Sweddy 409 Sweddy 409 11 August 2015

Flotsam Trinkets debug spawn names

I need them for reasons.

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Sweddy 409 Sweddy 409 26 April 2014

How do i go File Diving?

This is just a little blog by the way.

I have been file diving, but i don't know what program to use to open the texture files, please tell me if your a file diver.

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Sweddy 409 Sweddy 409 1 December 2013

End of Updates


Allot of people are angry on Klei for saying that they won't make new updates, but don't be angry. It's a good thing!

Instead of updates, they will make DLC's in form of mods, and it won't be small mods, it will be big or massive mods.

Another good thing whit this is that your mods will never be out dated anymore! And now people can basically turn the game into what they like. And maybe add some of the DLC's to make the mod a bit more like Klei makes it to.

Write in the comments if you think this is a good or bad thing.

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Sweddy 409 Sweddy 409 28 November 2013

Steam Problems...

Hi guys! This is my first activity in a long while now! That's because i haven't played the game much, but now, every Chrome user can get a Steam version of the game! Yipee!!!

But there is a problem, when i first started the Steam version, the quality of the game was VERY low, like 10 times lower than the Chrome version, and if you don't know how bad that is, well, if it says 7 in the Crafting place, it looks like it says T. But when i see other Steam users play the game they have much better quality! Now, anybody here know how to fix that?

Thanks for your help! See you later!

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Sweddy 409 Sweddy 409 29 August 2013

Gems and Nightmare! Ideas for gems!

Hello! Here is my ideas for new gems. These are my ideas, and don't think about the other Gems ideas blog. I even got up whit the Absorbsion Light, (see below) and gave it to him.


Pink Gem (Arcane Gem)= You can get it from the new hound, (see below) and graves. Got the shape of a blue gem.

Light Blue Gem (Thunder Gem)= You can get it from ruins. (Whit that i mean the same way as Orange, yellow and green.) Got the shape of a Green Gem.

White Gem (Healing Gem)= You can get it from the new hound (see below). Got the shape of a Purple gem.


Arcane Staff= Shoots a small projectile that only deals damage. About 60 damage. Got 20 uses and takes 10 sanity on use.

Crafting:   2 Nightmare Fuel   1 Spear   1 Pink Gem

Tab:   Magic

Tier:   Magic Ti…

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