beefalo you can just run at the beefalo and they will kill the dogs for you! lazy mans way is best way.
  • second! kill the first hound that spawns as fast as you can and leave its meat on the ground, the second hound that spawns will go straight for that piece of meat ignoring you. just kill it while it eats its buddys dead body! repeat until the dogs stop spawning (this is generally what i do because they tend to spawn while im spelunking and not near my base camp... of course)

Well folks thats all for now! I will add more as I remember/find them! So be sure to come back and check regularly!

Thanks everyone for reading! good luck surviving!